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Problem solving technique.. - 5

Problem solving technique..-5

Eshan was listening to Anika calmly but when she told that she is in deep depression he was a bit shaken.. He finished his coffee and was a bit stressed. But he didn't want to show the tension to Anika.

'Can you please come again? Right now did you say something like deep depression? Or did I hear it wrong?'

'Yeah.. You heard that correct! That is what I meant.. I think, sometimes it's good to accept a few things. It's fine na Eshan.. I am also a human being..I have feelings, emotions.. This time I couldn't face any of my problem.. That is the fact.'

'Oh.. so you are sure about that!! and finally you admit, you are in deep depression! But tell me, you don't do anything at home? This is a new thing to know,Anika..But know what Anika, You are a very strong girl. Depression is just a state of mind and which can be changed. It can pass if you really wish!! Remeber old days,you always used to support everyone from our group. Everyone used to rely on you to get problems of their solutions!! And now you can't be like this. I can not accept this. Sorry.. I think, you are having some misunderstanding. I am sure,nothing can push you in depression. '

'I just sit and only think!! And at the end, nothing is in my hand... and no no.. I have not mistaken.. I know myself very well.. Whenver I think about my past, I can not trust how I used to be so strong!! And what I told you, this might be new for you but it has become my routine to live whole day in bad thoughts.. And may be I was a strong girl.. but that was my past..Present is talking something else..You can see my present... You can see changed Anika..' Anika said disappointedly. Eshan was really disturbed when he heard to Anika but he was not going to show it to Anika. He ws acting strong in front of Anika. He was aware if he shows his depression, Anika would feel even worse.. But after hearing all this, his head started aching.. so decided to drink 1 more cup of coffee. So he inquired with Anika..

'Hey Anika..I would need a favor!! Would you mind giving me 1 more cup coffee? Right now I need a more cup of a strong coffee.. That will open my mind...and will feel fresh!'

'Eshan.. Sure!! But why are you asking that?' Anika scolded Eshan..' You can order me. Btw, You also have changed... Remember the old days.. you used to visit me anytime and you used to demand for coffee..' Anika said.

'Yes, good you remember that. Now please give me coffee..And get a cup for you too...It really feels boring to drink coffee alone!!' Anika said yes and she went in kitchen and started making coffee..

This time Eshan had a look at the hall... The hall was messed up. He could figure out that from many days Anika hasn't cleaned the house. At some places he could see spider webs. That time he realized something has to be done to help Anika to change her thoughts. He started thinking, how he could help Anika to come out of depression.

Anika made coffee and came in the hall. Eshan was sitting idle only thinking about Anika. Anika called him,

'Here is 1 more cup of coffee.. Now I have made a strong coffee as you like... I remember, you like very strong coffee. Hopefully,you have not changed your habits... and it's ok for you to drink a strong black coffee..And yeah, I have got a cup of coffee for myself too..' Anika said with a false smile..

Eshan smelled the coffee and a smile rested on his face. After smelling the coffee he tasted the coffee and without wasting time he said...

'Wow..Now it would be gr8 to drink coffee with you. Drinking coffee alone is very boring you see! And nobody can make coffee like you.. It's been ages.. but still the smell and the taste is the same. seriously wow..I can drink 10 more cups I supppose.'

'Are you sure? Or you are just saying it to please me', Anika took doubt on Eshan and asked him, '? And after talking to you felt like drinking something hot.. Actually this time it's very and out!' Anika smiled..

'Yes yes.. I am sure. As always this time also you have made awesome coffee Anika. You too have it then you would know that. I needed a strong coffee. Now feeling very fresh. You also would feel fresh! I think now a days you have stopped drining your coffee.. so only you were taking doubt on it...' Eshan laughed and said.

Both started drinking coffee. In-between he didn't say a word to Anika nor Anika said anything to him... Eshan was thinking that time...And Anika was eondering how Eshan visited her after so long. When Eshan finished the coffee, he started talking to Anika,

'Thanks for 1 more cup of coffee.' Eshan smiled and started talking, 'Btw, now after drinking coffee.. lets come to the point.'

'What point Eshan? I am not getting you...' Anika looked puzzled...

'Do you think, you are in depression and you should come out of it? It's a very serious question and I need a good answer. Don't try to avoid my question this time. It's very important to know your state of mind..'

'Haha... may be yes. If you ask same thing 10 times, the situation won't change Eshan!! I know, I am in deep depression but after trying many solutions I realized now it is impossible for me to come out of this depression. Same thoughts peep and disturb me more. I obvoiusly want to come out of this bad situation. But let me be clear Eshan, I am not ready to go to any doctor... I don't know why but I cannot accept going to doctor and taking tablets so come out of depression... So please don't say, go to doctor.'

'That's a good news Anika! If you really wish to change the situation, you can do it! But are you sure? You think you can't come out of depression? Let me suggest 1 thing, stop saying I can't change the situation.. If you keep telling yourself, yes- I can, it works miraculously.. I know, how you are. And great you accept that you are in depression. Don't worry. I won't tell you to visit doctor because I know, if you decide you can do whatever you wish on your own. Think again and tell me is it so difficult for you to come out of depression?' Eshan said.

'You are very optimistic Eshan. I told you, may be yes. I really wish to come out of bad thoughts and this depression. Give me 1 solution and show me ray of hope.. I tried many things but nothing helped me.' Anika said with a sigh.