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COVID Man Eating Kitchens of Hell

Who hasn't seen the show Hell’s Kitchen? The notable hero is definitely Gordon Ramsey, a smart, good looking, abusive chef. These are all the qualities that make perfect Brits. Now, the basic difference between the show and the reality is that the outside approach of those owners or waiters is not like how the show portrays. When anyone goes to dine in any restaurant in Britain or America or Europe or Australia most of the staff appear to be very gentle and kind people. But, when one sees the inside hygiene of those sophisticated restaurants in Hell's Kitchen, people become very much shocked to see that those restaurants maintain no hygiene whatsoever. From an Asian’s point of view that really lets us question the morality of those restaurant owners. Now, let’s consider how these Hells’ Kitchens preserved their food? All of those Kitchens were huge and were capable of storing any meat, sea foods, Starches, vegetables etc. for months. In many cases, Gordon Ramsey found those foods to be rotten, smelly and with the help of his sponsors he magically changed those kitchens or Restaurants. These kitchens were a small fraction of the bigger picture and so it can be assumed that most of the restaurants were of similar quality. However, in one of those episodes a hotel owner had a farm, but to be precise had a zoo with 3-4cows in it and was claiming that he served food from his farm bred cows. After thorough investigation, Gordon Ramsey found out that the hotel owner was feeding his customers meat from the market. Which shows how cheap the market meat is compared to a home bred Cow meat? From my experience of being in New Zealand we also found meat to be cheaper compared to any peoples earning and as we resorted to Halal meat suppliers, we had to pay more. The question is shouldn’t the price be the same for both types of meat as the only difference is in the slaughtering process. Now, the funny part is without the butchers of Slaughter shop, but Slaughter mill to be precise, nobody knows how they kill those animals because the logic is Western people can’t handle blood and the pain of those animals as they are really sophisticated. Let’s get back to the history of Cannibalism, the Norwegians had a tendency of sacrificing humans to please the gods and also faced scarcity of food. When one puts those things together and considers the feast after each sacrifice what type of food comes to one’s mind? Yes, it was human meat which was used for that very special feast. Due to the development of farming business many westerners forgot the issue that human flesh was used in many of their dining tables. That might be the prominent reason whenever they invaded any land or continent most of the indigenous people disappeared like extinct animals and the supply of slaves to Europe never seemed to be enough during the 1500s-1900s. The Asian Continent was saved because they put up a strong fight to survive not the war but cannibalism. But the westerns had the logic fixed for cannibalism that when in war everything is edible as survival is the first priority. However, in modern times it doesn't seem like the Mafias are blamed for only supporting their families or some good people turned bad by the system. No, they are still the ruthless killing machines as they were before as most of the slaughter houses are controlled by the Mafia and yes drugs aren't the only business they are good at, but for disposing of bodies. When it comes to the issue of disposing of bodies, has anyone seen on television the skull and bones found in coffins without any damage to the coffins. The question is how the coffin could be unharmed while the entire body has turned into bones. Shouldn’t the Coffin be decomposed first then the body? Logically, that should be the way. Now, there have been several reports of cannibalism till the 1970s and even there was an issue in the USA, where a father killed his daughter and stacked her in small pieces in the fridge and before arresting him, he ate half of her daughter. Also, there was another issue where a father killed his baby and cut the baby into small pieces to feed his dog. Now, let’s come to the modern era there have been several claims of human meat being found in MC Donald’s shop all over the globe and funny thing is one of my teacher’s brother also tried to open a franchise of MC Donald’s in Bangladesh but in one of the clause it was mentioned that the meat should be from MC Donald’s suppliers even if that needs to be imported. There were claims of finding human meat in BBC news on May, 2017, on August 2014 in AP News, on October 2017 in WEIRD, on June 2021 in Reuters and there are several more. So, to sum it up, the incidents of finding human meat in Burgers were found in Pre-COVID era to POST-COVID era. Moreover, COVID-19 is the heaviest virus of all and it can only be airborne for three feet and so how could such a heavy virus with so limited flight capacity spread like wildfire. Now, let’s get back to the issue of COVID-19 situation, people were in lockdown, businesses were getting shut down and the only business that was successful was the food business and people started to form a habit of panic eating and no one to supervise the activity of Chain Restaurants. People were dying like flies as approximately 20million died during COVID according to the final count of W.H.O. Moreover, when it comes to comparison most of the people who died during COVID were westerners not Asians even after the fact that most Asian countries couldn’t follow the proper precautions.  The issue is COVID is also a blood contaminated disease and as the preparation of Burger Patties don’t follow the total germ free method of cooking and just fry the meat on oil until that turns brown, so the property of the COVID virus remains intact. However, in a severely pandemic world, this COVID spread like wildfire in Western Civilization because most dead COVID patients had no one to claim their bodies and the Mafia operated slaughter houses took over the entire meat supplying chain. So, 20million lives were lost because some farmers valued cows more than Humans. Finally, when it comes to the effectiveness of the COVID vaccine it is of no worth and just a showoff. According to a report on Daily Star, a German man injected the COVID vaccine 217 times and yet with no side effects on the body which proves it might be a medicine which has no side effects and if we consider on the basis of its effectiveness, the positive effectiveness can also be questioned. Any highly effective drug is assured to have both positive and negative effects. So, the entire vaccination gameplay in the name of saving lives might be questioned. After all this the only thing that can be questioned is the actual motif of the spreading Corona. Was it the first engineered biological weapon to establish the ineffectiveness of humans and kill lives?