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Insecurities Of Every Woman That A Man Needs To Know

Women are part of a man’s daily life. They are our mothers, sisters, lovers, wives, daughters, friends, leaders, colleagues, entrepreneurs, and on many occasions the best support system that a man can ever hope for. On many occasions, a man prefers to trust another woman instead of a man. When you compare the importance of father and mother in a man’s life, the father is the hero but the mother is the one who makes the man a man. Have you ever considered how the other very significant part of your life is in nature? You are in many cases more dependent on a woman than you are on a man. You strive to become a great man only to get a great woman as a companion and believe me the second part is the one that you truly prioritize throughout your life. If you lack the ability to explain the nature of a woman who has raised you and who will play the part of turning you into the greater man that you wish to become then you are truly an one eyed man. You are someone who is only seeing half the world. A one eyed blind fool who is yet to know the most common part of your daily life, only by ignoring them. Frankly speaking I truly hate the concept of men are from Mars and women are from Venus. They are not that apart, but a bit different than us. Now, when it comes to women, it’s true that they are very insecure, but incompetence is not one of them. Frankly speaking both men and women are competent, but men compete to get a woman and women compete to be the desired son to their fathers. Previously, I tried to portray that concept of woman freedom by writing an article named “What we sell in the name of Woman Power” and I was very satisfied to see a YouTube short where a woman tried to portray her insecurities publicly by trying to make those insecurities to play to her advantage. Finally, she had to appear in her regular self by accessorizing her like every normal individual. I guess some people do think alike. However, when it comes to women they are always under the misperception that exposure portrays power and confidence to the society. Moreover, women are much more competitive than any men and their competitiveness is to such extents that they would compete with everyone. First, in their early life, they would start their competition by being the son of her father by being the most sincere person in her education to make the most out of her results as she never wishes to marry any boy and wants herself to be the boy in the family by being the most successful person in her life. She starts her competition by trying to be the bread earner of her family. Then, during her puberty she finds out the reality of the world as her family starts to teach her to be more inclined with the social norms of protecting herself from abusive boys, perverted adults, perverted older men and faces the truth that men are much stronger in physic than girls and they dominate the world. As they are physically strong and so she needs to protect herself from those beasts that roam around as men. At one end her family needs her to be best in her studies and on the other hand guides or pushes her to be more protective. But, during puberty and afterwards she senses that she is a fragile being, so she can be impregnated at any time which might disrupt both her character and her father’s reputation. Some remain calm and become the most protective as they allow their parents to guide or guard her in every possible journey of her road at all times. Normally, these are the characters that find somewhat success they initially started with and become scholars in society. On the other hand, the ones who are attractive or fair looking but unintelligent, they become more insecure that they might be targeted by the animals that pass by their every move. They start finding heroes or similar men or boys to guard them hiding from their family and that is when a puberty faced girl starts accessorizing her with the latest fashions and trends. It becomes a gradual process of accessorizing or a chain of accessorizing. First, the most attractive one starts following movie actresses and appears with short dresses or trendy dresses or costly dresses making sure that everyone sees herself as the next  star of any movie or drama industry. Following the attractive ones next, the fair ones and in some cases natural looking girls with less intellect start their trend and become a team of attractive girls which is normally followed by the less intellect attractive ones. On the other hand, the bright girls start to memorize their trend but never follow in the educational institutes but make sure or persuade their parents to buy those in exchange of a better result. These girls only wear those on special occasions to look attractive in front of any suitable boy of her father’s choosing who is equally talented as her and for the ambition to create a successful family. Finally, after graduating from school where in most cases the attractive ones attract more boys than fame and the brilliant ones end up with a good result which in most cases she is never satisfied with as someone else more brilliant did better than her and if she is the best then she would look towards any boy who is better. And even though she is the best in the entire institute she wouldn’t still be satisfied as someone topped her in the state. On the other hand, the attractive ones try to let those brilliant girls down in a way that her looks will make her married to any billionaire or she will earn billions through her acting talent or the amazing looks. The brilliant ones try to pursue her life in education but now she is also keen on the fact that either a rich talented boy needs to be her life partner or if he is not brilliant being rich is a mandatory. In case of the attractive ones, they know education is not her strong pursuit, she starts switching partners to find the perfect one who can bring her both fame, money and match with her attractiveness. If she can’t find an attractive, wealthy, rich man then powerful becomes her next target. In that massive search those attractive girls start eating less to get the perfect zero figure, then first starts with skin tight dresses and if that doesn't make her reach her goals she starts following shorter, glowing dresses to attract men. When it comes to attracting men, ornament is of no use but strong fragrant perfumes, attractive deep color nail polish, deep color lipsticks, trendy straight hair these play the most vital role in getting picked, gradually turning her into something totally different. The attempt to find the perfect man leads her to sleep with many men and that in very few cases lead her to stardom but in most cases a leaked video comes up making her a mock to the entire society. That is the time she truly recognizes not only the men are the predators but the entire society is. She starts to become completely open or as the system now calls it courageous who would sleep with anyone to get the perfect job or perfect amount of money. She no longer trusts any men or is satisfied with any single man and even with any success if she gets an attractive paying job, she ensures to marry one ordinary looking man having big pockets with several young or similar age sexual partners or boyfriends. But, if such women find no success in the corporate society, then they resort to porn industry allowing everyone to enjoy her for money. For the previously mentioned brilliant ones in most cases they save themselves from the desires of men and if by any chance any man gets physically involved they do their best to make him her life partner. Normally, they engage with very few men to get physically involved as they are very protective in nature, but if physical involvement occurs they no longer bother if that man is successful enough as long as they are both earning similar amounts. So, on one hand due to the competitive nature the attractive girls turn out to be a mock or as now the trend is Tik Tok dancers or YouTube short dressed or bikini dressed influencers with multiple husbands, Movie stars with multiple husbands or just regular sluts or as the respective term is Adult industry stars with no husband or carrying a bastard. Next, when it comes to the brilliant girls they end up with any regular earning professor, doctor or engineer. If I sum it up then this trendy culture of competitiveness makes both categories fall for the trap of unsatisfied married life or relationships.

Now, as I was saying in the beginning, women are insecure but very competitive which reflects on their posture, dress-up, movement, sitting style, talking style, looking or glancing style and their attempt to guard themselves from unwilling men or women or in a official setting and finally in their personal space or while they are at home. First, the attractive ones that I was talking about even though they are wearing short dresses on the streets they try to pull their dress downwards to ensure any men passing the road doesn’t follow her legs or if she wears a skinned tank top exposing her abdomen she tries to pull up her upper part of the tanks to hide her cleavage as much as she can. In case of tight pants she will definitely try to hide her crotch area by placing her bag or purse making her hands appear in cross pattern or straighten the back of her tights at her buttock area to hide the cleavage of her buttocks. In both cases, they are insecure about their hips either they are wearing their shorts in the belly button area or they straight pull the shorts or tights down at the bottom of the abdomen just at the upper part of their crotch area. But, in all cases no zero figure women can sit in a comfortable position or kneeling forward or backward position, they all sit straight placing their legs cross to hide their undergarments or the crotch section. Now, for the brilliant ones they try to wear corporate attire in the western countries or tight fitting long skirts exposing their kneecaps or just straight tight pants. However, these women are also much concerned about where to hook their pants or skirts as the hip shape never matches with their body posture. From belly button to the heel they always feel insecure and so even though they are not maintaining a zero figure they are under continuous diet to ensure at least a reasonable appearance or presentable appearance show up in front of the public. And all women in general never know how to cut their hair as either their hair is too short or too long or the long hair makes them sweat or their short hair is not in shape. Also, some resort to bob cut or boys cut where they feel everybody has lost all attraction to their beautiful face and the long hair, short hair women facing how to shape their hair try to make their face small or hide any sort of double chin. Next, the ones having obese posture, they normally put less focus on their dress up or appearance as they know short dress, long dress never makes any difference, they focus on being smart, talkative, good listeners and a perfect shoulder to cry on. They are more interested in making everyone happy as much as they can and are always under the pressure of their looks, normally resort to stress eating and always hide their insecurities. Any man is a dream for these girls as they are always under pressure of remaining single and most of them put all their competitive nature into studies into becoming scholars and if not pushes their parents to invest all their money into finding any possible suitable husband. So, whatever the size is or how much the woman earns or how smart a woman is or how unattractive an woman is, all women are under a lot of stress and anxiety of being nobody from the society only to gain a little respect in the society that she initially started her dreams with of being a son to her father. Finally, when one analyses the insecurity of a woman, competitive nature of a woman, accessorizing nature of a woman and finally the ambition that is put on the shoulders of a woman by the society then only the Catholic Christian women and Muslim Burka wearing women feel secured from all those obstacles. Yes, I have a deep objection regarding the hijab issue imposed by the Europeans in 2023 as wearing Scarf was even on style during the 2010s in Europe and America. For Burkas, both Burka and the dress up of Catholic sisters are exactly the same. Finally, other than Afghanistan, covering a woman’s face is not seen in most other Muslim countries and even in Quran, it is mentioned to wear loose dresses, covering women’s chest is needed but I haven’t found the issue of covering the face. It is necessary for Muslim women to look less attractive to other men than her husband, but it is mandatory to look her best in front of her husband to satisfy him. Covering the face of Muslim women must be a tradition of the Arabs due to the intense heat and sand storms.