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Love finds its ways - Part 3

Nethra' s pov:
On arriving chennai, we had choosen electric train to reach near our college... Station is very rush... Every one is moving so fast... It's nearly 8:00a.m.. So everyone is moving fast for reaching office or school... In this fast moving crowd, I clashed with someone who is one of handsome man ever I have met, His brown eyes with little sparkle in eye balls, sharp eyebrows.. Trimmed beard. Rosy lips.... 😅 oops.. Why do i am giving such a details about him. .. Oopps.... Mind is getting off... I getting feeling that i have been with him for 100years... What is happening.... Nooo, I have met him before a minute ago. .. My mind isn't working...
Oops... Someone is hitting me... Ah!! It's paining.. Who is it... What.. It is my mom... "Mom... Why do you hit me... "I asked her.. While rubbing on my head.... 'Then what will I do make you bring present world, you were like statue for nearly 5 min"my mom said in frightened and slight anger tune.... "What I standing like statue for 5 min ... Don't lie🤥"... I replied " Then ask someone near you " She said with little anger.... 'Ok fine, I will believe you, mom" I said and pulled her nearby ticket counter and I started asking some silly question to my mom to make her wait for few more minute to meet a little suprise or something that make her happy..
10 minute have been nearly passed.. My mom asked, "Why are we waiting.. Don't lie we ain't waiting for anyone... I know that you are asking silly question to make us wait for something"... Always I get caught but still I can't say it directly, I tried my best to long this conversation as much as I can😅... I doesn't know whether I can do it or not. .. Slightly prayed to God, Please help me... And initiated conversationn" Mom... How do you find it" I asked. She replied, " Answer is in your questions, nethu".. " What is it mom? " I asked innocently.. Mom replied " Don't act like a innocent girl... I know you would understand my reply.... and I know about you very well... I am your mom.. My little girl... How long I have to wait... For whom we are waiting "... I doesn't know what to reply for her words.. Since I too have no idea about a idiot girl.. When was about to reply I heard voice calling me "Nethu, darlz"
I turned my face to view only see my idiotic lovely chubby girl keerthi... "Finally you found path for railway station ticket counter😅.. " I asked with little tease.. Keerthi apologized, "sorry, sorry, sorry, Very much sorry nethu.. I got struck in traffic.." and said in dramatic way
On seeing my mom, She got blessing and then started asking lot of things and forgot my existence... "Hey guys!! Do you remember me... I am too here" I said with little angry tone... " Oh... Are you there... Sorry, we forget that you are there" They said together in teasing tone.. Then I showed my angry eyes(Fake) 😡👀... Oops!!! Suddenly rain (precipitation) started.. We all started running towards shelter.. and my fake anger has also run away with this rain water... " Mom... Shall I say a sweet surprise for you.. Or a happy news" I asked my mom... " What it is " Mom asked... Me and keerthi uniform replied " We too are going to join in same college, same department and same hostel tooo"... Mom became little happy and felt little safe... I find it from her eyes.. Mom said, " I feel little bit safe as you have good companion with you now" .. After saying secret... and we made our way to our hostel..
Who is that handsome man... Is nethra related to him.... Precipitation occurred is natural cause or due to something related to nethra.... Let find in upcoming part