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The Demon's Call - 2

*Andd.. now execute plan B. I must now embark my plan B. Which is to leave the house. Ok Okay.. you all must be thinking this is the MOST BASIC and BORING storyline of every old, classic movie. And I've heard that this is very common in old bollywood movies. Umm.. I guess that's from India. I haven't ever watched one but I'll make sure to see them.

Oh god! Do I have a thing for always diverting from the main topic?? What were we talking about?............. Yes! Plan B.

So, I will not just leave my house like that but instead I have a plan that I'll get some money from home on my way to the nearest metro station, travel to Coachella, almost 19 hours... I guess.. Then, rest at any cheap hotel.

Of course, I won't spend all my money on just a hotel. Then, when the concert will be over, I'll take my payment and return to home.

I'm sure as hell once my parents see cash in my purse, they'll be treating me like a princess. Yeah, they love money. And they'll do LITERELLY EVERYTHING FOR IT!! And once they know I'm getting payed for my skills, they won't be angry.

Mom - Umm.... Are you alright?

Me - Ohh! I'm totally okay.

Mom - You seem to be lost in thoughts. I there something to tell us dear?

Me - Nothing mum. Everything is absolutely fine.

*Yeah, my fish brain memory forgot that I'm just silently staring a damn wall with the most serious expression displaying on my face. Now I must leave or she'll start interrogating me.

Me - Okay mum! I'm going to the mart for groceries.

And I lastly hug her and cling to her. Everyone knows I'm an adult but still I behave like an 8 year old kid.

Mom - You're choking me or what????

I just chuckle and leave her.

Mom - Come back till 5, we'll go to the park.

Me - Can we please get ice cream too?

Mom - Sure babe.

We always go to that park on the last day of the month. That park has always been a calming place to me.

Now, I must start plan B tonight, 1 a.m.

*At 1 a.m*

Okay now I'm done packing my suitcase. And I should now get some money. I'm seriously getting a professional robber vibe. I know I shouldn't be doing this but it's necessary for me to have enough money for travelling, staying and for food.

I tiptoe to my parents' room. They both are in deep sleep. I silently reach to a drawer that was beside the bed. WHAT THE HECK!!! Mum is awake! I bolt as quick as lightening to hide at the other side of the drawer where it was darker because you the drawer's shadow. She walked to the kitchen ,perhaps she wanted to drink some water. I guess that's my moment to grab the money as fast as I can.

You all would be thinking in this era who would keep cash in their homes? But let me tell you, my parents keep 1/4th of thier savings as cash and only my parents and God knows what is the logic behind it. Anyways, I need money right now. I grab the money and mum comes back here. I try to stay so quiet that I realize I wasn't even breathing. I think I should go now as mom has turned her face to the other side probably trying to fall asleep again.

I quietly sneak out of the room. And now I should leave for the metro station.