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Albert Einstein’s Fake Theory of E mc2 Like his Character

There are many sides to discuss about Albert Einstein that can explain the validity of his contribution to the equation which is famously known as E=mc2. How can such a huge personality reach a situation to testify validity of his intellect, unfortunately the lies that were spread around him makes him a perfect liar? He has lied on so many levels that even the validity of his equation can be tested for authenticity. So, in order to do so let’s analyze what sells in his name for portraying him as a genius.

He didn’t speak a single word until the age of four and all of a sudden he was able to speak fluently which amazed everybody. The cause of him speaking was that he was fed cold food which he didn’t like. Now, analyze the issue which is how can a four year old boy who can speak isn’t willing to speak when there are so many issues he had to face during that period as there were delay of getting breast milk from his mother, he had to go outdoors and his body could be bruised by accidents, he could have cut himself, he could have had broken bones, he could have scarred his body and many more. During all these issues, he was so talented and genius that he never bothered to speak up as if he never went outside or he was sent directly from the heavens. No normal child ever behaves like this, either he was incapable of speaking or his parents made it up.

He was only good at mathematics and when it came to the rest of the subjects he barely passed. Someone who is only good at mathematics and can’t figure out the literature or analytical part of it can never understand the complex languages used to make any math difficult. So, unfortunately this person was either very good at most of the things or was never good at anything. One needs to have a grip on language to even understand math properly.

It was mentioned that it took Albert Einstein 10years to solve an equation in his head and also he was very good at calculation. It means he could memorize any equation even if that equation was big enough to last for 10years and on a regular basis he took 10 hours of sleep. After analyzing both the issues, it is safe to say Albert Einstein was never good at mathematics and as an employee he was the laziest of all.

Einstein is famous for his Special relativity theory E=mc2, but not the fact that how does this theory function to ignite the rocket to give the accelerated speed to reach the moon. Now, the 1st thing that really needs to be learnt is what is the difference between special relativity and General relativity? And also what is the meaning of relativity in Physics? Though Einstein has put it in a very complex way, but the term relativity is actually very easy which can be described as the relative movement of one object to another. Suppose, someone is passing through a train and he sees the movement of space or distance in a different way than someone who is walking down the street. From a human’s perspective this is actually relativity, the difference of speed by using different vehicles of transportation. Suppose someone is walking then the distance passed by the passage of time is different, then when someone is riding a bike then the distance passed by the passage of time is different, then when someone is riding a car the distance passed by the passage of time is different, then when someone is riding a plane the distance passed by the passage of time is different. Finally, when it comes to Space one can’t say that he has passed a distance of road, so he has to say that he has passed a distance of space.

The difference between Special Relativity and General Relativity is that in case of General Relativity the Gravitational pull of the earth is considered but in case of Special Relativity the gravitational pull of the earth is not considered. However, the problem with this theory is that the gravitational pull of the earth never vanishes, just the atmospheric pull or the pull that we feel when we are inside the earth vanishes. So, when we see the Astronauts floating in the spaceship they are not actually flying but have less pull of the gravity (approximately 20% less) of the earth. So they seem like they are floating. Without this difference of the gravitational pull asteroids might enter inside the atmosphere of the earth. That is why space dust can’t enter the earth but floats around it. If there was no pull of the earth, then the moon wouldn’t be circling around the earth. Due to less gravitational pull from the earth the speed of a vehicle in space is relatively more than the speed of the same vehicle inside the earth.

Now, let’s consider the equation E=mc2. In this equation, E equals to Energy, m equals to mass and c equals to speed of light. Next, what is necessary to understand the difference between mass and weight? Mass is the amount of particles present in a matter and Weight is the combination of matter and the gravitational pull which is Weight (W) = mass (m) × gravitational pull (g). So, the equation stands w=mg.

As soon as the rocket leaves the atmosphere the speed of the rocket accelerates which means if the rocket goes at a speed of 20000miles/hour in earth's atmosphere then it goes at a speed of 24000miles/hour in space. And as long as the rocket doesn’t enter the atmosphere of another planet or the moon the speed may vary in time due to the gravitational pull of the destination planet. However, the main flaw of the equation is that if the mass of a matter is given squared speed of light then the amount of energy it will create will definitely destroy the molecular integrity of the matter. Most probably this was an imaginary equation designed to travel at all corners of the galaxy as the current speed of a rocket is about 20000miles/hour whereas the speed of light is 186000 miles/second. So, Einstein is a scientist who was made famous through propagation and speculation. The true inventor of rocket science whose devotion and incremental efforts made rockets reach the speed to travel to space and moon is still a mystery.

Einstein wore the same color clothes everyday not as the lack of dress sense but to portray his devotion to science and to portray as an honest human which he was definitely not as he had two wives and many mistresses that nobody has any idea of. When it comes to devotion or love towards his wives, he divorced his 1st wife as soon as he got famous. He was such a fake character that even the CIA used mistresses to follow him.

The most notable incident where his own driver took part in presenting a lecture on the stage and nobody was able to recognize the difference. Einstein used the same scripts over and over again that even his Jewish driver was able to present that the same way. Most probably he and his driver had the same facial features or were even relatives.

He was so forgetful that when he travelled in trains he couldn’t memorize the destination and so having his ticket was necessary for him. But the problem is he was good at playing violins which is a direct contradiction as it is very necessary to memorize violin notes. This is the direct opposite representation of a forgetful person.