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The Mysterious Island - 5

Arnav is running, he is trying hard to save his life from rohan's men. Rohan wants him captured. Arnav in the he dark is running, he is panting and terrified of everything and he doesn't even have his friends by his side.
Since he has been running for so long time he decides to catch his breath under a tree. He thinks that nobody would notice if somebody is sitting underneath the tree because it was dark everywhere.
With all this thoughts in his mind he sits under a tree and as he sits he feels a hand on his solder so he tries to have himself free the grab of that hand but another hand grabs him by the neck and hit him with a butt of the gun in the face so hard that he loses his consciousness.
Next time arnav opens up his eyes he finds himself tied up againt a poll. He feels pain in the head and longs for water.
Arnav:- water, i need water.
Rohan comes up speaking:- oh our savior has gained conscious.
Arnav:- i need water, plz.
Rohan(says to his men):- give him what he wants.
A man comes up and put a bottle of water in front of him but he can not drink the water because his hands are tied.
Arnav looks at the man with contempt and says to rohan:- you will die a death of a dog rohan. We saved your life at the hands of those Barbarians and this is the result we get of all our good deeds that we did to you. You are such a shameless fellow, you will rote in hell.
Rohan:- don't predict the future so early..... Mmm i don't want you to suffer for you have saved my life. Your troubles will be over if you tell me where your othere friends are. You see i don't want to pick a bone with you guys all i want is those bags that you friends possess.
Arnav:- but the door of the cave is open why don't you go their and get it by yourself. There are plenty of stuff remaining, you can simply go their and get that.
Rohan:- but we want your stuff too, we want every bit from that cave. By the way my men are working inside the cave.
Arnav:- that's great you already have so much of it so be happy with what you have and if that's not enough to suffice you then take my beg.
Rohan in anger:- i think you didn't get what i said right. I wanna know where your friends are?
As he yells, one of his men punches him in the face so hard that he begins to bleed.
Arnav:- aaaahh you devil, i don't know where they are, and i wouldn't tell you if i knew.
Rohan:- oh yes, hahaha now you don't know where they are nice, nice. Well don't worry they can't hide themselves from me because my friends are searching for them and you they will get them soon.
Arnav(curses him) burn in hell you selfish prick.
Rohan laughs:- hahahah call me whatever you want but my real concern is that treasure and for that i will kick out whoever comes in my way.
Arnav doesn't reply and lowers his head.
On the other side rohan's men are looting all the stuff from the cave then suddenly one of his men see a figure that is all covered up with a white cloth so he moves on to uncover that. So to uncover that thing he carefully move deep into the cave.
He is so moved with that figure that he forgets that he has seperated himself from his fellow men and when he come closer to the figure he pulls the cover down and what he sees there, is a huge statue of some goddess. Statue is made of gold and as it is uncovered everybody feels a shock.
Nobody could understand why the earth shook. He cries to call his friends to take a look at the statue.
One man:- wow, its so beautiful and amazing.
Call the boss.
Another man:- call him he would be happy to see it.
So they call him in to see that and as he sees he could believe at first what he was seeing at that time. But later he orders his men to load it into the ship. He becomes very happy.
Rohan:- first load the other stuffs and this statue can be loaded at the end.
His men:- ok boss.
On the other hand deep, rohit, aman and sonali stops running and
Rohit:- we don't have arnav with us. I don't have any clue of him.
Deep:- yes, he saved us, he should have been with us but he is not.
Aman:- we didn't see him after the cave incident.
Deep:- we should search for him and we can get some clue from the cave.
Aman:- so lets go and get our bro back.
Rohit:- yes lets go.
Deep:- but men are following us.
Rohit:- so what? We fight them.
Deep:- hell yeah!
So they begin their journey to get arnav back and as they walk 1km to the direction of the cave they hears footsteps coming from all directions so all four of them become cautious about that. They stops their movement to make and take positions to deal with any situation.
A man comes in Rohit's vision so rohit picks out his knife and as that man come little more close to rohit, he grabs the man by the neck and cover his mouth with his hand so he couldn't make a noise and slice his throat.
Then another man comes in the range of deep so he take the man down in the same manner as rohit does.
Aman and sonali also take down their enemies.
After taking down all men there they move on and in distance aman stops and scouts the area with his binocular to see if there is any danger lurking.
Aman:- i see 5 men coming our way.
Deep:- give it to me.
Aman:- here you go (hands over the binocular)
Deep:- they are dead, you all flank from right side and when i give signal you all fire.
Rohit:- ok.
So rohit, sonali and aman flank from right side to surround them so they could take them down from both sides.
And as all three of them goes to their position, deep gives them signal to fire.
As the signal is given they begin to fire and from the front deep snipes down two men.
Another two men is seen by deep coming from the distance so he shots them down too.
Later deep regroup with his friends and says:- i think we have finished all the men who were searching for us now we are all clear to go to the cave as fast as possible.
Aman:- we don't have time.
So from there they pace up their speed.
Meanwhile on the other hand rohan to arnav.
Rohan:- well, i think your friends are not gonna come for you. They know the value of their life. They know all the worth that they have earned is worth nothing if they return searching for you in a death hole. What you did for them was great and they will surely remember you for that.
Arnav:- I don't care, what you say.
Rohan:- but don't you worry they will be with you soon because my men are faster then the speed of light, they will be here with them soon. I want to see you all die together.
Arnav:- why don't you shut your mouth?
While they converse, the earth again shakes for 3 secs. Everybody present on island feels that.
Aman:- what is happening? Something is wrong in this island.
Deep:- we have to find arnav as soon as possible and get out of here without wasting any further time.
On the other side-
Rohan gets irritated from the continuous shocks.
Rohan orders his men to leave the other stuffs and start the work of loading the statue.
Rohan:- now load the big bird and leave this place i don't want to stay here any longer.
All men agrees to his words and they begin to pull that big statue with help of strong ropes, while they pull that statue earthquake starts and as they pull the statue out of the cave the earth begins to crack down.
Meanwhile deep, rohit, aman and sonali reach near the cave they can see arnav tied against the poll.
Behind the tree aman:- I can't stand properly.
Rohit:- neither can i.
Sonali:- what is that statue?
Deep:- don't know seems some goddess.
Rohit:- we can't stay here something is wrong here.
Deep:- we are close lets save our friend and get out of here as soon as possible.
As deep finishes up his words all four of them see that trees are falling down and earth has begun to sink into the water, seeing that horrifying scene they begin to run towards arnav and......
To be continued.....