Gems of knowledge - 3 books and stories free download online pdf in English

Gems of knowledge - 3

Find joy in the ordinary.

Life is a path, where the destiny may be for a short period of time else is a road to travel

Enjoy your path which covers the majority of your time otherwise after a success or failure you will have a regret that I have not taken any meal with my parents, I have not enjoyed the hug of my kid, ......

There are many such small small happiness but sometimes we miss it for achieving big success or I can say something just to check the Instagram or FB page where the others photos of happiness is present

Life is not always extraordinary, it's how we find happiness in a small small things and enjoy the life

JOY is happiness you feel inside yourself

ORDINARY is something which is not special it's your normal life
Do enjoy your every task so that you don't get bored not angry or frustrated which in future leads to the disease in the body

Watch small things around you , the changes
For example
If you are preparing for exams mark small small things done
Writting book may be tough but can write a chapter a day
Be happy if you complete your daily task
How to finish the things you start is really a big deal for many people and for that reason only a book
" How you finish everything you start " by Jan yager
is a success.

Have a feast for yourself don't wait for guest to come for a good meal , enjoy everyday as a last day of life
You know I have seen a People who on Sunday prepares a lunch with a full menu like a marriage
and enjoy the family

GIVE GIFT TO YOURSELF for a task you completed
Take for instance you like to play a game in phone take a deal with yourself once I complete this task fully I will play a game for instance take 15 min or 20 min as per your time and situation

Enjoy your rewards your time .....

Daily enjoyment in small small things gives you a happy life with no anger frustration especially

Life is not like a movie where everything is good and less boring ...
Life is a routine where boring time is also present and good too
Either we have to leave a task or do it by enjoyment otherwise we will get bored with the task
So if it's important task it's essential that we have to do it then why not to accept it add a small kind of Masti and do the task ......

Like enjoy the morning with tea in a balcony, enjoy food with kids if they are small , kids you know play with them there is no joy as that

Add a small factor of either competition,, correlate with love ...or do anything but live a life

Don't let the idots ruin your mood, then a day , then a week and lastly a year

Make your mood good be happy enjoy single task complete one then go to another

And yes most important thing be grateful for what you have as many people don't even have a body parts like eyes or ears or other working properly so enjoy that many lives are fighting to get it normal so be happy and enjoy that don't take it for granted

So Enjoy the life love it, love yourself

Do write in comments if you want collaboration of any other quote or thought in next chapter of series

Hope you enjoy the reading