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Scene 1

Hey! what's up. So, Today is the day ahh! but i am so nervous and excited at the same time, cause today is the first day of my college.(Lia said delightfully in her camera)

Lia was so nervous. She laid up on her bed. And then the phone rang. It was her bestfriend Asher.

Hey! lia are you ready i am on my way. Asher said on call

UM- yeah almost!

We don't have to be late on our first day of college, get ready fast and don't forget to have your breakfat. Asher said as Lia never eats her breakfast.

Hmm. lia said in an irritated voice.

Then they hang up the call and lia get dressed but as usual she didn't eaten her breakfast and take her bag and run towards the main door and then collided on a boy.

Are you mad or what! (he said loudly)

youu bi- um am sorry (lia said in a bombastic voice)

Are youu blind, where were you running? (He said in an irritated voice)

You son of a bitch! i said sorry . (Lia said rolling her eyes up)

What do you mean?

can't you understand English also? Then suddenly Asher came and stop Lia.

What are you doing here Lia? We are already late! Asher said to Lia.

Please take her to a good mental hospital. First she bumped into me and now fighting with me. The boy said

Excuse me, I said sorry. And then they again started fighting.

STOP! Asher said loudly

Lia come on we are already late and you mind your own business. Asher said in a frustrated voice.

Then they all leave...

Scene 2

In the college -

ugh! What the fuckin man he was. Lia said

Ahmm- Lia! is this the same boy who was fighting with you in the morning?
Asher said in a frightened voice.

Lia looked up and was shocked to see him once again.

Hey miss! The boy said
Shut up am not your miss. Lia replies
And add "are you the same boy who was fighting with me?"

Oh! so you have a short memory, I see..the boy said

"Just shut your freaking mouth up! Lia shout

Well I'm magnus Davis. But you can call me Noah. The boy said

Ughh- whatever. Lia said in a cruel manner.

Won't you tell me your name mrs.


Umm- Lia we should leave. Asher said slightly .

Hey buddy! If you don't mind can you tell me your name. Noah said to Asher

Yeah! I'm Asher Paul
Nice to meet you by the way her name is Lia, my bestfriend.

Nice to meet you too buddy but not this shitty Lia.

Asher was trying so hard not to laugh but suddenly Noah and Asher burst out Laughing.

Sorry, I am sorry Lia. Said Asher

Ahh Asher you are not a good friend. Said Lia and then gone towards her class.

By the way I'm new here. Said Noah

Me too. Asher replies

Is your bestfriend like this only? Asked Noah.

Umm- she is like this from outside.

But from inside she is the most lovely and caring person I've ever seen. Said Asher.

And then they both also went to their class.

Scene 3

Asher gone to sit with Lia and Noah alos sit with them.

Asher told sorry to Lia. And said- I didn't mean to laugh but your cuteness had me laughing.

Then Lia started laughing.

And then the professor came and they introduced themselves.

Scene 4

~In canteen-

Lia and Asher were sitting and having their food.

Noah is not that bad I guess he's a good boy. Said Asher

Lia said. I don't think so he is so cruel and rude.

No you are rude infront of him. A girl
Said coming towards them said.

Ugh! Now who the hell are you? Lia asked.

Well am your senior treat me well. The girl said rolling her eyes up

Keep them rolling may you find a brain over there. Said Lia

She didn't even say a word but then continued to introduce herself -

Well my name is Lana Davis and you guessed right I am Noah's elder sister.

Oh now I known why he is like that Lia murmur to herself.

What did you say? Asked Lana

Umm- Nothing. Answer Lia

Ok let me introduce ourselves I'm Lia grande and he-

Asher Paul. Said Asher

My bestfriend. Lia add

Oh ! Nice to meet you two. By the way you're cool Lia. And I like your attitude.

Lia thanked her and said yeah you too.

Then Noah arrived from nowhere.

What's going on here? Asked Noah

We just met your sis Lana. Said Asher

Oh yeah. She is my sis and she is elder than me but also she has just got admission here.

Wait what? She said that she is our senior. Asher said

Ugh nah, I am just joking around .said Lana.

Then they went to their class as they study in the same claas.

But I know you all are wondering that everyone in their class was introducing themselves then why no one saw Lana there. As she is very good at bunking classes and not interested in study. She went to the cafe instead of college in the morning.

Scene 5

At Asher house:

Asher was laying on his bed thinking about Lana as how beautiful she is her beautiful dark brown hair her ocean blue eyes.

He has fallen in love....


Hey readers! 🫶🏼

It's my first ever story I hope you liked it and obviously I am not expert at it at all

And I am really sorry for :
• any spelling mistakes
• grammatical mistakes

I hope that you will read the next part so stay tuned gonna upload it as early as I could~

Thankyou so much for reading. I lovee youu <3.