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False myth of Future Prediction

What is the most talked topic of every year or what is the most talked topic of ages? Prediction. People start with personal yearly prediction to global yearly prediction. People themselves being predictable is a thing no person ever wishes for but a glimpse into the future doesn’t hurt. To be able to know how the work life would go, how the business would go and how the marriage would go is something most people are interested in. But when it’s a prophecy from some renowned source or a renowned person the acceptability is much higher. Now, the biggest question is how these sources predict the future. Is the prophecies coming from religious prophets more accurate or is the prophecies coming from saints more accurate or is the prophecies coming from analysts more accurate or is the prophecies coming from scientists more accurate. Unfortunately, in a world which is divided into 200 pieces, religious prophecies bear no value but someone who is not from any religion or even a saint gets the most credit. For example, the biggest prophet of modern history Nostradamus known for being the biggest fortune teller, whose predictions came in the form of poems and is claimed to be able to see the future. From my point of view it is a myth as most of his predictions are around big people or people of importance. Now, the thing is nobody comes with a tag of importance sealed on their forehead and the fortune teller himself wouldn’t be able to handle the fashion sense, science advancements or the use of those if he sees those directly from 500years back. We have movies that can enable us or give us an idea of what the future might look like and even we cannot avoid the similarities of current times which leads us to just another representation of the same social culture, norms, fashion and science presented in a future time. In the case of Nostradamus, if he really could take a peek into the important events of the future what would his senses respond to that? The answer is very simple. He wouldn’t be able to understand any of that and to a person whose highest reach of vehicle is a horse can he think of these modern equipment as anything more than a toy with shiny colors. Even that is hardly believable as he would address women roaming the streets as whores due to their short dresses, men with posh suits as slaves as gowns were the fashion for upper class at that time, Black people working as doom of the importance of nobility or it would be hard for him to even address them as people and finally he wouldn’t be able to see anything beyond his community culture because at that time roaming around the world was not that easy as it is today. So, what I understand is that he wrote those poems just as he saw those in his dreams and maybe at his time he was able to decipher those. But who can actually decipher those in modern times as none of us are Nostradamus. It is good to avoid the myth that the future can be predicted and if that were true all future forecasting prophets would really be rich or at least lead a decent life in their timeline.