Problem solving technique..-4 in English Fiction Stories by Anuja Kulkarni books and stories PDF | Problem solving technique..-4

Problem solving technique..-4

Problem solving technique..-4

Anika returned with a cup of a coffee. And she offered coffee to Eshan..

'Taste the coffee,Eshan...And tell me how it is..'

'Ah.. thanks alot for the coffee Anika. Right now,I really wanted a cup of a strong coffee.' Eshan said delightedly. He smelled the coffee... and took a sip. Immediately after taking a sip of coffee, he started talking,

'Awesome Anika.. You make wonderful coffee.. and I must say, the taste has not changed. I thought, you have changed so that might have changed the coffee taste too.. But wrong I was!!' Eshan smiled, 'Coffee taste is still the same.. and it is smelling so good.. I felt fresh after 1st sip..I always loved the coffee you make.. It's better than CCD or Barista...' Eshan said and laughed. Anika listened to Eshan and she responded to Eshan,

'I am glad, you liked the coffee,Eshan. I have made coffee for someone after ages.. And I was not sure whether you would like it or not..But very happy that you liked the coffee.. Oh ho! But please Eshan, stop exaggerating ..'

'No no..why would I exaggerate Anika? I am ery serious! Now let me enjoy your coffee and you start telling from the beginning... What made you change so much? What happened in your lfe?'

'Yea.. You won't leave unless hear everything na..You are still the same mad Eshan!!' Anika stared at Eshan..

'Obviously I won't leave from here unless I get to know everything.. and try to find a solution. So now you start!' Eshan said and took a sip of coffee.

'Ok... let me tell you my life story... Many things happened in life. And all that was unexpected. That made me so -ve.. You might not be knowing about my parents divorce.. Actually that time I really wanted to talk to you... but my bad luck.. couldn't contact you. It was the disturbing time for me..And after than nothing good happened.'

'Oh my God... I don't know anything about your parents divorce... When did it happen? No one told me about that.'

'6 months back my parents seperated.. They both were quarrelling every other day.. but I never knew that they will get separated. But they decided to seperate..Mom and dad didn't even think about me once before taking this decision...' Anika became sad when she told about her parents divorce. ' That time I was collapsed.. and that time all my friends were busy.... '

'Oh... I can understand,how it feels when parents seperate. And no one was there to support you. Oh my God.. I was one of them.. I don't know how I became so selfish...' Eshan showed his grief...

'It's not your fault. You must be busy in your work. And you were busy in your life.. I can't blame anyone. And we were not in touch so may be you never thought there may be problems in my life.'

'May be yes...and my work has increased so foreign trips too..May be I was out of town when you wre trying to contact me. I am very sorry for not keeping in touch with you.'

'Stop saying sorry Eshan..It's ok.'

'So tell me is this only reason that made you sad?'

'No.. Many incedences occured atter my parents divorce. And I was totally broken that time..'

'Oh.. now tell everything.. don't hide anything!!'

'Ok..and I won't hide anything from you.. Don't worry! You are my dear friend. Now listen, After my parents divorce nothing happened good in my life. They both gave me this big house and lots of money in bank. But I never wanted that. I wanted both of them with me. When they got divorced, I was feeling very lonely. To avoid that I started spending my time on social networking sites. On social networking site, I met a boy who helped me to come out of my pain. I was forgetting my parents divorce and was trying to settle back. We started spending time together. I thoughts bad days are now over..but I was wrong. He was with me when he was also needing me. At the first he was very shy and he had no confidence .. but after I met him, he regained his confidence and he became very bold and after that he didn't need me. He also left me.. I tried to contact him many a times but he never bothered to reply me. That was another shock for me.. and I couldn't come out of it till the date.. Afterwards,I was in a sad mood... and nothing could change my mood...It is a terrible feeling... '

Eshan was listening to Anika.. He realized that Anika is really broken.

'You want to say anything more Anika? Tell everything that has disturbed you..'

'Yes.. there were many things happened after that too...'

'Tell me everything.. so that we can find a solution for that..'

'Haha..' Anika laughed sarcastically, 'You think and find a solution for my problem. I have no hope of getting back to my normal life.. But if you want,you can give it a try! Ok, now listen.. still lots of things to tell, I started thinking everyone is leaving me. Nobody wanted to be with me. It was such a painful feeling and with that feeling it is so difficult to live. I was completely broken.. I couldn't concentrate on office work and decided to leave the job.. I had no other choice as if my work isn't good, I can't stand in the race.. and I was totally aware of it. That time I didn't try to contact anyone as I didn't want anyone to get disturbed because of me. I decided to be alone.. Instead of taking help from anyone, I chose to face everything alone. But I think I am not that strong to face everything alone. It's difficult to handle everything alone. Someone is needed to talk with... But I had no one around. I am surrounded with negativity. And there is no way to come out of it.. Now I think, I am in depression. Deep depression..'

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