The Demon's Call - 1 books and stories free download online pdf in English

The Demon's Call - 1

Hi ! I am Aurora. I have just returned from Hell. No, I am serious, I am not joking. Want to know the full story? Because I am eager to tell what kind of adventures I have experienced.

I hope you all stay engaged with my story telling as I struggle with words sometimes. I believe you stay till the end by putting yourself in my shoes and experience all the adventures yourself. So first of all , who am I? Where I am from? Okay~okay, I'll tell you everything.

Firstly, my name is Aurora, which means dawn. I'm from Great Canyon Village, USA. Age 21, unlike most Americans, I have black hair. And lastly, brown eyes.

Now, I'm going to tell you all my ACTUAL STORY. So, basically I'm from a middle class family. My parents aren't much into dance and singing. They want me to become anything I want but except working in music and entertainment industry. I literally have no idea why my parents like music but don't wanna me work for it when it's ACTUALLY my passion. And they know it very well. They aren't that rural or close minded type instead they're really cool.

Anyways, I planned to perform on social media through my mobile. Yup, without letting my parents know. Because I'm 21 now and I should not be just sitting on my home but do something. And, hell no, I'm not gonna leave my passion to their willing.

UNTILL I FINALLY GOT A GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY!!! A concert at Coachella! Which is aproximately 390 miles away from here. I think should ask my mom first about this. She's literally my bestie and there's nothing we both haven't gossiped about in my entire life. And if it doesn't work, I have a plan B too. Yup, I know I'm genius. I steadily went to the drawing room and I saw her happily talking to grandma on video call while eating snacks. I guess it's a good timing. She seems to be having great time while talking to her mom. Whenever there's a problem, she does nothing but calls grandma. Once I asked her and she said that it makes her feel relaxed. Okay, now the gossip is over and its time for me to embark my mission! I walk to mum gathering all the courage I have.

Me - Hey mum! What were you guys talking about? I also want to be a part of some mischeif~
*I actually don't want to come to the exact point. I'll start from entertaing and annoying her first

Mom - We weren't planning any mischief honey. We were just talking about our last gathering when aunt Lucy was extremely exaggerating how she spent her holidays in New Zealand and then her kid came running there and literelly said "When did we went to New Zealand!!?? I only remember our last trip to grandma's house. Are we planning to go there!??"

Me - Yup!! That was extremely funny. Lucy's reaction was priceless.

We both giggle remermbering that day.

*Now! It's the perfect timing.
Me - Mom, if I get a chance to perform at a concert. Will you allow me to perform?
*I try my best to keep smiling so that it would not be awkward and the chances of her suspecting me gets lower.

Mom - Why are you asking me this out of nowhere?

Me - Just asking~
*Good job Aurora! Now she's starting to suspect me.

Mom - Never .

Before I could say something she continued.

Mom - First, your father will not agree. Second, I can't just send you anywhere without even having enough information. Last, you know I don't like these stuff. You should rather focus on studies or sports than this.

* Andd.. now execute plan B

*To be continued