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The Angel Inside - 44 Breakdown

Jay's POV
The giant gates of 'DIVAS' opened letting the car enter inside. My mind had been busting with emotions. It felt like freefall with no ends. My eyes craved to see her. As soon as we neared to the door, I didn't wasted time and entered the mansion running to the huge living room that had no signs of Amy.

Gazing towards one of the maids working there. She looked at me and her expression felt as if she knew what I was seeking for. She pointed at a certain direction. My gaze followed to the place she had pointed onto. It was the room where Amy didn't allowed anyone to enter let alone knock or disturb her and face her wrath.

Anger can't sustain till second day right? Maybe she had calm down. Yet I didn't care for now. It was a whole day that Amy had been missing. I entered the room before glancing at the mat that said "Go away!"

The first thing that came to my view was Amy's shirtless worn out figure covered in sweat while she punched and kicked the wooden plank infront of her. My heart drummed in my chest. Though she was in her sports bra and had her pants on, but her perfect physique of abs and flexing muscles could make anyone drool. Apart from her built muscles I was able to see the scars on her bare back.

The room was spacious enough to acquire a boxing ring which she stood on. The sound of never ending bangs and thuds resonated the walls of the room. It was soundproof so nobody could even hear a squeak outside. Her knuckles were visibly bleeding as drops of blood trickled down and dropped to the floor.

I was sure that her hands would end up with fractures and blisters. Her legs were wobbling after every punch as if she was about to faint. Her inked biceps flexed every time she punched the plank. She was fuming in anger. Rage was evident in her eyes. She stumbled back leaning against the strings of the boxing ring. Her hairs dripped with sweat some of it sticked to her face, harsh breaths escaped her lips. Her chest heaving.

Though it was a amazing sight to devour but I had to stop her. Or she would end up in the hospital out of exhaustion.

Alex hadn't followed me. He wanted to give us privacy and talk things out, but I wasn't sure if Amy currently was in the condition to speak to me. I had to let go my stubborness and make her calm enough to stop the tourture she was inflicting onto herself.

Though my mind screamed danger, I had to make a move. I took calculated strides towards her, even though my steps were audible she didn't bother to look at me. Entering in the ring I looked at her worn out figure. Standing in front of her I could see her rising to her feet again.

Standing straight she looked at me, her eyes hooded. Her bloodied hand extended to my jaw softly caressing my cheekbone her blood smearing on my cheek to chin. She slowly traced her hand down to my bruised neck, she traced it to my nape slowly pulling me forward. She buried her face in the crook of my neck. She leaned on me and slowly her grip loosened. I immediately grasped her limp figure before she could fall to the ground.

Gently pulling her head a bit, I noticed she had fainted. Scooping her in my arms I lifted her off her feet, not wanting her to stay in this room for another second. Moving out I straightly walked towards the bedroom on the next floor. Alex was alert enough to spot me and Amy's fainted form in my arms.

He followed me to the room where I gently made her lay on the bed, looking around for materials to treat her wounds. One of the maids had already placed the ointments and medicines on the table located near the bed.

After an hour I had completed treating her wounds and the maid had changed her clothes while me and Alex left the room.

Amy looked peaceful yet vulnerable while sleeping. She had her hands wrapped in bandages and gauze. Her body drained out of energy. I sat beside her not wanting to stay away from her, even for a second.

Alex entered the room looking at me. It was the first time I had seen him that serious. He was always a jolly and chirpy one.

Alex: Jay. We need to leave from here. That jerks got some wind of us being here and they haved swarmed to the gates.

I knew what he meant -
They would never let us breathe in peace.

Jay: let's leave then. I'll bring her.

I said indicating Amy who had been unconscious.

Alex: I'll get the car.

Soon enough we drove out through the other gate of the mansion. They said 'Divas' was owned by a queen. Later it was sold to a billionaire after the queen died. And coincidentally the billionaire passed away. According to the lengends, the mansion was cursed and could only be owned and ruled by a woman. A powerful woman.

Though some bigshots were after this mansion. I couldn't believe how Amy was able to capture it. Maybe she was born queen, with her own rules.

Speaking of the devil...

She was now slowly gaining her consciousness in the backseat of the car as we drove. Alex was driving while I sat beside him in the passenger seat.

Her eyes fluttered opened, her hand slowly carded her hairs back, fisting on it her brows twitched with a frown while she gazed at the unfamiliar sorroundings.

Soon her eyes fell on us in the front.

Amy: Last time I remember...I was at my place.

She slurred in a week voice but her voice was still husky that always had an effect on me. Alex wasted no time to shut her up.

Alex: You better get your shit together!

My ears perked up at his remark. A few moments ago I could see him glancing at her and being worried sick for his sister and now he was acting like her sworn enemy.

Amy visibly rolled her eyes in annoyance which Alex could see by the rear view mirror. While her eyes darted at me. She looked at my reflection through the rear view mirror and smirked.

Amy: I wasn't hallucinating huh! By the way, you look so hot, smeared in my blood. Keep that on!

She slurred in a seductive voice. While my face flushed scarlet. I side eyed Alex who seemed to scoff and looked straight while driving.

Alex: i didn't hear anything! I don't know her either.

I hesitated rushing towards the car cabinet to find some tissues. But the blood had turned dry.

She rested her back and slept again as if she hadn't made me a blushing mess a few moments ago.

Carrying her figure in my arms I walked upstairs taking her to my room while she was in deep slumber, her arms wrapped around my neck while her ear hearing my rapid heartbeats.

It was easy to treat her in my room since it was my bedroom/ medical store. Meanwhile Alex left us alone out of embarrassment in the name of doing some important work.

Laying her on the mattress she didn't bother to wake up rather she snuggled even more like a cute fluff ball onto the mattress. It was a unique combination of her being built and being fluffy cute at the same time.

The bandages that were clear white were now soaked in red liquid. I had to change them. I bought the gauze and ointments, starting to treat her hands again, even I had left marks on her skin. While I was trying to defend myself, I had scratched her too. After a while she stirred in her sleep, indicating that she was about to wake up. Her eyes fluttered opened lazily staring at me. She noticed me applying ointment on her skin, slowly raising herself in sitting position, I continued to apply ointment ignoring her burning gaze at me.

I felt a touch on my neck making me flinch in pain due to the gruesome marks engraved on my skin. Amy's fingers caressed them, I looked up only to see her staring at my bruises with pain, regret and guilt in her eyes.
She sighed her finger pads not leaving the bruises on my neck but gently caressing as if trying to soothe the pain she inflicted a day before.

I noticed her eyes were red already, I was now experienced enough to interpret her gestures and body language. And this red eyes were indication of nothing but anger and hate towards herself. I knew she was feeling guilty. Soon she drew back her hands off me, grabbing the ointment and slowly dabbing it on my skin with her fingers pads trying to be as gentle as possible.

Though she was being so gentle but the sudden burning sensation on my wounds caught me off-guard making me hiss. Her eyes drove up to stare at me confirming if I was okay.

Amy: I almost killed you, didn't I?

She whispered.
I remained quiet, totally unphased about the fact that Amy was desperate for my answers. She was trying hard to get off from the guilt of hurting me. Even after seconds I didn't utter a word, I ignored her and blankly stared at nothing. I could sense her being guilty and sad even more.

But I wouldn't give in, I could see her eyes droop, she looked down at her lap looking like a lost puppy but I wouldn't fall for it.

Amy: I am sorry.

She trailed off.

Amy: I never meant to hurt you -

I cutted her words in between.

Jay: but you did.

I said in monotone.

Amy: Then why are caring for me. Shout at me. Hit me if you want!

I realised she wasn't liking my calm behaviour. She was intentionally poking me to talk to her and make her believe I was okay. Everytime I was angry with her she would melt me in seconds. She was always manipulative and turned situations to her favour. Which I won't let it happen this time.

Jay: Just because I am treating your wounds doesn't mean I have forgotten things. It's my profession to treat people. That's my job.

I could see hurt in her eyes. For the whole world she would be there with that poker face but with me she would always be another person who hasn't been seen by anyone.

I didn't wanted her to see through me. She looked up again staring into my eyes as if she was trying hard to understand what was going into my head. It was a hobby of her's to predict my thoughts everytime and she could easily see through me. But this time I won't give her any chances to melt me.

I rose up and turned my back to her.

Jay: I'll get some food. Rest for now.

With the last stroke of my patience running out I decided to leave the room. I wanted some peace of mind. It was hard to resist her and that puppy gaze of her's.

It wasn't even 10 minutes that had passed, I heard the glass breaking upstairs. Was it another tactic of her's to get my attention?

I contemplated but couldn't hold anymore. I entered the room and it was a mess. Pieces of glass shards were shattered accross the floor with droplets of blood. Amy was missing! I looked around only to find her in the corner trembling. Her legs shrunked to her chest while she hugged herself, curled into a ball rocking back and forth as if she was trying to console herself. Her hands were covered in blood. She hurted herself again.

I crouched down near her, hearing faint mumbles escaping her lips. She rubbed her ears harshly as if she was trying to get rid off something, making it turn redder. What was happening?

I placed my hands on her shoulder making her flinch. I slowly lifted her face speaking sweet words to her. Making her teary gaze meet mine I cupped her face.

She was crying. Her face was soaked in tears. She sobbed again and again. She looked vulnerable. So vulnerable. I never saw Amy ever having a breakdown. She was trying hard to breathe. I could tell it was a panic attack. I bought her in my arms while she sat on her knees looking like a fragile doll. Broken.

I patted her back comforting her, gently rubbing from top down to her spine. I slowly parted away from her. Her harsh sobs had calmed now.

Jay: Amy what's wrong?

I locked my gaze with her. Her lips wobbled, not in a situation to utter anything. She was behaving like a small child. Soon she bursted into heart wenching sobs. My heart felt heavy. She was having difficulty in breathing again.

Jay: Amy breathe.

I said being careful as possible slowly placing her palm on my calm heartbeats. She hiccuped for minutes until finally small sobs escaped her lips.

Jay: I am here. What's wrong?

Amy: She'll die.... They'll kill her. Stop them please!

She pointed her bloodied finger beneath the table. It was a frame that had crashed to the ground making the glass cover shatter into pieces.

Jay: Amy no one is dying. Okay. Look at me. Amy look at me.

She hesitantly craned her neck back to me. She weeped while her tears wouldn't stop trickled down her cheeks. She was still trying hard to breathe.

I tried to lift her up, but the very next moment she screamed in pain. My heart hammered against my chest. I panicked. I didn't knew what would make her calm. She continued to scream in pain her hands had fisted her hairs.

Jay: Amy please. Tell me! What's wrong? Are you hurt somewhere?! Your hands hurt?!

I asked desperately.

Amy: hurts! Every where hurts!

She trembled like a leaf, bawling her eyes out. It was painful. Never did I felt this helpless. I holded her in my arms hoping it would work but no avail. Something had triggered her and I got no options. I had only one way left. I parted away from her rushing to my study table, pulling one of my drawers I found a syringe and sedative. Slowly pulling the nip of the injection I pulled the liquid in it.

Stalking toward her, I crouched in front of her. I had to do it. It will damage her more if she continues to bear the panic attack. I raise the syringe near her neck.

Jay: I am sorry.

Whispering the words faintly, I pierced the thin needle of the syringe onto her neck. Pushing the liquid into her veins, I pulled out the syringe and threw it away, holding her in my embrace. She had stopped shivering, her sobs slowly died down, falling into deep slumber, my tears wouldn't stop brimming. I kissed her temple, mumbling sorrys again and again.

Jay: I love you...

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