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New Start of Lovestory - Episode 44

Ahana’s mother sees both of them very close to each other, but then she tells Vikram that he will marry Ahana to keep her happy, and she will give him a good life. Vikram wants to tell about Disha and also that he is going to marry Disha, but Ahana’s mother gets emotional and begs for Ahana’s life happiness.

Vikram promised her he would give her a good life, but he would not marry her. He loves Disha, and he will marry her only. Then Ahana’s mother says, "Don’t forget, I have given you a good life and made you a successful man, so you have to marry my daughter. Otherwise, you will be the reason for my death. I don’t know when I will die, but my heart is weak, so I don't have much time. I want a person who cares about her and understands her, and you are the person who will give her a good life, so..."

Disha with heartbreak feeling says, "Okay, I agree Vikram. Do what she says, as her mother is begging. Vikram saw Disha with emotionally and then turned towards Ahana's mother and he says, "I will marry her and give her a good life. I promise you, but give some time to us; we want some time to spend together. Please, after that... your wish will be fulfilled."

Ahana’s mother goes from his house with an annoyed face. Vikram gets angry at Disha and goes to his bedroom. Disha goes towards him and sees that he is angry and getting emotional, so she consoles him. That they can be good friends again, but Ahana needs him. Disha says with fake emotional way,"I know she loves you, but she never said or showed up to share the feeling with you. But you have to confess your love to her, not to me. I know you both will be happy, and please, I have no problem."

Vikram hugs her, and then he holds her face and says, "I love you, and I promise what you say I will do!"

Vikram holds her hand and says, "Disha, I need you. Please I want to spend some time with you." Disha with tears in her eyes and a smile on the face said, "Vikram, you are my love whenever you want, but when Ahana comes to see you, you will not need me." Vikram asks her to spend the night with him, and Disha says, "But Vikram, I can't. No, I think this is not the right time, and from now onwards we should behave like friends, okay?"

Vikram stands and holds Disha's arms tightly, then kisses her intimately. Diya tries to go from there, but she sees Vikram and hugs him tightly, then goes on uncontrollably kissing. Diya asked him to wait and give him a drink, which made Vikram faint. There is someone at the door standing. Disha gets happy and hugs him. That handsome guy hugs her tightly, then goes on uncontrollably kissing. They then rock the bed with intimate love.

Next morning, that guy was over her body leaning and kissing her. Disha wakes up and looks in the mirror, crying and wondering why this happened.

Disha smiled seeing Vikram on floor and the handsome guy on the bed. She says with evilness, "Vikram... I don't love you beside me on the bed. I love him and we already have intimate relationship. Sorry, to hurt you but I have to do this." Disha made the handsome guy wake up and told Vikram to put on bed side her. He does it and leave the house with hurry.

Vikram wakes up and saw beside him. He says, "Disha, are you okay? Why are you crying?" Disha says with dramatically, "Love, give me pain."That means my body is paining. See, I am running late for the hospital." Disha takes her clothes and try to go from there. But then Vikram holds her hand and says, "Disha, if you are not agree. I will make Ahana understand and we both can get in relationship."

Disha says with fake emotions of pain, "Your best friend Sumit is the one whom I am getting marry. We are getting marry next month." Suddenly, while their conversation going on someone knocked the door of Vikram's house.

Sumit arrived there and knocked on the door. Vikram opens the door and sees that Sumit has come to meet him and inviting him for an engagement and marriage ceremony.

Sumit asks her, "What Diya is doing here? And wait a minute, I remember we going to marry; Disha didn’t tell you seems?"

Vikram says, "What about she not told me about your marriage, but now what does that mean? Is there something to say?" Sumit, annoying says, "I know you both, but Vikram... She will be my only because she is my love and we both...." Sumit goes from there with a evil smile on the face carrying which made Vikram questioned.

Vikram with heartbreak asks her, "You Disha with him means you were cheating with me, and I thought you?"

Disha anger says, "Vikram, you know you broke Sumit's heart. You don’t remember, wait, see this. It was his dream to sit on the chief surgery of this hospital, but you broke his dream and heart. So, I make a plan to break you like his heart is broken, so that's why... I done it successfully."

Vikram slaps her and holds her arms and says, "Disha, today you have done with me wrong! But I am happy to have a person who loves you, but you are lying to me. I know you took this file. I know you and him got first kiss then one night stand. Only one last night was not me; it was Sumit with whom you have spent time. He told me first, but I want to know from you and your feelings, and if you want this, take it. Please go. Wait, you spiked my drink, and at morning I saw he was kissing you and you both together on bed... Please get out of my house and life."

The flashback is over; know the present time.

Ahana reaches out to Kumar's location which he send to her few minutes ago. Kumar comes there, gives her a packet, and falls unconscious. Ahana gets shocked and tries to wake him up. But she sees him in bad condition, then checks his pulse and breath. She got scared as he was not breathing. She sees a knife stabbed in his back, and she said with serious and fear way, "He is no more!"