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Chamatkari Man - 1

Author's Introduction - Captain Dharnidhar Pareek, son of Shri Radheshyam Pareek, Jaipur, Rajasthan. Religious Guru, Indian Army (Retired) Education - Sanskrit and Hindi Shastri Shiksha Shastri (MA B.Ed) Subject - Mind is Miraculous Introduction - Body power, mind power, intellect power, soul power, these are the four main powers. Apart from this there are other powers too. Like money power, authority power, deceit power, numbers power, all these powers are negligible in front of soul power. Morale is better than physical strength because elephant has physical strength but runs away on being hit by lion's paw. Morale can be controlled by intellect power. And in front of soul power even intellect power bows down. Power of money - It is often seen that those who have money power are successful in establishing their influence in the society on the basis of their wealth. Even being less educated they are seen influencing the society.
Society also respects wealthy people in public life. Wealth power becomes ineffective in front of a person who renounces wealth and does not accumulate wealth. That is, it becomes ineffective in front of a person who does not desire wealth. Power of authority – A person holding a post also gains prestige if he has administrative authority. But if there is no devotion to duty, prestige is lost. Strength in numbers is also a strength. The organised strength of people with similar thoughts affects the monarchy. The strength of deceit is also a strength. People consider it to be successful through this too. This strength is the strength of wicked people. Politicians have said that a deceitful person can be defeated only through deceit. Chapter 1 So, we will talk about the power of the mind, how it can be developed. Those sadhanas by which the scattered power of the mind can be gathered. Now the question that may arise in our mind is that if the power of the mind is scattered, how can it be gathered? Explain to us.
You can understand this by taking an obstacle race. If a race is organized and weights are tied to the feet and the person is asked to run, then the natural race will become uncomfortable. Similarly, there are many storms in our thoughts i.e. in our mind. The burden of all these matters is on the mind, be it about home, career, any disease, victory or defeat in the race. This can be called lack of concentration. But apart from this, the energy of the mind keeps getting wasted. Thinking uselessly in free time. Our mind can become a storehouse of immense power. We can understand this better by taking an example. If the rays of the sun are made to fall on a paper or cotton by making a point with the help of a magnifying glass, then fire will be produced. Cotton or paper on which we are pouring the rays of the sun. Similarly, the scattered power of the mind can be strengthened by special sadhna.