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The Last Promise - Chapter 3

Both mother and son are scolding each other, amidst this, Kulwant, while sobbing, says, "You lied to me, Miku, you lied." Pratap Singh, looking towards her, says, "See, dear, even God is fulfilling a man's wish. I have come. I will come. The only difference is that today I have come to answer your questions and settle accounts with Bharat Man regarding your milk in the pot. Hearing this, tears fill Kulwant's eyes and she hugs Pratap Singh, weeping. After a moment of contemplation, Kulwant Kaur says, "I had thought that when you come this time, I will get you married and settle you in the village." Then Pratap Singh says, "You know, my dear, my marriage was celebrated with wounds, my turmeric smeared with blood, and amidst the Holi festival, my mehndi mixed with the sacrifice of my beloved. Your daughter-in-law is very bad, she annoys you so much that she won't let me stay with you. She will drive you away from me." Due to Kulwant Kaur's intense crying, there are no more tears left in her eyes. Then, Kulwant Kaur steps back, hitting herself, and says, "Why didn't I listen to your father? Why did I send you to the army? My mind was lost then." Then Pratap Singh says, "Do you remember, Kamo, the first time I asked what grandfather was, what did you say?" After hearing this, Kulwant Kaur starts thinking again about that day.
In that moment, Kulwant Kaur was cooking in the kitchen, and Pratap Singh was sitting at the dining table next to the kitchen, playing with a toy. He asks, "Mom, what was grandfather?" Kulwant Singh says, "He was a soldier, a lieutenant." Pratap Singh asks, "What's a soldier?" Kulwant Kaur says, "A soldier is a lion who stands at the borders, protecting us from some of the outer dangers." Then Pratap Singh says, "So, was Grandfather also a lion?" Kulwant Kaur, with tears in her eyes, says, "Yes, and one day that lion, fighting bravely, became a martyr." Kulwant Kaur begins to cry loudly, and Pratap Singh, wiping her tears with his small hands, says, "But I will also become a lion. I will go to the borders and shout your name and some for father and some for my younger brother and some for my own name." Kulwant Kaur laughs, and seeing this sight, she smiles and says, "I haven't done anything wrong," and hugs Pratap again.

Hello, everyone. This time there's been a slight delay in the release of the chapter as I've been busy dealing with personal matters. The next chapter will be coming soon. Thank you for your understanding and support. And this is a stort story now I am planning a full novel but I want sapport of you gys so pls shar this story and comment on this story and I will provided you some amazing story that my promise you gys so pls spoort my short story and I love you all gys thank you