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Devil's Love - 2

A little while later, when Reva woke up, she saw that darkness surrounded her. Her head throbbed with intense pain. Reva had always been afraid of the dark. She quickly got out of bed, opened the door, and fled outside.

In the hallway, Arjun stood holding a gun, glaring at a man in his thirties. "Please let me go. I'll never do anything like this again, but please, just let me go," the man begged, trembling, but Arjun seemed unfazed.

Arjun pointed the gun at the man and said, "You should have thought about these heinous actions before. But..." Before the man could utter another word, Arjun fired a shot that hit the man's chest.

As soon as the gunshot rang out, Reva screamed from behind, "What have you done? You killed him!! You've taken his life!" Seeing this, Reva's mind seemed to shut down. The floor was stained with the man's blood. All Reva wanted now was to leave that place.

Reva tried to run away, but Arjun's bodyguards caught her, and he made her stand in front of him. "I want to go home, please let me go. I haven't done anything wrong! I won't tell anyone about this, but please, let me go," Reva pleaded, her voice quivering.

"Want to go home, huh? Arjun asked in a cold tone, no emotion showing on his face. Arjun's question made Reva lower her head in despair.

Arjun placed some papers in front of Reva and said, "Sign the papers."

"What? Marriage, and with you? Are you out of your mind? I won't sign this. I just want to leave," Reva replied.

"Do you understand the meaning of a contract? Where will you go? You can't go back to your home, and the man who was after you is still a threat. In this situation, I can only help you. Sign the papers! The decision is yours, you have two minutes, or else, I have plenty of girls who will agree," Arjun declared firmly.

Reva couldn't decide what to do, but she couldn't go back to her stepmother's house, and staying with a stranger seemed safer at the moment. She reluctantly signed the papers. Tears streamed down her face.

"Good girl," Arjun said and handed the papers to Tushar, his childhood friend.

Arjun looked at Reva, who was still crying silently. Arjun moved closer to her, extending his hand. However, before he could touch her, Reva forcefully pushed him away, saying, "Stay away from me! Don't touch me! You've taken advantage of my helplessness."

It was the first time a girl had spoken to Arjun like this. He clenched his fists, trying to control his anger. "I'm doing you a favor by keeping you safe. Stay away from me. Got it? And don't even think about misbehaving with me in the future. You have no idea what I'm capable of," Arjun warned with a fierce glare.

Reva, who had already endured so much, couldn't bear any more. She had taken this step out of necessity, and now she wasn't sure what her life would be like. Her entire life had changed overnight, and she couldn't believe the turn it had taken.

"Is this girl crazy? Crying like her life is ruined. Just impossible," Arjun muttered in frustration as he walked away to his room.