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The Mysterious island - 7

Aman and sonali run so fast as if they are some athlete but suddenly they collide against a broken tree and that giant creature that follows them now has a chance to finally tear them apart but a miracle happens when an arrow penetrates the neck of that creature and it falls down.
Everybody is stunned seeing that creature going down so easily.
Arnav: gosh, just one shot and goes down our death.( With mouth open)
Everybody tries to find out the person who has saved them at the hands of their death. They look around but find noone there because of the trees and bushes, still rohit calls" hello who is there please show yourself."
A tall man with a cap on, he is 50 years old, has a bow and arrow in hand emerges out of the bushes saying" say thanks to me who saved your life at the hands of the three eyes monster. He is the apex Predator here."
"Where are we? May i know?" Rohit.
"You don't know this place, which means you are new here which means you have done the thing i did few years back, which means i finally got company"(he becomes happy)
"Yes, but will you tell us about this place everything looks unusual here? And also who are you? And how are you here?" Asks deep.
"Well you wanna know this place so listen i don't know what this place is all i know is that i am here, i am just here.
Last thing that i remember is being drowned under water and going unconscious but when i open my eyes i find myself here." Says the man.
"And what should i call you?" Asks deep.
"Well you can call me john." Says john, and shakes hand.
"You are brave, you killed that beast." Says sonali
"Well i have been doing this for almost two years." Says john.
They continue their conversation and move on into the dense jungle but after sometimes later deep asks" well, where do you live here and do you know how can we return to our world?"
"Well the reason of our being here is same. We committed a crime by bringing out the statue of the goddess from that cave.
I have been searching for a way out of here for a long time then one day i met a old sage who had the solution of this problem so i asked, and you know what he replied?" Said john.
"Obviously, not." Replied arnav.
"Well, he said there is a temple in the northern part of this island and in that temple situated a statue of a goddess called "HARINI" (janani) she created this place long ago, she also had 4 sons named SHESHA, TRIPTSYA, TOY and MANJARI. It is said that there was a war took place in which harini and here two sons fought against the devil who had come from hell named AGNISHARP.
it was a gigantic serpent that had thousands of hands and spat fire.
AGNISHARP wanted to rule this place and with that though in mind it rose from the depths of the earth and charged an attack on the guardians of this sacred place, but SHESHA, TRIPTSYA, TOY AND MANJARI took a great fight against that serpent as shesha and triptsya assaulted with fire and water but their power was nothing infront of agnisharp. AGNISHARP took both shesha and threw with full force and then blew out fierceful fire that shesha become powerless then came triptsya to help his brother but it just took him and tore him apart and then screamed so loud that it had begun to rain fire.....
Seeing the death of brothers toy and manjari became outrageous and got down on the battlefield to take the revenge of the death of their brothers.
Manjari in anger says" you are done agnisharp, you have done enough."
With that being said manjari hit super punch on the earth that it cracked open and toy blew a wind and its speed was so strong that the serpent began to go down into the ground.
Seeing it going down toy flew high into the sky and then began to flew down to hit a forceful punch so it got buried but as toy got close to the serpent just then the serpent spat fire and......
To be continued......

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