Cursed Village - 5 - Story of Devika books and stories free download online pdf in English

Cursed Village - 5 - Story of Devika

In last part we saw that the witch that scare everyone is devika , but who is she?

delve deep in this you will get your answers

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Meera and Amma, filled with curiosity, approached Akash to learn more about Devika. As they entered his abode, the air seemed tinged with a sense of mystery. Akash, with his wise demeanor, welcomed them warmly and sensed their eagerness to uncover Devika's story.

Story of Enigmatic (DEVIKA)

On a stormy night, when it was around 3:00 AM and raining heavily, a child named Devika was born. Little did anyone know that this moment held a special significance. As time went on, it was discovered that Devika's nakshatra, the star constellation under which she was born, was the same as Holika's. Holika was the sister of the powerful demon king Hiranyakashyap from Hindu mythology. This connection to Holika revealed that Devika's life had a deep connection to ancient stories and a special purpose.

The matching nakshatras of Devika and Holika meant that they shared similar qualities and strengths. Holika's presence in Devika's birth story indicated that she would embark on a journey of transformation, just like Holika did in the mythical tales. It meant that Devika would face challenges, gain wisdom, and overcome difficulties to fulfill her unique destiny.

Devika's birth, occurring during the stormy night and aligning with Holika's nakshatra, set the stage for an extraordinary life filled with magical possibilities. It meant that Devika's path would be guided by the ancient myths and legends, shaping her into a remarkable individual with a special purpose in the world.


As she embarked on her journey of exploration, Devika delved deep into ancient texts, seeking hidden wisdom that could unveil the secrets of her inherited powers. She immersed herself in the study of spells, potions, and ancient rituals, always yearning for a deeper understanding of the occult arts.

With each passing day, Devika's passion for witchcraft grew stronger. She honed her abilities, mastering the art of casting spells and harnessing the energies of the universe. However, her pursuits were not driven by malevolence but rather a genuine fascination and desire to utilize her powers for good.

Devika's path was not without challenges. Many viewed her with suspicion, fearing her otherworldly abilities. Yet, she remained undeterred, embracing her unique identity as a witch. She used her powers to heal, to protect, and to bring solace to those in need, becoming a beacon of hope in a world both captivated and wary of her magic.


Since childhood, Devika possessed a myriad of extraordinary abilities that set her apart from others. Her innate powers seemed to flow effortlessly, granting her a unique connection to the mystical forces that surrounded her.

First and foremost, Devika had the remarkable gift of clairvoyance. She could see beyond the ordinary realm, peering into the past, present, and even glimpsing into the future. This heightened intuition allowed her to guide others, foresee potential challenges, and offer invaluable insights.

In addition to her clairvoyant abilities, Devika possessed an exceptional talent for telekinesis. With a mere thought, she could move objects, levitate them in the air, and manipulate the physical world around her. This awe-inspiring power gave her a sense of control over her environment and allowed her to aid those in need with seemingly miraculous feats.

Devika's connection to nature was unparalleled. She possessed an inherent ability to communicate with animals and plants, understanding their language and needs. This affinity with the natural world granted her the power to heal, nurture, and harmonize with the earth, creating an environment of tranquility and balance wherever she went.

Moreover, Devika displayed an extraordinary aptitude for elemental manipulation. She could command the elements of fire, water, air, and earth, harnessing their energies to create and control powerful forces. Whether summoning flames with a flick of her fingers or calming a raging storm, Devika's mastery over the elements was awe-inspiring.

Devika's empathic abilities were equally remarkable. She could sense and absorb the emotions of those around her, experiencing their joys, sorrows, and desires as if they were her own. This profound empathy allowed her to offer solace, comfort, and understanding, making her a pillar of support for those in need.

Additionally, Devika possessed an extraordinary talent for astral projection. She could separate her consciousness from her physical body, traveling across vast distances and exploring different realms of existence. This ability enabled her to gain wisdom, seek guidance from spiritual beings, and unlock hidden knowledge inaccessible to others.

Finally, Devika had the rare ability to dispel negative energies and protect against dark forces. She could create impenetrable shields of light, warding off malevolent entities and safeguarding herself and others from harm.

These formidable abilities, possessed by Devika since her early years, marked her as an exceptional being, destined to navigate the realms of magic and mysticism with grace and power.

In addition to her extraordinary powers, Devika possessed a deep thirst for knowledge and spirituality from a very young age. Even at the tender age of 6, she immersed herself in the sacred texts and teachings of various religions.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Devika's early life was her profound understanding of the Bhagavad Gita, a revered Hindu scripture. At a time when most children were still learning basic concepts, Devika delved into the profound wisdom contained within the verses of the Gita. She grasped its intricate philosophical teachings and effortlessly applied them to her own life, displaying a wisdom far beyond her years.

But her exploration did not stop there. Devika's hunger for spiritual enlightenment led her to read several other religious texts. From the Bible to the Quran, she eagerly absorbed the teachings and scriptures of different faiths, seeking to understand the common threads that wove through humanity's diverse spiritual traditions.

Through her early encounters with these religious books, Devika developed a deep reverence for the universal principles of love, compassion, and selflessness. The teachings she gleaned from these sacred texts served as a moral compass, guiding her actions and shaping her character.(in a different manner)

she can use her powers to change the world but she did exactly reverse

One day, as Devika's mother entered her room, she was astonished to find her young daughter engrossed in deep meditation, reciting the mantra of Kali, a powerful rakshasa or demon in Hindu mythology. Concerned, her mother gently interrupted her, urging her to stop. However, Devika's connection with the mystical world was so profound that she continued her meditation undeterred.

Devika's unwavering dedication to connecting with Kali revealed her fearlessness and her willingness to embrace all aspects of the spiritual realm. Despite her mother's concerns, Devika understood that the rakshasas, like Kali, were complex beings, embodying both light and darkness. She recognized the importance of exploring and understanding the entirety of the mystical spectrum, including its shadowy aspects.

In her relentless pursuit of knowledge, Devika recognized that the path to enlightenment did not shy away from the unconventional or the misunderstood. Instead, it called for embracing all facets of existence, transcending fear and judgment. 


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