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New Start of Lovestory - Episode 41

Tammy says with a simile and naughty expression, "Oh... My love, we already married each other just to tell everyone we didn’t complete our first night, so it’s a good time to spend. See these cake, beer. You come and we can enjoy but wait your dress should get change. Take this dress I have brought for you."

Kamini gets excited and goes to wear the dress given to her by Tammy. She looks sexy and hot in that dress. Tammy says, "Come on, shall we eat cake?" Kamini cuts the cake, and then Tammy puts a cake bite in her mouth. Then he comes near her and says, "Wait first, I will taste the cake by kissing you deeply." Kamini and Tammy kissing deeply then eat cake and later talking each other by enjoying the wine.

Here on the other side, Ahana hugs Vikram and starts crying, and then Vikram also feels a little bad and hugs her. Vikram kisses her forehead and then gently kisses her lips, then picks her up in his arms. Then he takes her to bed, and they both sit and talk about yesterday and whatever had happened, but they just want to forget and make a new start. Ahana sees into Vikram’s eyes, and Vikram holds her arms with his hands but suddenly he hugs her. Ahana says with intense feel, "I love you so much that when I realised my mistake, I thought. Go and kiss."

Vikram with a naughty simile: "What, dear kiss? Or want to kiss me? Oh, wow, that’s great. Then we know we can." Vikram removed her earnings and then hold her neck and pushed her towards his face. Ahana also held his shirt tightly and looked into his eyes. Both of them heartbeats were working fast, and love blossomed in the air.

In the hotel room, Tammy holds her and forcefully kisses her. They kiss, and then someone knocks on the door. Tammy gets angry and asks Kamini to wait. Tammy opens the door, and the waiter is standing with the bag. He goes from there after giving the bag.

At Vikram’s house, Vikram then put his hand at her back and lose the knot of her blouse, and then he kissed her shoulder. Ahana also opens the buttons of his shirt and removes it, and then they both take a look at each other. Vikram wants to say something, but Ahana kissed him so passionately that he held her tightly. They both mean Ahana and Vikram go intimately in love. Ahana opened her eyes and asked Vikram, "Vikram. Please, before you again kiss me, our first night is today, as you promised to give me a surprise. What is it and when will you give it to me?"

Vikram says with a lovely voice, "Hmm... you will get to know, but you have to wait till tomorrow, and wait. I have kept the tickets in the drawer, so see you tomorrow morning. We have to leave at 11:30 am in the morning, okay? I'm ready." Ahana smiles and kisses him. The first night of Ahana and Vikram's romance was full of steamy romance, which made them one forever.

Tammy closes the door and opens the bag. Kamini sees that and says, "I told him to bring it tomorrow morning. I have to return home for a few hours. So then, I will come back to the hotel to spend time with you again."

Tammy smiled and asked her, "Oh, wow. See we will be in the hotel room this weekend with you all 24 hours till Monday morning. Wow, I am excited, Kamini." Kamini says, "Wow... Control, can we continue please, my love?"

Tammy jumps in bed and falls on Kamini as they are kissing intimately. They got into an intimate love scene. Kamini said, "Oh, wow, I'm feeling better, Tammy. Tomorrow we both will get one."

Kamini says, "So, I'm feeling better." Tammy asked, "How was your first boyfriend ever? He kissed you."

Kamini said, "Yeah, but I didn't feel good. He was Vikram’s friend. Do you know we got married but didn’t succeed because he had a girlfriend on the first night of marriage? I got heartbroken, then he told me that his family forced him to marry me; then I got a little sad for him. I beg him to accept me, and while I was consoling him. He kissed me, and when I fell in love, he used to full his desires. His girlfriend came back. One day, I saw her in bedroom again. They were kissing each other. I divorced him, but when you came into my life, I felt complete, and we got secretly married. My family was also busy with their business work; my mom was always busy. Rakesh is my elder brother; we are real family, but Vikram is not my real brother. My father adopted him, but he always cares for me, so I live with him. My family hates him because he is nice person."

Tammy says, "So your mother didn’t like Vikram bro. Now, I understand and come, let’s sleep; it's late night now."

It was morning, Vikram woke up and was admiring her. Then he comes near Ahana, seeing that she is sleeping, and he sleeps over her body and starts kissing her. Ahana got up and tried to open her eyes, but Vikram was kissing her, and she again got that blossoming love feeling.

Kamini returned home and went to Vikram’s room. Vikram and Ahana were kissing each other and getting intimate in love, and Ahana was moaning. Vikram holds her in his arms, and she crosses her legs over his waist.

Kamini unexpectedly comes into the room and sees that Vikram and Ahana are in a love-making position. Kamini is happy to knowing that all problems have been solved. Vikram sees Kamini standing there at the door and asks her to go, but Kamini says, "Okay," and goes from there with shy feeling. Vikram says with naughtiness, "Good morning, my love, Ahana."