New Start of Lovestory - Episode 40 books and stories free download online pdf in English

New Start of Lovestory - Episode 40

Vikram was looking stunning in a sherwani, which was chocolate brown with a shiny fabric design, and he was wearing pagdi on his head and a diamond wristlet in hand.

Vikram was looking handsome, but yesterday's incident may have made him heartbroken, but on his face he had a simple smile and was not showing his sadness.

Same here Ahana was feeling bad about her mother and about Vikram as well. Then they come to the wedding venue. Only close relatives of both came; friends and colleagues also came.

They both mean Vikram and Ahana finished their wedding rituals. Diya was taking care of Ahana’s mother. Ahana was crying because she knew she would be living with Vikram. The last ritual of the wedding was bidai.

Vikram also feels sad, and then Ahana sits in a decorated car, which was decorated with flowers, and they leave for home. Kamini welcomes Ahana and Vikram in the house.

Ahana’s ghar parvesh in Vikram’s house and after wedding rituals, but small games for new bridal couples in which they have to find a ring in milk, which is a big bowl. It has three chances means that whoever wins it, there will be in house his or her rules and demands to be followed.

Kamini says with an exciting manner, "See Jeevika and Dr. Raj, let's see who wins, and I think Ahana will win!" Then Dr. Raj says, "No, Vikram." Jeevika says, "Let’s see." Ahana and Vikram have one chance to win, but only one last chance is left.

Vikram and Ahana search, and they both hold the ring, and everyone says, "It’s a tidy," which means they will equally manage all things good. It's a sign of trust in each other with understanding and love.

Jeevika and Dr.Raj return their home, and then Dr.Raj holds Jeevika in his arms and says, "I love you." Jeevika says with a naughty look at him, "Is everything okay with you?" Jeevika goes to her bedroom, and Dr.Raj also follows her.

Dr.Raj closes the door of the bedroom, and he holds Jeevika tightly in his embrace and kisses her back. Then he loses the knot of her blouse, and then Jeevika turns to him, kisses his lips, and removes his clothes. He also removes her clothes, and they go into bed. They rock the bed, and get intimate.

Kamini sees that Vikram is sitting in the hall and has not gone to his room. Kamini comes towards Vikram and says, "Vikram, I know you are upset with her, but it’s your first night. Tomorrow you are going out of town, so from now she is your wife and you are her husband. The fight should get sort by you both. Okay, now go she must be waiting for you." Vikram nods his head and goes to his room.

Kamini gets a call from her boyfriend to come and meet him. Kamini changes her clothes and goes to meet her boyfriend. Kamini arrived at the hotel where her boyfriend was waiting and went to the hotel room to meet him.

Kamini wore a modern dress that was short, sexy, and fancy too; its colour was white with a combination of crème.

Kamini knocks on the door. Then her boyfriend opens the door for her. He holds her hand and pulls her towards him, and she hugs him tightly.

On the other side, Vikram comes to his room and locks the door. Ahana comes from the washroom; she had changed her bridal dress and wore a net saree, which was a baby pink colour. She was looking beautiful.

Vikram saw her, and then he said nothing and turned towards his wardrobe, took his clothes to change, and went to the washroom. Then Ahana was feeling bad that Vikram was not talking to her and not seeing her properly.

Vikram came out of the washroom, and he was going to sleep on the bed. But Ahana came in between stand in front of him, and said sorry to him. But he didn't answer her, so she hold him tight to his waist and kissed his lip, but he didn’t react to it.

Ahana's eyes were full of tears, and she broke her silence and asked him what she had done. Vikram with anger held her arms, and he stuck to her wall and asked her, "You tried to commit suicide, didn’t it? It's a big thing. I got scared if you had died. Then, how will I able to live without you and once thought about your mother. I love you so much, and you tried to.... I can’t imagine life without you!"

Ahana says with serious look, "Give me punishment or whatever you say I will do, but please talk to me, okay?

Here in the hotel room, Kamini says, "How are you, my love? You missed me?" It was Tammy Sha, Aisha Sha's son, who was her boyfriend. Kamini says with a smile, "Oh, Tammy, please say something. Why are you admiring me?"