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Problem solving technique..- 1

Problem solving technique..- 1

It was Saturday evening. Great time to have fun but for Anika it was a bad day. The day passed as usual for Anika. No changes were occuring in Anika's life. Anika was fed up of everything. She was fed up of her life too. She was stuck in only bad thoughts and there was no way for her to come out of bad thoughts and miserable feeling.

It was dark outside, so was in Anika's life. She couldn't see light in her life. Anika was tired, really tired of bad days.' Saturday night..ah.. Atleat today the day should end better.' Anika wispered. It wasn't too late but Anika could not guess the time. So she looked at the clock. And she became sad. It was only 8 pm in the clock. The time was not passing. And there were no chaces of ending the day on a good note. She couldn't understand what to do now. Spending time alone was atough job. She was all alone in the big house and there was no one to talk. That was making Anika feel even worse.

Anika wondered, 'Oh..only 8pm? Even the time is not favoring me..Yeah yeah..nobody is really bothered about me.. then why would time bother? And noone bothered to ask how I was and how I am!!...No problem actually. But I must say,I had awesome people in my life.. haha.. is it? I had so many good people in my life. but when I needed them everyone got busy.' Anika laughed and said to herself with a sigh."Chalo,log kaise hote hai ye to pata chala..koi nahi. accept karke chalte raho.. koi nahi anevala tumhe sahara dene Anika..' She had accepted that fact but there were only -ve thoughts in her mind. And it was a very tough time for her... She was trying to spend time. Now her worry was about time. She started wondering, why the time is not passing fast and decided to take sleeping tablets but she paused for a while. She was expecting arrival of a better day in her life. But the luck was not in her side.

As usual, Anika had one more bad day. And she was very upset again. It had become a routine for her to keep blaming her fate. And nothing was changing. She couldn't stop wondering how her life changed so much. She was continuously thinking about the past events but the thinking had no output. She was stuck in a vicious circle. There was no ray of hope in her life. She couldn't find any answer for her problems.. After all the turmoil, Anika became sad again and got ready to sleep. She checked the time again and started talking to herself,

'One more day in my life has passed. and not sure what tomorrow will bring. But I don't know, how many more days I have to live. Now I am bored and tired of living my life. How God can be so cruel with me? Nothing happened according to my wish. I don't understand why to live unwillingly. Now I can't enjoy my life,seriously. 1 person can't face so much alone. Life has become pathetic.. No excitement in life. Now I can't see any ray of hope..Now plz God, let this life end...Or shall I end my life? Yeah..that can be done!'

Anika was continuously blaming her fate.She was thinking of ending her life but next moment different thoughts poped up in her mind.. So she dropped the idea about ending her life. And she continued her thoughts,'But Anyways, No point in thinking of ending the life. I can't kill myself as it's a crime. But Oh no.. means I have to live until my life ends. And I don't know, when my life would end. Means no other way than living this life. Everyone else around is so happy.. and why I have to face so many problems in life? I wanted a simple life but no.. God wished a tough life for me I think!! Too tough it is. Not fair.. I am very angry on you God..' Anika said angrily... 'Nooo..God can't be so rude with me...I never did anything wrong still why I have to suffer? Noo...Nooo' She shouted. And her eyes were full of tears, 'Waiting for some magic now.'

Anika was all alone in a big house. She was believing that her life is turning worse day by day.. and couldn't change her thoughts. She was surrounded by negative thoughts and couldn't see any ray of hope. All in all, Anika was very frustrated and disturbed. She was continuously thinking the same again and again. She tried a few things but that didn't help Anika. Now she was not even trying to come out of that situation.. Actually she wantd to change the situation but she didn't wish to do anything from her side... She had given up.. She was only waiting for a miracle..But that was almost unexpected. That time she decided to rest on the bed. And she decided if she can't sleep she would take sleeping tablets. For a change she was avoiding the sleeping tablets.

She entered her bedroom and pushed the door... suddenly she heard bell ringing. In the beginning she thought it was a hallucination but when she heard the bell 3-4 times that time she finally understood, someone has come.. She was irritated to go out of the bedroom.. but there was no one around her so she started talking to herself again,

'Go to hell.. Who has come now? When I needed someone, no one had time. No one bothered to talk when was in need.. Now I don't need anyone and who has come to disturb me? I really don't wish to talk to anybody. Why people can't leave alone? If anyone asks me home address I will insult him...' She reached in the hall. She came near the door and again started talking to herself, 'People don't have any manners. They should atleast check the time. If anyone wants to visit me, they at least should call or msg before coming. I don't know, why everyone wants to disturb me. No one is letting me live my life..not my life is coming to an end..' Actuallly she needed someone to talk but she was not accepting that. so she was very irritated and she didn't open the door...The house bell ranged one more time. and then she continued talking loudly,

'At least see the time before going to anyone's place. Stop troubling poeple. Just think once that you might be disturbing the persons living in the house..' The person standing out of her house was listening to Anika from outside..But he didn't bother to answer. He was actually enjoying Anika's reaction. He just laughed...

Anika was waiting for the answer from the person but she didn't get the answer from the person so she was a bit nervous thinking about who can be the person..And that was making Anika more anxious. Then she stopped talking and there was only silence...Anika didn't want silence and she wished to shout loudly on the person standing outside the house but she controlled and avoided that and she waited.