Cursed Village - 4 - Devika books and stories free download online pdf in English

Cursed Village - 4 - Devika

As the sun rose at 5 am, the entire village woke up, including Meera. She had a doubt in her mind about whether Aakash would continue to help them on their journey. The weather was pleasant, with a calm and nice atmosphere. The village was covered in a light mist, creating a mystical feeling in the air.

Meera stepped outside and felt a cool breeze on her face. She could smell the fragrance of blooming flowers, adding to the beauty of the morning. The villagers started their daily routines, greeting each other warmly and going about their tasks.

Walking through the village, Meera noticed a thin layer of mist hovering above the ground. It gave the village a mysterious and intriguing look. Despite her doubts, Meera felt a sense of excitement mixed with her uncertainties.

The village gradually became livelier as the morning went on. The pleasant aroma of tea filled the air, and the sound of utensils clinking could be heard as the villagers prepared for the day. Meera's doubts started to fade away as she witnessed the unity and support among the villagers, all working together towards a common goal.

As the mist slowly disappeared, the warm sun bathed the village in its gentle light. Meera felt a renewed sense of hope and determination. She knew that the journey ahead would be challenging, but with the support of the villagers and Aakash's presence, she believed they could overcome any obstacles.

As Meera returned from her walk, she approached Amma's house and gently knocked on the door. Amma, opened the door and welcomed Meera inside. The aroma of tea filled the air as Amma busied herself with the task of preparing a warm beverage.

Curiosity sparked within Amma, and she couldn't help but ask Meera about her strong determination to break the curse. Meera stood still for a moment, unsure of how to respond to Amma's inquiry. After a brief pause, she simply replied with a quiet "nothing."

Sensing that Meera needed a moment alone, she excused herself, mentioning that she needed to use the restroom. Meera made her way to the washroom, where she splashed cool water on her face, taking a moment to gather her thoughts and reflect on Amma's question.

As the clock struck 12 pm in the village, a sense of bustling activity filled the air. The ladies of the village were engrossed in their household chores, their hands deftly moving through the rhythm of daily tasks. They swept floors, prepared meals, and tended to the needs of their families with skillful efficiency.

Meanwhile, the men had left for work early in the morning, their footsteps echoing through the empty streets. They toiled under the sun, contributing to the village's livelihood through their labor and dedication. Their absence in the village during this hour served as a reminder of their hard work and commitment.

Inside the school, students engaged in their studies, guided by their teachers' knowledge and wisdom. The classroom walls reverberated with the hum of learning, as young minds absorbed valuable lessons and expanded their horizons. The village's future generations were being shaped within those walls, preparing themselves for a world beyond the village's boundaries.

In the midst of the daily routines and the village's activities, life flowed steadily. The village thrived with a sense of purpose and community. The simple yet profound rhythm of everyday life continued, unaffected by the mysterious presence of Meera and the witch. It was a snapshot of normalcy, where the essence of the village's existence unfolded in the diligent efforts of its residents.

but how much quiet , prosperous this village seems at morning it becomes more scary and mysterious at night


Amma and Meera had a serious talk and made a decision. "Meera, let's go and meet Aakash," Amma said with determination in her eyes. Meera nodded and replied eagerly, "You're right, Amma. We need Aakash's help to move forward."

Without wasting any time, they gathered their things and left their homes, setting off to find Aakash. As they walked along the familiar village paths, Meera asked Amma, "Do you think Aakash will agree to help us?" Amma smiled and reassured her, saying, "I believe in Aakash's kindness, Meera. We need his knowledge, and I'm sure he will join us in our mission to break the curse."

With renewed confidence and a shared purpose, Amma and Meera continued their journey, excited to meet Aakash and discover the next part of their adventure. Their footsteps echoed with hope, as they believed that together, they could overcome any challenges that came their way.


Amma and Meera arrived at the tree where Aakash lived, feeling excited and a little nervous. They stood beneath the tree's big branches, and suddenly, Aakash appeared before them. He looked mysterious and important. "Do you want to know about Devika, the witch?" he asked, sounding mysterious. Amma and Meera were shocked and surprised. They exchanged surprised looks and couldn't believe what they were hearing. Meera asked with curiosity, "How did you know?"

Aakash's eyes sparkled with old wisdom as he explained, "I have spent a long time studying the stories and history of our village. The tale of Devika is part of our past. I sensed your quest for answers and knew what you were seeking." Amma and Meera listened carefully, eager to hear the secrets Aakash held.

With a wave of his hand, Aakash summoned a gentle breeze that made leaves dance around them. "Sit down, and I will share the story of Devika," he said, pointing to the ground. They sat on the grass, their eyes fixed on Aakash, ready to finally uncover the truth they had been searching for.