New Start of Lovestory - Episode 43 books and stories free download online pdf in English

New Start of Lovestory - Episode 43

Vikram returns home and sees Ahana sitting down and crying. Vikram walks towards her with anger. Vikram holds Kamini’s hand and slaps her. Kamini gets angry and asks, "You have slapped me for what, and you showed that you are not my real brother. You showed that you are my stepbrother."

Ahana listening to this got stunned, and he asks her to remove her scarf from her hand. Kamini refuses to do this, and Ahana removes it and sees that she is wearing an engagement ring. Vikram asked with anger, "Last night in the hotel, what were you doing and with whom you spend time?"

Kamini says with anger, "Are you spying on me when I was at home?"

Vikram shows the clips in which Kamini and her boyfriend were kissing. Then they got intimate. Kamini says with shocking look, "What is it, Rehan?"

Vikram says with annoyed look, "Who is it? Kamini, and you with an unknown person, to whom you are kissing?" Kamini says with serious way, "Vikram, listen to me; he is my husband. I can do anything with him, because our marriage relationship has been since three years and I am pregnant, so."

Vikram and Ahana get shocked to know from her about her marriage. Vikram asked with an upset voice, "What! Who is he?" Ahana says with upset way, "It's Tammy Sha Kumar’s son; it’s true that Kamini is the wife of Tammy and daughter-in-law of Kumar!" Kamini had tears in her eyes and nodded her head, saying yes.

Vikram with doubt asks Ahana, "How do you know about this?" Ahana tells about the call she talked to Kumar, and she gets doubts when he means Vikram send a message about cancelling the honeymoon. Ahana tells Vikram with calmness, "When you got the call and you were looking tense. Your tension expression on your face, it shows that something is serious news."

Vikram sees Ahana and thinks about how to keep her safe. Now that Kamini is also pregnant and worried about her security, Tammy is her husband getting know this he felt situation is serious and danger feeling of bad going to happen coming from his mind listening to Ahana's words. How they met means Tammy-Kamini and fell into a relationship, they will think later.

Ahana gets a message on her mobile and sees its Kumar sent her an address and told her to come meet him now without informing anybody. Vikram asks Ahana, "Where is she going?"

Ahana says with hesitation, "Vikram, I want to meet my mother. So I am going and taking my car with me, so don’t worry. I will come soon." Ahana walks out of the house and goes into the car where Kumar called her. Vikram says to himself in low voice, "Is Ahana trying to hide something? When she comes, I will ask her. But for now Kamini, I want some answers from you."

Kamini turned to go to her room, but then Vikram asked her to stop and give some answers to his questions. What he wants to know about her love marriage?

Kamini, with an annoyed feeling says, "Vikram, I have never asked about your relations with Disha and Ahana. I know Disha and you had an intimate love relationship that was serious, and she suddenly dumbed you. Now got married to Ahana as this time you really fall in love with her unconditionally."

Vikram says with hesitation, "Disha and I are just good friends, not more than that. I got it, and I am married to Ahana now."

Kamini says with an annoyed simile, "Vikram, I know under pressure you have done this marriage. Diya is your first love, but under pressure, you have to marry Ahana. But now you have to face it and handle the responsibility in nice way."

Vikram gets angry and says as stand in front of ger, "Just shut up! Kamini, it is none of your business, and your marriage and your pregnancy secrets you are keeping. But your relationship with Tammy—I don’t think it's the right one, but listen to me." Kamini in angry, way says, "Vikram, if you indulge in my life, I will tell the truth to her about marriage, and you make her marry by hiding your relationship with Disha. See, I have evidence, so stay away." Kamini walks out of the house and goes to meet Tammy at the hotel.

Vikram got tense about Disha and Ahana. Vikram walks towards his room, and Disha is waiting there for him. Disha closes the door, and Vikram is surprised to see her. Disha walks near him and hugs him. Disha kisses him on the lips; she tried to get intimate, but Vikram pushes her away. Then she suddenly disappears, and Vikram then says, "It was a dream. Thank God. But I really love Ahana, and I can’t imagine my life without her. Then why I am imagining Disha?"

Vikram remembers his past: Vikram with Disha dancing on a romantic song. Vikram and Disha had a good relationship, but then they took the step of a love relationship. But suddenly, Ahana’s mother arrives there to meet Vikram. It's was Vikram's house and he was spending time with Disha happily.