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100 Words Love Stories

100 Words Love Story

1 - anony joshy

"Will you be mine ,this valentine?"regards anonymous.

Rajesh read the card and that was the first day in 15 years of his career that he couldn't concentrate on his files and returned home early.A little later there was a phone call.

A sweet voice from the other side

"How are you?Did you read the card? "

Rajesh said" I don't want to enter into any kind of relationship".

15 years passed by.Wherever Rajesh was posted ,the letters kept on being delivered to him though he never replied.One day he received a Wedding card. He confessed his love for her in a letter and cursed the lady.Two lives were ruined for lack of conversation.


2 - Boundless

Anushka bhansali

The lines on the ventilator were turning sturdy. Ben’s right palm was holding Lily’s right, while Lily’s left by Joe. It resembled a tug of war, from a bird eye view. Her eyes were closed, but the curve on her lips divulged her inclination towards Joe. Ben knew. He loved Lily for the pure love she had for Joe. Joe’s death couldn’t restrain that. Lily suddenly opened her eyes, pleading, a tear fell from his. 47th year of their marriage today, his gift was long overdue. He released her hand slowly on the bed. Lily’s smile was eternal now.


3 - Boundless - 2

Anushka bhansali

Lily's life was at the command of the ventilator. Ben’s right palm was holding Lily’s right, while Lily’s left by her lover, Joe. It resembled a tug of war, from a bird's eye view. Her eyes were closed, but the smile on her lips divulged her inclination towards Joe. Ben knew. He loved Lily for the pure love she had for Joe even after his death 40 years ago. Suddenly, Lily opened her eyes, pleading. A tear fell from Ben's. 37th year of their marriage today, his gift was long overdue. He released her hand slowly. Lily now smiled eternally.


4 - Yours truly

Anushka bhansali

Hanging a duffel bag, Marya tip toed all the way from her bed room towards the main door. Pearl followed her, sobbing. 'They will never allow you to leave this house.If you want to be with Jack, you will have to run away like me. Come on , it's midnight and they must be waiting for us.' Marya forced her judgement on her. Outside, two shadows were shining. Marya clinged to one. Pearl wished too, instead, she bid goodbye and ran back towards the house, wagging her tail. She restored the trust of her master, that the daughter had broken.


5 - The last Hug

Anushruti priya

I’m Arun, 3 years before I lost her but she is always alive in my heart. Whenever I feel depressed I feel her presence beside me with holding my hand. 10 October on this day I lost her in an accident. She breathes her last in my arms. She hugged me and says “this is not our last hug” whenever you feel alone just close your eyes you feel my presence beside you. I’m always alive in your heart because my soul is bounded with your soul,so be happy if you really love me. I’m always there for you.


6 - Secret Admire

irin christian

1st June, 2017.I send her, the best gift ever. Where ever she is, I hope she will answer me one day.No doubt I love her but, the first thing is She's my best friend, My guide, My family.According to me love means, that strength of something to give everything.Our past years, this gifts has been placed here in a room.I only have her memories. I only have memories of her that sparkle face when she happily used to open my gift.I'm missing her.


7 - Love Begins after 11 years

Jay Raval

On the first night of their marriage, he went to serve the nation as the war was declared. When he came back after 11 years, everything was changed. From the street in which he lives to the houses of his colony.

After going ahead few steps more, he found something familiar at one house. He saw her wiping her wet hair. When both eyes matched, they started sparkling like exactly they did, 11 years ago. And a fresh meeting of two teenage lovers starts like “Love at First Sight” without noticing those 11 years hurdle in the journey.


8 - My lady

Kalpana Bhatt

"Look at this boy he wants to get married with a lady having two kids , How dare he wishes to do this ? What would people say ? Oh God ! " Somesh's mother nearly screamed saying this .

Somesh's father who knew about his son's love looked at his wife and calmly said ," I am least bothered ."

She was shocked. She looked at both of them , it seemed it was for sure that the decision was firmly taken .

"O maa , why don't you understand she is my lady , do you remember that her husband had donated a kidney to me last year you see me alive because of him. The man is no more , I love her and its my final decision. "


9 - The burnt girl

Kalpana Bhatt

The burnt girl was sitting at her window side looking outside at the passer bys. She saw a young boy standing near a parked car. She observed that the boy stood there daily. She didn't pay attention. But one day someone knocked at her, she saw the same boy with his parents. They had brought a marriage proposal. While talking his parents said ," Our son is in love with your daughter. "

Her parents felt that they must be joking but the fact was the boy had lost his sister who had died of acid burn.

He said the internal beauty never dies. The proposal was accepted.


10 - Parth Panchal

Lodgement love between two doors of room.Old man is accompanying to his loving wife while walking.Open love is spreading in room , like One heart is touching to another heart.While taking care of each other , moving ahead. Meanwhile two butterfly come and sit on old men's shoulder. They play together and after sometime butterflies said something special to his special color of heart for her rainbow and fly away.

Both sit on cradle and old women asks that what they were playing. Old men replies in hoarse

with silent voice that they like your rainbow.Loving room stays for a while , women come to men and kiss him says knowingly that you are my cloud and I am your rainy love forever.


11 - Proposal

Parth Patel

A boy and a girl are best friends. Both hearts are in immense love of each others. One day boy proposes her. Girl doesn’t answers. Instead, she confesses untold dark secret of her past, child abused at the age 12 by his step-father. She lowered her head, tears wells up from her eyes.

Boy gently grabs her hand, and says, “I don’t care about your past Aisa, I accept you and love you as you are, forever. Will you marry me now?”

Instead of answering, she hugs him, tears shed on his shoulder.

Her heart whispers: yes, I will Sushil.


12 - Perfect

Pinakin joshi

You are just perfect for me.

The boy said with smile.

And she just kept looking in his eyes, trying to find just one little sign of lie.

There was none.

He has a bleeding heart, broken soul, no reason to live when she arrives in his life. Sweeping him away from all the worries, she adores him and loves him.

That day he learned one thing about her, Beauty is in heart not in perfect body. He learn what's true love is.

She kisses him on cheeks, and say,

You are not too bad either and they both laughed.


13 - Flighty love

Pradip Kumar Raol

She was on a flight. By her side a middle aged man was reading ‘Playboy.’ She gave him a disgusting stare. He replied with a broad grin. She probably had drinks too many and gradually dozed off in his lap. When the airplane landed she came to her senses. She was ashamed when she realized what had happened. She again got a broad grin in return to her ‘sorry.’ The man had not moved his legs for the fear that she might wake up. Later on after many years she kissed his grave stone and offered flowers.


14 - Unrequited Love

Pranav Kava

He bathed in her beauty, adored the very ground she walked on, if only she knew. He watched her from afar, delighting in every little thing she did. Each day he prayed she might notice him, smile at him, thank him for the many flowers he sent her. She never did. He was content to watch and wait, until ‘he’ came along. Why she was doing this?Couldn’t she see it was tearing him apart. He knew that he had to end this nightmare. They found him in her flat, bathed in her blood, the knife still in his hand.


15 - Rahul garg

I am his star and he is my love

I am always been a star of my grandfather. He always sit beside me whenever I am in sad mood; make breakfast for me when mom is not home. He always make me follow discipline without hurting me which a master approach from a master can do.

When someone scold me for anything he revert back ;kissing me on my head and saying “how dare you to scold my star. ”he is my love he is my life”. I cannot forget this words even after 12 years of his death.

I am his star and he is my love; love you grandpa.


16 - Mirror

Shraddha Bhatt

Vishesh adjusted the back view mirror. Vaidehi’s beautiful face showed up. Their eyes met and he blew a flying kiss to her, smiling mischievously looking at her shy look.

“Pay attention to driving Vishesh.” Vaidehi told with concern.

“Jana, your eyes have more attention than this stupid road. They are talking a lot.”

“Aha, What is it Mr. Lover? Sounding so romantic!”

“It’s your entire fault. You are sooo beautiful that I can't control…”

“ Vishesh, careful….” Vaidehi shouted.

“Mom, it’s me, not dad!” Her son replied.

She looked into that mirror, found it as empty as her life without Vishesh.


17 - Unconditionally

Shweta Rathod

Everything reminded me of Bindu, my late wife who died giving birth to my daughter. I gulped; the voices around me brought me back to reality. They called their daughter, she was beautiful! Anyone would fall for her. I heard that her husband used to beat her, so she left him. How could someone do that to such a beauty? I saw her taking my daughter in her arms, just like her mother would do. My heart fluttered and eyes smiled. She passed me a smile, a genuine and reassuring smile. And just like that, I fell for her, unconditionally!


18 - Reunited

Shweta Rathod

She was occupied by his thoughts. She had never thought that a man would ever approach her in this way. All her life she had received disrespect and a little money for letting them call her obscene. Every night men would come; drench her with pain, but yesterday, one came with flowers! She was confused and somewhat scared. He was the journalist who had interviewed her once. She always thought of the boy she used to love before she was kidnapped. And she finally met him at the age of 34, after 18 years! The lovers reunited in a Brothel.


19 - Reflection of pure love even in arrange marriage.

Sonia Gupta

A newly married girl was diagnosed with a huge mass in her uterus just on the first day after her wedding. She told her husband and without asking her any questions he immediately got it operated hiding from everyone. Both of them had to sacrifice their joyful moments of newely wedded life. After some time, the secret got disclosed to everyone in some way and the boy's family asked him to take divorce from his wife considering her to be unhealthy. But the husband rejected their words and stood along with his wife forever. Today they are blessed with a baby boy. Morale: True love is pure and unconditional; no matters if the marriage is arranged even.


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