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The Complicated Love

The sound of alarm could be heard in a young girl's room.
Oh! It's morning already, said Vincent.
She stood up immediately from her bed and stretced her body before hurrying into the bathroom.
Vincent is a very young and beautiful girl with a very good ambition.
Vincent had always wished for a normal life with a complete family but her mother is late. So, she was brought up only by her father, Mr Richard. He was a very good and a caring father which every children would ever wished for.
Vincent has always wanted to go to college after she was in highschool but her father is not financially stable, he couldn't afford to send her to college.
So, Vincent being a very determined girl decided to start working and be saving money for her college.
She works in a restaurant not far from her house.
Vincent was all dressed up for work, when it comes to beauty, Vincent is a very beautiful girl and what always amazed people is her great sense of dressing, there's always uniqueness in her dressing.
Vincent got out of her room and went to greet her Dad, she prepared breakfast and left for work.
Vincent does not let their current state affect her or make her feel less of herself but rather working on how to overcome it.
She got to work after fifteen minutes of trekking, went to change and resume work.
She works mainly in the kitchen as a great chef.
Vincent always relate well with all her colleagues at work but she has a particular friend that knows almost everything about her.
Bryan has always been a good friend to Vincent, he's always been there for her, understands her better, always telling her calming and soothing words whenever she is passing through any difficulty. Their closeness at work got many people suggesting that they were dating.
There are a lot of things Vincent don't know about Bryan which he's intentionally keeping away from her.
She only knows that Bryan lives alone and that he doesn't have a family.
They even discovered that they had somethings in common as their bond becomes stronger.
But, Vincent have not been seeing Bryan fir the past thirty minutes she has resumed work. She was so worried and she immediately put a call across to him.
Bryan told her that he just had a liyy delay on his way and someone could easily tell that, that word really did a magic on Vincent because her expression change into a very happy one.
Not long after, Bryan came in but the expression on his face is not giving at all though he really tried to hide the fact that something is bothering him but the expression on his face really failed him.
Vincent who had noticed this, called him to ask if he's fine but Bryan didn't still come out for her.

What are the things we don't know about Bryan?
To be continued 🖋️