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The Angel Inside - 43 The truth

Author's POV


That's what Amy had caused in Mrs. Park life. She had been distressed for days, months, years. Amy was an obstacle in her path. Every time she thought she was winning against Amy. Amy had proved her wrong. Her growing success was now at risk.
Being a wife of a rich man got her no perks.

She laid back on her office chair's headrest. Twirling her seat side by side she craned her neck to look at the mess she had made in her cabin. Her once luxurious interior and fancy showpieces had been crashed to the ground.

She sighed. Her mind was in discomfort. She wanted to strangle Amy to death. High of her to think she was winning against her dear daughter. But after her one short break, Amy didn't leave a single chance to torment Mrs. Park.

She joined hands with all of her rivals. And within a month she dropped her shares by 20%. She was at the verge of bursting again. But an evil idea had hit her mind. She knew Amy had a temper. And planned to press the nerve that hurted the most.

She drove to Amy's house after ringing a few bells, the door opened revealing Miss. Jenny who had no idea why Mrs. Park was at the place.

Ms. Jenny knew that she was Amy's mother. So rather than questioning her, she politely addressed Mrs. Park.

Ms. Jenny: So sorry but Ms. Amy isn't home. She is in the office.

Without letting Ms. Jenny speak further Mrs. Park barged in not caring to ask for permission from a mere worker.

She elegantly took a seat on the couch as if she ruled the place. Her eyes scrutinizing the interiors in disgust. While Ms. Jenny politely offered her a glass of water. Mrs. Park visibly rolled her eyes and klinked away the glass by disgust making it shatter on the floor as the shards spreaded all over the place.

Ms. Jenny rushed to clean the place, hurting herself in the process. The torture continued for an hour until Amy was finally back home. Entering inside the first thing that she saw was the cursed figure of her mother. Still she had an idea why Mrs. Park was here. Amy smirked lowly.

Amy: Looks like the taste of failure had been too bitter.

Mrs. Park snickered at her words.

Mrs. Park: You have been underestimating me. Tell me. How many affairs do you have apart from your one legal husband?

She smirked.

Amy: Just as many as my sister has. How about you? I'm so sad for your company's loss but don't worry I'll shut it soon.

This made Mrs. Park's smirk falter. She didn't like the fact that Amy was provoking her back.

Amy continued to strip off her blazer and later chugging down a glass of water, least bothered about Mrs. Park sprouting derogatory comments at her. Ms. Jenny could do nothing but silently stay at the kitchen to give the two ladies some privacy.

Mrs. Park: You see. You have been thinking so high about yourself after loosing your 2 years of memory. I think I need to make you remember.

Amy's actions freezed. Though she knew Mrs. Park was doing this on purpose but she was keen to know what had actually happened.

Amy still played cool and looked at her with a wicked smile. Her aura turning dark.

Amy: Enlighten me.

Mrs. Park chuckled, her voice turned venomous. Her tone filled with loathe and disgust.

Mrs. Park: you really don't remember!
It was so fun to snatch everything away from your mom and then from you one by one. Let me list it. The episode of your mother's downfall!

She stated as if she was introducing a title of a story.

First her business, money, fame and then her husband. I was a good friend for your mom, to be true I pitied her. But that orphan seemed to forgot her limits. She managed to boost her business. She even got married to a rich man who owned a damn empire.
I hated it. It was meant to be mine. I did everything to lure your dear father to get him to be with me. But as cunning as he was. He left me no option but to kill his wife.

The world thinks of your mom as a coward who suicided after her company got raided and trapped into an underworld business syndicate. We'll any of it wasn't true anyway. I overdosed her with sleeping pills. They day before she was to go to court and prove her innocence and blooop- she died. It was such a show to see her in her last moments of breath. She could never doubt me that I was the one who led everything. I made it look like suicide.

I then got her money, her fame and her husband too. But you! You became a thorn in my path. Your clever dear father and mother had chosen you to inherit everything after he died. I went after you, did everything in power to atleast get you killed. But you are that cockroach who wouldn't die at one snap.

Wanna know the best part? I tortured you for 2 years. I had such a great time to have you crushed under my foot. I thought you were dead. But look at you! My bad luck that you even forgot everything and started the same damn company which led your mom's death. I wanted you traumatized. I even had to kill Mrs. Conor. That old hag had tried to save you but damn she succeeded even after dying.

Amy's fists curled into balls, her knuckles turned white, her eyes turned red at her rising temper. She wanted to punch that woman to death. The ground beneath her seemed to slip away. She knew her step mother was evil. But never knew she was a backstabber too. For years she blamed her father who easily gave her stepmom the position of her mother. She hated them both after all. But her mind was stuck at her last words. Mrs. Conor's death? Who was she? She didn't knew anything.

Mrs. Park: But don't worry! I'll soon get everything I ever wanted.


She said lowly her voice cold and dark, her wrathing aura was enough to fill the tension in the air.

Mrs. Park smiled like a maniac. She knew she had pressed the right button. But she wanted to burn her even more.

Mrs. Park: You are selfish just like your father. Oh wait! Your loving dad had married your mom to bring down and absorb her company. It was his plan to marry her. He wanted revenge and he got it. Same as you are doing now. You married Conor's son to join alliances, didn't you?

Amy: Shut up!
She snarled.

Mrs. Park: And would leave him once you defeat his dad's hardwork. There is no difference between you and your father. And your mom is a bit-


She growled at her. Her blood boiling making her vein pop up on her neck. She wanted the woman dead who evily laughed at her and mocked her mother. In no time, her hand got a hold of the knife which was on the dining table.

Mrs. Park's laughter died at her action, regretting the idea of provoking her. Mrs. Park had no idea how powerful Amy was. If Amy killed her, not a living being would know that she ever existed.

Amy looked at Mrs. Park right in the eyes. Amy had a different trait when it came to revenge. She loved people fearing her. The fear in their eyes was something that pleased Amy. It was a gesture of victory for her. Feeling the threat Mrs. Park backed against the wall, desperately wanting to find an escape. She hadn't provoked Amy. She had woken up the beast that was asleep. Her inner demons were ruling her for now.

Amy was able to see that fear. She smiled and her demeanor turning even more dark. She looked utterly twisted.

And before Mrs.Park could even realise the knife was already launched at her but to her luck it pierced on the side an inch away from her head. She could see death written in Amy's eyes. She could only see red.


A scream blared in the heavy air. It was Jay. He was shocked. Amy cursed mentally. She never wanted Jay to ever encounter her twisted side. She knew she could harm him too at this moment. She was already triggered. Having a bit of a control on her senses she yelled.

Amy: Tell this witch to leave the house before I do something even worse!

She eagerly tried to control herself to avoid bloodshed. She didn't wanted Jay to face her worst side. Mrs. Park runned for her life towards Jay as he was the only one who could save her now. While Amy left upstairs stomping on her feet at each step.

Jay consoled Mrs. Park, not asking what had happened. He apologized for Amy's behaviour. Though he knew it was something more serious. Mrs. Park kept crying in Jay's arms not ready to leave him. She kept mumbling the words "She'll kill me! I'll die!" While Jay continued to pat her back trying to comfort her.

Jay felt pity at her traumatized condition. He knew confronting Amy for now wasn't a good choice when her rage had been ruling her senses. But his mind was in a constant battle between his thoughts. He felt angry on how Amy had treated her mother.

This wasn't acceptable for him. He felt sad for Mrs. Park and wanted Amy to immediately apologize for it. He was determined to approach Amy not caring if she was enraged or ask her the reason. Because in his eyes treating an elder with such disrespect wasn't in his dictionary.

He was always someone who never went against the elders even when he felt that they were wrong. Instead he would apologise and close the matter. That's what his mother had thaught him.He wanted Amy to owe an apology to her mother, no matter what the reason was.

He parted himself away from Mrs.Park and rushed upstairs wanting an answer. Amy had been in her room, and the door unlocked. He entered inside not seeking permission. He found Amy backfacing him and looked out of the window. Not really bothering to look back.

Jay: You need to apologise to your mom.
He voiced out.

Amy: Leave. Me. Alone.
Amy clutched her fists while her nails digging in her palms seeping blood.

Jay: That is not how treat an elder. You need to be sorry to your mom. And you are coming with me downstairs.

Amy: I said leave me alone.

Jay grasped her arm harshly turning her back to face him.

Jay: she's your mother!
He yelled.

And before Jay could even contemplate his further words Amy had already pinned him to the wall behind him. Her hand wrapped around his throat, squeezing, leaving no space for him to breathe.

Her eyes were red and now he regretted his decision. When she said she had anger issues, he never comprehended her to be like this. Horror was evident in his eyes while Amy had been taken over by her beasts.

Amy: I said that bitch cannot be my mother. Never!

She growled at him ignoring the fact that Jay was in pain. Her grip was too tight to cut away the oxygen from his lungs to his brain. His face turned red, his breath hitching. He tried to form words but they never escaped his lips. Tears brinked in his eyes. He gasped while his hands trying to push her away. But her grip was too strong for him to fight and release himself. He knew when it came to physical power she was more capable than him. She was hurting him.

His head spinned, black dots appearing in his vision. He would die if Amy didn't release him. But Amy was out of control. Her hand strangling every drag of breath out of him. His nails digged on her arms while hers on his neck. He was silently pleading her to leave him. His eyes rolled back by each passing second he was begging for instant death, her dark eyes pierced into his soul. He looked at them for the last time. He couldn't find any emotion in them. They were empty.

Tears cascaded down his cheeks falling onto her hand that had been chocking him. Jay's eyes closed feeling like loosing his consciousness. His one hand softly caressed her cheek while the other holded her wrist that had been chocking him.

He finally opened his eyes again to look at her for the last time. His tears continued to cascade down his cheeks, penetrating onto the skin of her hand. Her eyes met his, a sudden emotion surging through her. His eyes didn't held fear like few moments ago, he instead looked at her with love. Feelings were being conveyed that were unspoken.

Her grip slowly loosened, her mind gaining her senses back. Jay was finally able to breathe. It was like walking a path of death and then coming back from it. She realised what she had done, her brain alert enough for her to think what was right and wrong.

She finally retreated her hand back, letting him gain some air. He started to cough harder, slowly sliding down back against the wall. His hand holding his pained area on the neck while he gasped at the sudden intake of air and oxygen.

She looked at his helpless state. Her hand trembled, lips quivering to utter out any word but they were trapped to her jaw. She grew frustrated and punched the glass lamp on the table that resulted into slicing of the skin on her knuckles. Blood oozed out through her skin as blood drops pattered the floor.

She carded her hands through her hair, walking briskly out of the room leaving Jay to recover from the attack. Storming downstairs, her eyes glanced at Ms. Jenny who stood bewildered looking at her state. But she knew it was a silent gesture that something was wrong upstairs.

She immediately rushed upstairs while Amy took predatory steps towards Mrs. Park who had been shivering on the couch at her sight. She harshly pulled the drawer beside the couch making Mrs. Park flinch. She looked at her for the last time giving a death glare before taking the car keys and stomping out of the house.

Mrs. Park didn't wasted time and left the house. She was now successful in triggering Amy and she was determined to make it to the top news headlines.

Ms. Jenny rushed to Jay upstairs. Look at his coughing state and about to loose his consciousness. She rushed downstairs to get water for him. She knew she wasn't capable enough to help him alone and there was only one option left. She called Alex and informed about the situation.

In no time Alex had appeared and handled the situation to treat Jay. The afternoon had passed and the night passed too, soon the dawn had emerged. It was the next day. Jay had been stable after hours of struggle. It was hard for him to speak or even drink water. It hurted like hell. Amy had disappeared since then.

When Jay woke up the first person that came up to his vision was Alex. Who was worried sick about him and hadn't slept at night. He wasn't liking the situation but after what Ms. Jenny had explained to him. He knew it was something really serious for Amy to act this violent.

Jay's lips parted to form a few words but even before he do so Alex butted in.

Alex: Don't. It will hurt. I know you have many questions. Amy hasn't returned back. And to what I have known now. Looks like Amy didn't tell you everything about her past.

Jay's face twitched in confusion.

Alex: I know I had been away from my sister for years when she needed me the most. And she later turned her miseries into secrets that were masked with anger and aggression.

Alex looked down guilty while Jay looked at him, silently seeking for him to continue.

Alex: Mrs. Park is Amy's step mom. She is one evil. Amy's real mom was back then the owner of Ace. Everything was wonderful back then. Until Mrs. Park and Martha her daughter came to ruin it. Martha and Amy were best friends. Mrs. Park was aunt's (Amy's mom) bestfriend.

But this friendship was nothing but a plan to snatch everything one day. Aunt died with sleeping pills overdose. Her company had faced major controversy and was trolled for being connected to the underworld. I and Amy believed that it was Mrs. Park's doing. We are still trying to get proofs and evidences against her which is more than impossible.

As much as I could predict, everything was fabricated and framed. Even Aunt's death was framed as suicide, which was not. Jay's eyes widened at the revelation. He remembered some news back then which was related to Park's and about the company being fraud. But never knew things were so different than what the media had pointed on.

Alex sighed.

Alex: Amy hated her stepmom to death. And I can tell she might had tried to trigger Amy, she wants to make a controversy, cause she very well knows about Amy being short tempered.

Jay looked at his lap while sitting on the bed. His mind processing Alex's words. His mind had started to clear and seemed to realise that Amy might have a reason to be that disrespectful to an elder. He never knew that Amy had been facing so much and the sole reason of it was her own parents.

Jay: We...need to find Amy.

He wishpered lowly ignoring the pain on his throat, catching Alex's attention.

Alex: I'll take you somewhere before we get to her.

The drive was silent after while Jay had no idea where Alex was taking him to. After struggling an hour to gulp the breakfast down his throat. He looked outside the window bewildered. The place had started to turn deserted. The were driving near a whole land of graves. It was a graveyard. He could hear people mourning and crying at a distance. He looked back at Alex seeking for an answer.

He stopped the car nearby. And without any words exchanged they both climbed out of the car. Alex walked towards one particular direction while Jay trailed behind him like a lost puppy.

Alex's steps finally halted at a particular grave. Away from all the others. It was situated in a corner totally deserted. Jay wondered why was it situated seperately. While other tombstones were cleaned and cared, decorated with beautiful flowers. This one was left abandoned.

Jay's eyes landed on the name on the tombstone. Though it was rusted, the name was quite visible. It read "Camilia Park". Jay's eyes widened at the revelation. He looked back at Alex wanting to rectify if he was correct.

And Alex's emotionless face had already made it clear. That the tombstone was of Amy's real mother.

Alex: Do you know why is this one is abandoned and away from the others?

Jay remained silent after a while Alex continued.

Alex: The hatred and troll on Aunt was so much that even after her death. Her own people weren't willing to deliver her proper last rites. She did everything. Opened an orphanage. Donated millions of her income. Helped the needy. And see where it landed her. In a pit of soil which no one wants to remember. You see, one dirty spot on the floor and it ruins all what you have cleaned along.

I know after what Amy has did to you. You shouldn't be forgiving her or anything near to that. She has mercilessly attacked you which could even lead to your death. I know you would now regret and would like to break the ties too. But I just wanted to request you to atleast let her explain herself. And if she doesn't I won't ask you for anything more.

Jay stared at the tombstone and stepped back leaving to somewhere. Alex was convinced that he wouldn't return back. But after a minute, Jay appeared again with a bunch of flowers, and kept it on the grave. He silently stood there paying condolences in silence. After few minutes of silently gazing the grave, Jay looked back at Alex.

Jay: let's leave. We need to find her.

He whispered.

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