HATERS TO LOVERS - 1 books and stories free download online pdf in English


One Sunday night Jake was walking home with his mother Aliene as they were crossing roads they noticed a small park .
Jake wanted to play there so he asked Aliene , aliene agreed and went there with her son.a few moments later they heard a loud scream. It was an suspicious looking guy. Who was next to a little girl who fell off her bike. But then he offered the little girl a lollipop in which he seemed to call her to get into the van .... to Aliene it seemed like that little girl is getting tricked to get into the van so she stepped in and called out on that suspicious looking men. The men has a gun and pointed out at Aliene , poor Jake
Who didn't know what to do but cry and scream for help when his mother was being pointed out with a gun. The kidnapper shot aliene and took the little girl whith him....
Jake screamed when he heard the gunshot of his mother, he then came near his mother's lying body who was shot in the head. It was a dark day for Jake as a few police men gathered to investigate they called Jake's father. Jake's father who himself was a gangster didn't show up when the police men called him ,Jake was devastated since Jake atleast knew his way to home said to the police men the way and the police men dropped him off. As Jake was walking to his home looking very sad in addition to this his father added
"you are the one who killed your mother If you didn't ask her to come with you to go out she wouldn't have died. "Jake went from sad to extremely depressed. And went to his room .
A few years had passed after this incident and Jake is now 18 . His father was an alcoholic he would basically discourage Jake who was determined to find that little girl and the man who kidnapped her and shot his mother he wanted to fulfill his mother's last wish . And take revenge on that man .so he studied to become a detective .
Ad this was going on and on Jake had no time for relationships and love at all. But his cruel father who wanted him to leave from the house he arranged his son's marriage.
Jake strongly disagreed as he had a lot of studies to do and was determined to find that killer. But his father wouldn't budge. A few days later his father announced that Jake whould be meeting his fiance Grace.
Jake disliked love and romance as he got rejected and cheated on a couple of times and did not believe in true love. But The girl
Didn't seem interested in home either when Jake's father asked Grace's only father to get Grace to talk privately to Jake but Grace father disagreed but eventually gave in.
As Grace and Jake went to talk alone.
Jake said to Grace that he was not interested and wanted her to say no to this marriage. But Grace replied in favor and said she didn't like him either but was forced by her father.
So they both agreed on a certain decision that they were gonna tale based off their relationship. And so they said to their parents that they will decide whether to marry him or her by going on a frequent date regularly. His father and her father agreed to it. AND HERE IS WHERE IT ALL BEGINS ..... TO BE CONTINUED.