Come Back to Leave Me... Again - 12 - First Parents Interaction books and stories free download online pdf in English

Come Back to Leave Me... Again - 12 - FIRST PARENTS’ INTERACTION


I got fracture in my right hand in the first week of May 2015. Doctor in the Dubai suggested me to take rest for at least fifteen days. Therefore, I decided to go to India where my mother would look after me very well. I informed Hritisha that I have to leave for India. She got worried and wanted to come to Ahmadabad to take care of me, but she did not have any reason to visit Ahmadabad.
I reached Ahmadabad, and our family doctor treated me as well. The doctor informed not to worry much as I would be okay within five to six days and I could go outside with friends and family.
Hritisha used to call me every hour to ask about my health. My mother noticed smile and glow on my face when I used to talk to Hritisha and one day my father enquired about the next step of our relationship. I did not have any answer. Both families had decided separately, neither her parents nor my parents interacted with each other.
I found that it was a perfect time, as I was in India so, both the families could at least talk to each other over the phone. Hritisha's mother Vidhyaben agreed to talk to my dad. Both my dad and Vidhyaben spoke with each other over the phone. They talked about everything including financial situations, family cultures, marriage rituals, etc. Vidhyaben told my dad that she would like to consult her family Swamiji again and then would let my father know when they can meet in person. My father also agreed and decided to talk to our Swamiji as well.
Hritisha's mother and my father both liked each other's family values. They both agreed to take our relationship further.
At night, Hritisha called me to inform that her mother spoke to Swamiji and he was very happy with our relationship. He said that our Kundli was not preferable for marriage, due to ‘less Guna Match,’ but both the boy and the girl would be live happily, even after few misunderstandings. This was not good for both of us. After seeing my Kundli Hritisha’s Swamiji also commented that, I am brilliant.
That day we were quite happy and relieved. We both delivered lots of e-kisses over the phone and messages. She told me that her parents agreed to meet my parents and I should decide to come to Delhi with my family for the meeting.
The next morning when I woke up, my mom took me to the nearest ‘Derasar’, a Jain Temple to pray and thank the God for saving me from the adverse effects of fracture.
At Derasar, I saw Dr. Priyanka; we both recognized each other at first sight. She asked me about my health. My father told me that he informed Dr. Priyanka's father about my chickenpox. My father and Dr. Priyanka’s father were good friends. I greeted Dr. Priyanka, and we left. I really felt sorry for her when I came to know from my father that, she got divorced within two months of her marriage. It happened two and half years ago
Four years ago me and Dr. Priyanka were about to get married., somehow the things did not work at that moment or let me say, she was not happy with our engagement, as she did not want to settle abroad at that point. I did not feel bad, as we both were not in love with each other, it was our parent's choice so, I respected her decision and moved on after which I met Hritisha in Dubai.
Dr. Priyanka and I both of us were socially connected through Facebook and WhatsApp, but we never texted each other, neither through Facebook messenger nor over WhatsApp.
Suddenly, I received an unexpected text from Dr. Priyanka, that evening. She said that it was a pleasure meeting me after four long years. I thanked her and even consoled her for her divorce. Replying to that she bravely stated that, she has moved on and it was just a part of her life.
I informed Hritisha about Dr. Priyanka and me. She understood me and did not feel bad about it. I was impressed by Hritisha’s reaction. She was not like any other girlfriend who would feel jealous; instead, she was ok with our friendship. She was matured enough to understand the situation and strong enough to handle them very carefully. This is why I loved her so much.
I was thankful to God, for sending Hritisha in my life.
'Hi, Good Morning.' I received a text from Dr. Priyanka.
I also wished her the same.
‘How is your health and what plans for today?’ asked Dr. Priyanka.
‘I am fine, today I am planning to visit Ahmadabad book fair’ I replied
‘Oh wow! Even I would like to buy some books from there… Sath chale? I will pick you up. We’ll go by my car.’ Dr. Priyanka asked.
‘Sure why not’ I agreed.
‘Lol, zyada line mat marna' Hritisha replied me when I told her that I would be visiting Ahmadabad book fair with Dr. Priyanka.
My father instructed me not to disclose my affair with Hritisha to anyone until everything would not finalize. I think he was also right on his way, therefore, I did not tell Dr. Priyanka about my affair with Hritisha when she asked whether I had any girlfriend or not.
I purchased some books as per Hritisha's choice. We had ice-gola and after spending three to four hours, we left for the home.
'Why didn't you get jealous when I was with another girl?' I asked Hritisha, that night.
'Bachhu, I trust you. I know you will never hurt me and it’s okay baby; you also need some change. You must be tired of talking to me daily. Lol!' she replied.
'Bhulega Dil Jis Din Tumhe Woh Din zindgi Ka aakhri din hoga' I started singing.
'Abbey Filmy Bhoot. Love you mottu.' Hritisha interrupted
'Love you too meri bachhi.'
We talked for a while and slept after wishing good night to each other.
The next day Arpit, Neelay, Sunny, Keval and I went to Manek Chowk, the famous night food bazaar in Ahmedabad. I told them about my love story with Hritisha and informed the schedule of my Delhi visit and family meeting. As usual, they abused me in the beginning and then wished me good luck. They assured me of their help anytime.

( To he continued... )