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The Mysterious island - 6

All four of them begin to run towards arnav while earth behind them is sinking into the water, at the same time in all chaos rohan sees arnav's friends rushing together to save him.
Seeing them coming rohan says "you can't save that poor guy hahahaha. If i die he dies and with him you all die too hahaha."
With that being said rohan shoots at arnav but he misses due to the shakiness of the earth but at the same time rohit shoots fir at rohan which hits him in the leg and he goes down with that shot.
Rohan screams" aaaaahhhhh! Oohh god." As he yells, earth around him breaks and goes down rohan with it, next he finds himself surrounded with, is water, he is totally drowned.
Meanwhile, rohit and his friends rushes towards arnav but as deep moves forward his hand to catch arnav's hand earth around them
Goes down into the water and everybody tries to escape from that deadly chaos.
All of them tries to come up to the surface but they fail to do so and one by one they loose their consciousness.
Being unconscious rohit sees that he is still fighting with rohan. They are engaged in hand to hand combat.
Rohan: you won't survive my wrath.
Rohit: you are a traitor, you don't deserve to live.(rohit hits rohan in the face)
On the other hand deep sees something else in his dream, he sees that all four friends are fighting with something unknown, something unusual and it is huge, they are severely injured. They are struggling but still they fight. None of them can see that thing because of its lightning fast speed.
On the other hand aman sees that he is wondering alone in an unknown jungle and screaming the names of his friends,"rohit, deep, arnav, sonali". Aman's condition is not good at all he struggles to walk and falls down while walking. He tries to get back up but he can't all of a sudden he sees a huge army of giant sized ants coming to his way, he screams with fear but nobody is there to help him.
Meanwhile arnav sees something else. He sees that he is in a cave alone with sonali. There is only a burning torch to keep the cave lighting.
Sonali is setting on a rock with her hair open, her cheeks are glowing with the touch of the light on the surface of her white skin which makes arnav to come close to her, it seems like he is unable to resist his hidden desire to express that he feels about her.
He becomes more passionate about getting her that he ignites the fire of the conversation of possessing her love.
Arnav: (softly) hy
Sonali: (softly) hy
Arnav: (softly) i have something to say.
Sonali: (moves her face to him, her looks become more amorous) what do you have to say?
Arnav: (looking into her eyes, with passion) you are looking amazing.
Sonali: (with her soft red lips softly smiles) really?
Arnav: what i have in my heart is a picture of a beautiful princess to whom i want to marry and spend the rest of my life.
With being said he sits in front of her and holding her hand says" I don't know if it is right to do so at this moment but i found this moment to express my feelings right."
Sonali: (mildly say) i knew you had feelings for me, i have been noticing you for a long time and i like you too.
Arnav keeps on looking into her eyes and driven by her beauty he couldn't stop himself from kissing her lips.
This shocks her and she Bends her head.
Seeing her being reluctant he realises that he has something wrong and he immediately say"sorry" and starts to walk away.
But suddenly he feels a hand holding his, next he sees that sonali is standing in front of her and comes close to him, mext, anything could he say he feels a soft touch on his lips.
Continuing that arnav hugs her and kisses her later that make out turns into love making.
A few moments later both of them receives the satisfaction.
Arnav: i love you so much.
Sonali: i love you too baby.
Arnav: from now on you are my everything, my world.
Sonali: and you are mine my love.
But suddenly they see a huge shadow while they are indulged into a lovely love talk.
This horrifies them and as arnav looks behind to see what is that shadow, he gets knocked out.
With that he opens up his eyes and finds himself on the shore of an island.
Arnav: wow what a dream was that ufff, but where am i?
He looks around and finds rohit lying on the ground unconscious.
Arnav goes to him and wakes him up.
Rohit finds the place strange too.
Rohit: what is this place? Where am i and where is rohan? I was about to finish him.
Arnav: don't be mad bro, i just broke your deep sleep.
Rohit: where are we and where are others? i think last time we were drowning and now we are on the shore.
Arnav: i think so lets find others.
Both of them moves on, in a distance they see some bodies on the ground and when they go close to them they find that those bodies are of their remain friends.
Rohit wakes them up, all of them wake up and looks around strangely.
All of them asks the same question as both rohit and arnav do.
Rohit: don't have a clue that where we are right now.
Deep: i watching a dream and next i am here, what is happening with us i don't know. I should not have agreed for this treasure hunt.
Aman: yeah you're right.
Rohit: guys look, it is not the time to sulk but what can we do now. We need to find a way out to home.
Sonali: yes guys, arguments won't help.
Arnav:(smiles at sonali) yes she is right.
Seeing this rohit, aman and deep looks at each other while smiling.
Rohit: we should go inside the island and see if we could find something.
Also i am hungry i want to eat.
Deep: we have lost everything thing, guns, food, ammunitions.
Sonali: that was horrifying, i thought, i would die.
Rohit: i am confused.
Aman: i am too.
Rohit: this island is strange, its not normal.
Aman: yes, look at trees, they are huge and dense then normal.
Deep: lets go in and see if we could find some habitants, we can ask them about the place.
After that they march into the jungle discussing about how viper island submerged into the Water
Deep: what do you say, why would the island submerge.
Rohit: don't know.
Aman: everything was happening so quickly that I can't recall anything about why would the island submerge?
Sonali: i think it all happened when rohan and his gand brought out that goddesses statue.
Rohit: yes i think so (with surprise)
Now they unwrap the mystery behind the Chaos at the island then suddenly a huge structure comes in front of them which pounces at them seeing that giant like creature all five of them begin to run.
Rohit: run every one run.
Aman runs fast holding Sonali's hand while arnav and deep runs through the dense bushes.
They run blindly which cost aman and sonali, they collide against a broken tree and fall down at same time that giant creature which has huge face with tree eyes in a row on both sides, also has a long tail with forks on his entire body sets itself to pounce at them to make them its food but just then.......
To be continued.....

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