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The Turning Point

Once upon a time in a bustling city Delhi. There was a diligent boy named Mehtab.Mehtab was an intelligent and dedicated young boy, studying in class 9. Alongside his academic pursuits, he was also deeply committed to memorizing the Quran. His days were filled with school, studies, and religious practices.He was a strong believer of his religion. The life was going in a hustle bustle of struggle and in a normal tune. But,One day, fate brought him to a new school called School of Specialized Excellence (SOSE) that worked like a turning point in his life.

As usual, new things take time and are filled with hesitation . Like others he was also intertwined to present him best in meaningless activities of school.But one day in an activity of a subject named World of Work (WOW) there was a diligent teacher named Pooja engrace Mehtaab on his poetic ability.Then this worked like to prove a Hidden Talent of Mehtab towards the spark.

On the other hand Mehtaab was selected for a "Qiraat" (recitation of holy book) in Lucknow Seminar,and things was like pleasant shine but many differences will be marked soon.




The Chance Of Encounter

Mehtaab usually use E -rickshaw for the way from school to home.One day in E-rickshaw, a girl with a black mask and gray hijab came and sat at the front of Mehtaab. He already knows that she was studying in his classroom because she noticed her while presenting the topic of S and S, but he had not had the chance to interact with her. Suddenly the girl said " your presentation was nice"  it made some hesitation then Mehtaab replied "Thanks but I was a little bit nervous that time by the way you are Rumaisha" , she nodded and little conversation started between them about something related to career ,passion etc.Then the stop arrived and they back to their destinations.

Now,In this new environment, Mehtaab's path crossed with a girl named Rumaisha.From the moment he laid eyes on her, he felt an indescribable connection. Rumaisha was a kind-hearted and talented student, known for her compassion and wit. Mehtaab found himself drawn to her presence, feeling a warmth and comfort whenever they interacted.The corridors ranged by their talks, and rumors spreaded out related to them.

As days turned into weeks, Mehtaab's admiration for Rumaisha grew into something more profound - he fell deeply in love with her. 

However, he was unsure if Rumaisha reciprocated his feelings. Doubt plagued him, and he hesitated to express his love, fearing rejection and the potential loss of their friendship.


Basketball Ball as catalyst

Mehtaab was a speechless player of Basketball.His techniques of rounding the ball affected the shaking of Court.

At a sport's period, Mehtab was competed with his friend named Anand. There Rumaisha saw the attractive moves of Mehtab that make some sense of attraction of his game play. Then,Rumaisha ask him for being her coach and trach her some bases of basketball. How Mehtaab can  reject this offer ,he accepted  and the story continued with a blossom of basketball .



A Massive Hit on Heart

Mehtaab and Rumaisha both were practicing for a role play in a science exhibition. While talking with Rumaisha and some sharing of personal peace a news reached Mehtaab's ears that shattered his heart into pieces. He discovered that Rumaisha had fallen in love with another boy named Varun. Mehtaab's world seemed to crumble around him, and he couldn't fathom the pain that gripped his heart. Yet, even in his brokenness, he refused to let go of hope. 

Now what will happen , will Mehtaab leave Rumaisha or will he stay with her .

To be continued in PART - 2..