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It is true,
That we should believe in our past for your better future.
But many of you have lost their strength in the past and and seeking the success in present.
Many of you have do not have such strength to rise once aga
in after falling down.
But you know how successful people are doing.
Won't they have any past like us? Won't they have lost their strength once?

I know,
you all are just thinking that I have lost something but I haven't achieve!
But the fact is ,
you have just lost which was the Medium of your achievement. according to you,
Your strength,your courage get lost but it is hide inside you.
First you Just need to find them out ,
then and then only you can finish the first step of your achievement!

Dream can be seen when you are sleeping but can be finished when you are awake!
just stepped further,
By keeping asiding your past and think about your present and future .
Every morning keep reminding yourself that you can do it.
If you fail once it will not hurt you, but if you forget to stand once again ,
then it will hurt you the most!

Yes,sometimes that is some circumstances because of which e we cannot able to pursue our career in that particular field,but if you want to be successful person you have to over come your weakness and tried to make your weakness your strength !
if there is a believe in your dream then nobody will stop you to achieve them.
Do Hardwork , your weakness will become your strength!

If you have strength to Achieve them but you cannot believe in it,
Then you cannot achieve!
keep our trust on your dream,
And then work hard to achieve it!

On this I want to tell you one quote,
"Is there anything more to ask,
Is there anything more to reveal,
I just want to show them out, Which ones lies in my courage!"

There are many problems or many struggles with I have faced silently.
But that all reflect in my work and success.

In fact my struggle taught me the way of my success ,
and I learn how to walk on it.
And today ,I passed Miles of it!

अब भी हमें ज़िंदा है !

कुछ जूनून ढूंढ रहे हैं,
तो कुछ संघर्ष कर रहे हैं,
कुछ हिम्मत खो रहे हैं,
तो कुछ सफलता तो खोज रहे हैं |
पर काबिलियत अब भी हमें ज़िंदा हैं |

कुछ नज़दीकीया बढ़ रही हैं,
तो कुछ फासले रहे गए हैं,
कुछ रिशतो के धागे टूट रहे हैं,
तो कुछ जुदाई के आँसू रो रहे हैं |
पर दिल में प्यार अब भी ज़िंदा हैं |

कुछ दर्द अब भी गहरे हैं,
तो कुछ खुशियाँ खोज रहे हैं,
कुछ खोने के गम मे हैं,
तो कुछ हासिल करने की चाह मैं हैं,
पर मान में आशा अब भी ज़िंदा hai |

हारते तो सैकड़ो हज़ारो लोग है,
पर हरे हुए तो वह है जो खुद ही अपनी ज़िन्दगी से हाथ धो बैठे है |
कुछ आँसू इस आंख से अब भी निकलना बाकी है,
क्युकी जीने की चाह, अब भी हमें ज़िंदा है |

जो टूट जाए वो संकल्प नहीं होता,
जो खो जाए वह जुनून नहीं होता,
जो ना कर पाऊं वह असंभव नहीं होता,
जो याद ना रख पाए वह सपना नहीं होता|

जो भूल जाओ वह वचन नहीं होता,
जो मेहनत करने पर भी ना मिले ऐसी मंजिल नहीं होती,
तो जीसमें सफलता की लकीर ना हो ऐसी तकदीर नहीं होती|
और तुम जिसमे जी भी ना पाऊं ऐसे कभी जिंदगी नहीं hota!.

Her Courage!

Being Delicate, she is sharp like sword.
With plenty of courage,
And abundant of strength.
Forgetting herself for her loved ones,
And working for them day and night.
But she will never let her dream to sacrifice!