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Problem solving technique.. - 3  

Problem solving technique-..-3

Anika continued laughing sarcastically on herself. Then she was silent for some time. After a while she replied, 'From few days, I am not doing anything.. I only sit alone in a big home.. Doing nothing.. I just think and think.. but thinking has no outcome... There is nothing in my hands at the end...and yeah.. after thinking, I do only one work that it only blaming my fate! Nothing else I can do.. Actually,there is no one to share and talk.. I am lonely.. No one is bothered to ask me how I am.. Everyone is very busy...I don't have any other thing than to blame my I just keep blaming my own destiny.. Life changed in no time. I never thought, my life would be so bad...I have become a pessimist..I have become a -ve person.. ' Anika became emotional while telling this..

'What?' Eshan shouted as he was shocked to hear this from Anika. It was all unexpected for him. He couldn't trust what he was hearing so he shouted staring at Anika.. 'When this all happened? I remember, you were so optimistic Anika.. You wre always giving +ve fundas to everyone in our group. Now what changed you so much? btw, give me a second to digest this. I can't trust anything what you told me just now...' Eshan stopped talking. Took a pause.. and after sometime he started talking again, 'Tell me Anika.. Tell me everything in detail. I think, you were working in an IT firm right? I mean, when we had a chat last time that time you had told me that. And I don't think,my memory is so bad... But now you are saying, you don't work anywhere? I think, your job was very good..What was the need to quit the job? When did you leave the job? Why did you leave the job? What's wrong with you? I have many questions.. and waiting to get answer of every question. You were never like this were very energetic and outgoing.. What changed you so much? I don't know, how things changed to this extent?' Eshan replied Anika. He was disturbed. This all was unexpected for Eshan and Eshan was trying to figure out what exactly was wrong with Anika..

'Yes.. I am totally changed. Actually the situation forced me to change. And now old Anika is nowhere.. Now only a sad, a pessimist Anika is living her life.. All good things happened in the past.. I was very happy, I was very optimistic, I had many friends, I was working in an IT film.. Everything is correct but it's all about past.. Today nothing of this is true.. Right now, I don't have any +ve thing with me.. May be it was going to happen this way, so it all happened. Now I have accepted it. Few things are not in our hands...we don't have control of I have accepted a sad and a lonely life...Now there is no ray of hope... I mean,I can't see any ray of hope. Now nothing can change.' Anika said. She was sounding very low. And Eshan was shocked as he was not aware of anything.

'Be clear Anika.. Don't talk vague.. Tell me, what exactly happened? What made you so negative? And please, stop saying you are lonely.. Things can change. You are never lonely...If you change your way of thinking, everything will change.."

'Please Eshan, I am not in a mood to listen any lecture. I have been in same mood from many days. Now I don't want any sympathy..or lecture! And oh ya..I will assume, I am not lonely... It can be only the assumption. But that will not change the fact that I am a lonely person.. Btw,you don't know anything... Many things changed my life.. it changed my way of thinking... I told you, when I had problems, I tried contacting you many times but couldn't get in touch with you... and our other friends were too busy in their lives.. Nobody bothered to respond me...It's not I never tried anything from my side.. but the life turned upsid down and right now, I am lonely..Now I have accepted that.'

Eshan was watching Anika... Eshan couldn't belive what he was hearing... What Anika told was unbelievable. He couldn't trust it. But at the same time, he felt so bad for not contacting Anika before..and he started blaming himself.

'Shit...It's all my fault,Anika... when you needed me, I was busy in my work...Even I didn't respond you. I am very sorry Anika for not being around in your hard times...' Eshan was talking but Anika stopped him..

'Arre Eshan...don't think so much...And don't blame yourself. I told u, it's ok and I also have accepted my life... no regrets at all... Life is not the same all the time. I had wonderful time in the the things have changed.. and life changed so much! Sometimes it's good to accept and move on..Actually, there is no where to go...but atleast I am happy, I have accepted the facts..'

'Shut up Anika... Will you please stop your so called 'bakwas'?" Eshan became angry and he shouted on Anika, 'I am seriously not interested in hearing all this rubbish. So now stop your philosophical talks and tell me, what exactly happened in your life so your life has changed so much? Stick to the point please..I don;t wish to hear anything else.'

'Ah.. Eshan is angry huh? oke oke... I will tell you everything... but it's a big story.. Will tell you sometimes later...We are meeting after a long time and don't want to keep crying in front of you. I mean,let's talk about good things..That will turn my mood good too.. I don;t have any good thing to share so you tell.. btw, I didn't even ask you anything.. wait...I will get you something'

'No no Anika...I don't want anything.. just water in sufficient...And who said, you are crying..please Anika stop your nonsense..'

'Ohk Eshan!! And are you sure Eshan that you don't want anything?? Actually right now I don't have anything to give you to eat as now a days I hardly eat anything other than 2 meals... And today I was lazy to cook....But I can make coffee.. and I make good coffee, you know that!'

'Oh wow.. yeah.. You make good coffee.. I won't miss that chance.. It's been ages, I have tasted coffee made by you. So Sure Anika...And don't be so formal. 1st You tell everything that happened in your life... Right now I need to know that.. please get me some more water. Right now, that is sufficient.'

'Do you have time to listen to me? I think you have some work.. and you need to go.'

'Shut up Anika.. Shut up again.. Please don't make me more angry... Now work is not important. I want to know everything that has happened in your life.. And we are good friends but I couldn't stand by your side when you were in need.. and I am already feeling guilty as I didn't keep in touch with you...Now it's my duty to be with you...atleast after knowing that you are feeling now bring coffee and start your story in detail..'

"Huh..' Anika replied and went in the kitchen to make coffee.