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The Mysterious island - 15

So now finally deep and john are free to go back to the dwelling place of john as they have secured the remnants of HARINIs son.
John- finally we are free to go.
Deep- yes but dont be happy so early.
John- it is a matter to be happy bro.
Deep- I know that but we still have a lot of work to do.
John- we will get every single work done as soon as possible.
Deep- I also hope so bro.
On the other hand now arnav and sonali have also reached near the glowing tree.
See arnav there is the glowing tree that we have been looking for.
Finally we are going to have remedy of all our problems. says sonali.
Yes I can see that lets go and search what we actually want. Says arnav
Now both of them move to the direction of the tree but as they come little closer to the tree they see a bird which is not a normal bird size wise it is huge and aggressive. It has long beak which is sharp and pointy.
It emerges out of nowhere and attacks both of them. Its size is so huge that it can pick a normal guy under its claws and fly easily in the sky.
Where has it come from? It was not here moments ago and now a unusual kind of bird is trying to kill us. Says sonali.
This place is strange, normally we dont see anything around us only silence prevails but when we reach close to our objective something appears that wants to harm us.
Ya, but thing that I must say, went to our favour is john thing. He is helping us with a lot of thing. He told us about the story of harini and his sons and gave us a way out. He gave us a hope. Says sonali
Yes you are right with that but now we have to find a way to deal with this beast like bird that wants to take us down. Says arnav
We have bows and arrows. Why dont you use them to take it down? says sonali
So finally arnav shoots an arrow at the bird but it dosent hit it. The Bird sees him firing the arrow. Seeing him attacking the bird attacks as it comes down soaring and hits arnav with its beak in his head.
Arnav falls down but sonali backs him up as she shoots an arrow too which connects the bird in its neck.
With that shot it yells in agony and flies high in the sky then again appears coming down with full speed to attack sonali but this time arnav aims the birds eyes perfectly which blinds it. Now it flies away never to return again.
What it has gone? says sonali
Seems like.
One more enemy that we frowned.
Yes, may be you are daunting for them. (In a funny way)
Hhahaha so funny.
That I am
Ok ok , lets do the main work now.
So finally they go under the tree and do same as others did, they find what there have been looking for and after finding their stuff sonali and arnav depart from the place to the base where all members of the team are supposed to reunite.

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