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The Omnistore System - 2

Chapter 2

Escort's Demise
"Coming to you live from Cerou Road, this is MBP News, and we have an unfurling circumstance to report. Toward the end of last night, at roughly 3:00 AM, an unstable like sound resounded through this region, upsetting the rest of occupants and imparting dread in their souls," the commentator, a striking figure, conveyed the report with balance, remaining before the camera in the midst of a clamoring scene.

Behind the scenes, the blasting horns of ambulances and police vehicles upset the tranquility of the wonderful morning light. Two people wearing defensive suits, probably measurable specialists, held a cot conveying a scorched body.

The reporter, who had been detailing before, put a hand on her ear, fitted with an earpiece, and looked noticeably shocked. Her voice loaded up with desperation as she proceeded, "We have recently gotten an update from our central command in regards to the sole casualty in this unforeseen episode. The casualty of this appalling occasion is, as a matter of fact, Norman, the popular escort of Night royal residence."

"My partner, who was set to cover an occasion today at Nightplace, got this data firsthand from Noblewoman Maria, who held an extraordinary spot for Norman in her heart. Our spotlight today is on this making it known," the female journalist went on in the midst of the tumultuous scene, while Norman's singed body lay alone in the emergency vehicle.

In the mean time, in an alternate world, a little fellow lay sleeping soundly with his head on the table. The sun, apparently disappointed with the kid's lighthearted sleep, cast its beams straightforwardly onto his face. Irritated by the interruption, the kid changed his head in another course, reluctant to be animated from his profound rest.

*ZZZr Zzrz Zzrzzr* Be that as it may, an extra source upset his rest, occupying the room with a humming sound. The kid frowned in irritation, his eyes actually shut. He looked through his environmental elements and found a glass-like piece. With shut eyes, he slid his finger across it and set it close to his ear.

"Hello..." he muttered in his tired voice, which conveyed a smidgen of profundity.

"Hello, Pissed-up Prat, where are you?" a voice bound with scorn exuded from the section.

The kid, alluded to as the "Pissed-up Prat" by the bothering female voice, remembered it as a voice he heard regularly yet couldn't remember its proprietor. With his eyes actually shut, he asked, "Who is this?"

"What do you intend to say, 'who is this'? Awaken, get back home, or have poop for breakfast in the event that you like!" the voice behind the straightforward chunk countered prior to falling quiet.

The kid, still not completely stirred, looked at the half-opened glass section with a combination of disarray and shock. As his eyes shot around the room, he turned out to be progressively stunned.

As he recalled the divided recollections from the prior night he passed out, his look fell upon the entry of the shop. When old and soggy, it presently bore an alternate appearance. While not changed into a sumptuous space, it had gone through enhancements contrasted with its recently weather beaten state.

The shop took on a rectangular shape, with one longer side decorated with wooden retires unpredictably designed. Columns of void glass containers lined these racks. On the contrary side, there was another wooden rack, likewise showing void containers. Towards the start of the counter, where the kid had been dozing, there stood a curious machine.

Disarray carved across his face, he mumbled to himself, "Who owns this shop?"

In light of his inquiry, a mechanical voice resounded to him.

[The Omnistore has a place with you, host.]

In the event that the young person wasn't completely conscious previously, he unquestionably was currently. The memory of this mechanical voice likewise came surging back to him, blending a blend of interest and fear.

"Who are you? What is it that you expect from me?" he asked, his voice shaking with dread.

[Have, I'm the Omnistore Framework. The motivation behind Omnistore for the host is to accomplish extreme vendor status inside the domain of Omnistore. This involves extending your store's impact, achieving unbelievable status, and turning into the person who controls the progression of abundance in the world.]

As the kid paid attention to the mechanical voice, he distinguished a smidgen of feeling in its conveyance, making it sound fairly human. Notwithstanding, disarray actually obfuscated his psyche as he looked for explanation. "All in all, you mean you believe I should become rich?"

[Indeed, the host can say it that way.]

The kid was currently not terrified yet confounded by the framework's response and glanced around and asked once more. "Where am I?"

[You're in Omnistore, Host.]

The disarray on the kid's face stayed, while the mechanical voice appeared to see it in spite of its elusive presence inside his psyche.

[This ought to explain your disarray, Host.]

As the voice expressed those words, the kid's cerebrum started to warm up, and a fast progression of pictures began to play like a montage to him. Maybe he was seeing somebody's life unfurl before his eyes, and inside those pictures, the normal, worn out shop he had seen the prior night showed up. The photos flashed at a stunning rate, excessively quick for him to fathom or recall under typical conditions completely. However, each momentary picture appeared to be scratched for all time in his brain.

'What are these? Are these recollections... Whose recollections are these?' the kid contemplated quietly inside his brain, first with disarray and afterward with a feeling of surprise.

The pictures that played to him had a place with another person, but, there was a peculiar sensation of commonality, as though these recollections some way or another had a place with him. In any case, he had no memory of playing out the activities or perceiving any people inside those striking memories.

This peculiarity went on for a few additional minutes, and inside that time, the kid acquired further bits of knowledge into the idea of this supposed "framework" from the recollections instilled inside him. The recollections of the young person held information about a web novel and the idea of a framework. It was through these memories that he likewise arrived at a frightening place of understanding.

"I passed on?" The kid's voice shuddered with shock.

Section 3
Development Method
[No, Host, you have not.]

Norman heard the steadfast voice to him, and as he ingested the data, he found the idea of "immigration." It implied that the once-well known playboy of the nightlife had died and presently wound up occupying the body of a drunkard teen.

;Is this a trick of some sort?' Norman second guessed himself, yet he immediately understood that the voice reverberating in his mind and the distinctive recollections couldn't be crafted by a simple wisecracker.

He fell quiet, pondering the circumstance for quite a while, before a miserable grin crawled across his face. "Haaaaa," he let out a long murmur, his demeanor mirroring a blend of sentimentality and acknowledgment. "I will miss you, women, yet since I have died in your reality, there's nothing anyone can do about it. It appears to be that God has decided to move me to this new world to satisfy the cravings of this world's women. Thus, farewell, my dear women. Yet again I Really want to believe that we meet in some decent spot, ideally paradise."

Norman, having acknowledged his destiny in his past world, pursued a firm choice to abandon everything related with that life. While he didn't have a lot to clutch in that world, there were ladies who cherished him, despite the fact that his affections for them were not responded. He really wanted to feel a hint of misery, abandoning them and wanting to take them with him.

Since early on, Norman had been attractive yet stranded, which drove him to persevere through troublesome times. As he became older and, surprisingly, more attractive, on one occasion an honorable woman saw him while he was working and offered him cash in return for an evening of enthusiasm. He acknowledged the deal, and that undeniable the start of his excursion as a companion.

He took in the specialty of enthralling ladies' hearts and at last ended up selected by quite possibly of the best massage parlor in his reality — the Night castle. He partook in his life there, enjoying experiences with delightful ladies who were ready to pay for his organization. Numerous men would have begrudged his situation. Nonetheless, after some time, he became disappointed. While he partook in the actual parts of his way of life, he longed for a feeling of control and organization. In that world, he felt that his life was administered by cash, neediness, liquor, and the longings of different ladies.

As considerations of his past world's recollections reemerged to him, Norman shook his head, ascending from his seat with a decided articulation. "I will carry on with life according to my own preferences in this world. Nobody will direct the way that I ought to live from here on out."

Nonetheless, his assurance was before long hindered by the mechanical voice by and by.

[Presently, Host, you have an unmistakable comprehension of your circumstance. The framework will give you your first quest.]

[Journey: First deals target

Target: Procure 500 Omni Tokens.

Reward: One Essential Material Information Book.

Length: 30 days.

Discipline: Loss of freedom.]

Norman looked at the journey board, dissatisfaction clear in his voice as he shouted, "I'm the proprietor! For what reason am I being constrained to attempt these undertakings? Shouldn't I have the position to appoint them to another person?"

[In this world, the framework assigns you as the proprietor in name as it were. You are bound as a worker to the framework, and inability to finish this mission would build up your situation as a slave.]

Norman's mouth opened in awe, yet no words arose. He stammered, battling to explain his considerations. "You... you... you're a miscreant... a hooligan... There's something wrong with this. I have my privileges! I'll prosecute you. Where is your supervisor?" Norman, overpowered by shock, started to behave like Kevin, directing his own disappointment.

The framework didn't answer his Kevin like fits of rage, making Norman, battling to control his dissatisfaction and humiliation, looked for explanation by inquiring, "What precisely are these omni tokens?"

[Omni tokens act as the money inside the Omnistore have. Each omni token hol