THE UNWAVERING LOVE - 2 books and stories free download online pdf in English


When Mehtaab got the news that Rumaisha had fallen in love with Varun , the revelation shattered him from within, but he refused to lose hope.Yet, even in his brokenness, he refused to let go of hope.

Determined to keep their bond intact, Mehtaab continued to be there for Rumaisha as a supportive friend. He offered a listening ear, a shoulder to lean on, and unwavering loyalty. Mehtaab never let his love for Rumaisha diminish, despite the presence of Varun in her life. He poured his heart into prayers, seeking solace and divine intervention.

Determined to remain in Rumaisha's life, Mehtaab maintained their connection and offered silent prayers for a miracle.

Part Two: A Change of Heart

Rumaisha's relationship with Varun seemed to blossom, but complications arose due to their differing religions and the need for parental approval. Deep down, Rumaisha began to question the feasibility of a future with Varun.She was so tensed about these things and on the other hand,One day Varun grasped the hand of Rumaisha forcefully and wasn't allowed to leave it ,that made some sense of insecurity to Rumaisha. These types of things and complexities increased day by day.

Gradually, she distanced herself from him, contemplating the potential challenges they would face.

As Mehtaab and Rumaisha rekindled their friendship, life seemed to regain a sense of normalcy. They enjoyed each other's company, sharing laughter and creating cherished memories.

Part three:Call of Science

In this up and down situation, Mehtaab participated in a Science Exhibition with his friend Himanshu.They made a CAPISOL( a cap with solar panels) for participating in the Exhibition.After the struggle of uncounted hours they completed it , and on the day Exhibition judges praised their model.Finally they got Second position in Science Exhibition .

Mehtaab's photos with medals and trophies spreaded out on the school's official WhatsApp group. Co- incidentally Rumaisha's mother saw the images and he started to ask about Mehtab from Rumaisha.

When she knew that he was also memorizing the Qur'an, it was making some sense of inspiration and pride.

On that night When Mehtaab was busy in his cousin's reception , suddenly her mother's call arrived on his phone.He picked up the call , and she started to wish him and give congrats to him, and told him that he was an inspiration for youth . Mehtaab was feeling too glad after talking with Rumaisha's mother.

Everything was going with a pleasant tune with a sense of normalcy.They enjoyed each other's company too much.

However, destiny had another twist in store for them.

Part Four : Enter Farmaan

Just when Mehtaab and Rumaisha thought their story had reached a peaceful juncture, a new character emerged. Farmaan, a charismatic and enigmatic young boy, entered their lives.

Farmaan was the friend of Rumaisha's sister Fatima.

Fatima was in 12th class when she met Farmaan. After Fatima left the school Farmaan got the news that his sister Rumaisha joined the school in class 9. He was studying in class 10.

One day he spotted Rumaisha at the prayer ground and he started conservation with her.

His presence stirred curiosity and piqued Rumaisha's interest.

Mehtaab, sensing a shift in Rumaisha's attention, struggled with a mix of emotions. Jealousy, doubt, and fear clouded his heart. Nevertheless, he recognized the importance of trust and communication, so he decided to have an open conversation with Rumaisha.

Part Five: Crucial Situation

When Mehtaab decided to express his feelings in front of Rumaisha, suddenly at Tuesday's night he got the news that his grandmother's health had gone worse and it was serious. Immediately Mehtab should have gone to Kolkata for their grandparent's home in this Crucial Situation . Last day in school before gone to Kolkata,

He came in Black Kurta as Black was the favorite color of Rumaisha.He submitted their assessment ,then he tried to interact with Rumaisha but she was busy in ANNUAL DAY preparation as she was selected for an anchor. Mehtaab also started to work upon his science model with his friends.Fortunately,he saw her at the corridor both was came close to each other, then Mehtaab said bye to Rumaisha, he can feel that she doesn't want his absence but it's crucial, Rumaisha said him to keep contact her on Whatsapp.

Then finally Mehtab retreats to Rumaisha still looking at him with wet eyes ,he tells her to just go to the class,and Mehtaab leaved the corridor and came back to his Exhibition room

Next morning he boarded the train for Kolkata, and suddenly he got the notification on his mobile phone . When he checked out he got Rumaisha's message where she said " you want to say something at that time in the corridor" . Mehtaab was confused about what to do


Continued in part-3……