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Devil's Love - 1

It was a rainy day in Mumbai. The rain poured down heavily, drenching the city streets. Amidst the downpour, Reva was rushing to her wedding. She glanced back and noticed a man still chasing after her. Her heart raced, tears welled up in her eyes. Today was Reva's wedding day. She had said yes to Ajit in defiance of her stepmother's pressure. However, today she had overheard her stepmother and Ajit talking, realizing it wasn't a wedding but a deal they had in mind. She had been traded.

Reva tried to run away without a second thought, but she was unlucky. Ajit's eyes fell upon her.

"Hey, stop!" Ajit yelled angrily and started closing in.

As Reva ran, memories rushed through her mind. Fear was visible in her eyes. Just then, while crossing the road, she collided with a Mercedes. The car's brakes prevented a serious injury, but Reva fell to the ground.

"Are you blind? Don't you see how expensive this car is? Who knows where these people come from," shouted the man from inside the car.

"Please help me," Reva cried, tears streaming down her face.

A man stepped out of the Mercedes, wearing a white shirt and jeans. His shirt was unbuttoned, revealing a muscular chest. His appearance was impeccable, and his confidence unmatched. This was Arjun Singhania, the owner of Singhania Industries, a man powerful enough to have the police in his pocket.

"Oh God, what is Arjun Singhania doing here? Now how will I explain this to my boss? My boss might just kill me," Ajit thought as he hid behind the bushes, watching everything unfold.

Arjun couldn't take his eyes off Reva as he walked towards her. It seemed as though he had been captivated by her beauty.

"Who are you? And why are you running out in the rain, especially from a wedding?" Arjun asked in a cold tone.

"It's just that I... I was being chased by a man... He said he would take me with him. Please help me," Reva managed to say before weakness overtook her, and she fainted.

"Is it safe to bring her home? What if this is a trap? But I can't just leave her like this," Arjun thought. He lifted Reva and carried her into his luxurious villa.

Inside the villa, the servants were astonished to see Arjun with a girl. No girl had ever entered his house before.

"Who is this girl, and why is she in wedding attire?" one servant whispered to another.

"Stop speculating and focus on your work. And send two lady servants to the guesthouse to change her clothes," Arjun ordered in an irritated tone before heading out.

Meanwhile, Ajit had called his boss, narrating the entire incident.

"You can't even handle a girl? How did she end up with Arjun Singhania?" his boss exclaimed.

"It seems she overheard our conversation about the plan, sir," Ajit replied nervously.

"What? Does that mean the girl is with Arjun now?" his boss shouted.

"Yes, sir. She is," Ajit confirmed.

"What a mess! It seems we'll have to make arrangements permanently," his boss said angrily before hanging up.

To be continued...