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Gems of knowledge - 2

It's a proverb, which is old but still useful to understand

Closed mouth catches no flies

This proverb came from the situation that a frog if sitting idle and having a closed mouth, no flies will be caught in the mouth which results in no flies coming in it. But if mouth is open and he rolls the tongue the flies may come and he may eat
It's just a natural part of life

But in human life we can correlate it with a meaning

Always be ready to grab the opportunity

Always stay active so that the opportunity can be grabed
If the person is not ready like a frog then the flies named opportunity will be missed so it is most important that laziness must be avoided to become active and take the opportunity

It's similar to a thing thing that nature may give you a things but you have to eat it by yourself , digest yourself , so better thing is know first

Know the opportunity first

First it's necessary to identify the opportunity , if it's good for you or not good , sometimes the things glittering like gold may not be gold , so always be rational in identifying it , emotional setup something destroys the things.
It's necessary to look into the things with mind and heart both also take time into consideration
If time runs faster then you , then you may lose it
Situation and time are most important factors to determine what to take and what not to take

Grab it totally

Grab the opportunity totally until you finish it
Start by doing what is necessary then what is possible and ultimately you can achieve impossible.
Thing is to know the path
Many times the last goal is clean you have to walk to achieve it , but sometimes a small steps have to be taken and each step clears the next one
Finally you can shoot the destination
So to reach to your goal it's best to always be ready to grab the opportunity


The conclusive part in this proverb of my next series is always be ready to take the opportunity
It's like
Opportunity knocks the door you have to open by yourself

Teacher opens the door of knowledge, you have to enter by yourself

You can walk best in your shoes not others because not all knew what has has been gone through

So finally
Be determined
Be firm and
Be ready to take a opportunity,

Set your goal mentally also then physically

A great personality has told everything is done twice
First in a mind then in the real world

your purpose will fuel your hope and it can be a strongest fuel ever
So always be ready to grab a opportunity
How it can be done is by always remaining active and healthy
Healthy I mean to say physically , emotionally , mentally
If you have a disturbance in mind , you just came fighting with someone even if you get best thing you cannot grab it easily

Hope you are ready to catch your opportunity......