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The Mysterious island - 16

By the next morning every member from the group reaches to the dwelling place of john and last members to reach there are sonali and arnav.
By the time sonali and arnav reach there other members have planned to welcome them. Sometimes later sonali and arnav arrive there and as they enter into the room, the members already present in the welcomes them with a song and celebrate their reunion.
They look happy to see each other again. All members are tired yet they are happy with having each other back alive.
Rohit- I never thought we would make it back.
Deep- yes it was not an easy task at all.
Sonali- you dont know what we have gone through.
John- I guess we all have gone through something enormous, huge and ugly.
Aman-Yes horrible and heart wrenching, which could easily kill a normal person.
Arnav Tell me your stories guys. What did you encounter through out your journey?
Deep we did a lot, I mean a lot but what about you? We want to here it from you first.
Arnav- Actually, We faced a gigantic bird which wanted to hurt us. All thanks to sonali who saved me from being taken by the bird.
Sonali- NO, Actually it was arnav who saved me. I was collapsing mentally but it was arnav who saved me, helped me to come out of my misery.
Arnav- Ya, apart of it I did nothing more, I only shot the bird in the eye which scared it therefore the bird flew away which gave us a great opportunity to dig out the remnants of the son of HARINI.
John- well, we are proud that both of you did a great work, we all were worried about you.
Sonali- did you have doubt on the abilities of arnav hah?
Deep- well, yes (says in a sarcastic way)
Arnav- oh shut up bro.
Sonali why dont you tell rohit and aman things about you? How did you get through this rough journey?
Rohit well aman really scared me when he saw something dark and scary though I never had the opportunity to see it, but aman did and I dont know what had happed to him after seeing that thing, he began to shake in terror.
Aman- come on dude, had you seen that thing you would have done the same thing too. You are lucky oky.
Rohit- it was a bad dream bro and nothing else.
Aman whatever but it wasnt good at all.
John- what did you just say a black and horrible something is that what you just said rohit?
Aman yes it is what he said john.
John well the very same thing was seen by deep which scared him. He couldnt even breathe properly. But somehow I was able to help him gain his consciousness back.
Deep really, I literally thought that it was my last time but I survived that then later on we faced a leech king which had engulfed john alive but john fought back as he cut open its belly from inside and came out of it alive.
John- ya and before that another giant snake attacked us which had almost killed me under its strong clutch but all thanks to deep who gave me knife with which I was able to stab the knife in its body.
Deep- stabbing must have given the snake pain in immense amount out of which it loosen its grip which gave john to escape the death.
John hell, then it attacked deep but he dodged and then I shot an arrow in its eye which hit perfectly and it ran away.
Hearing deep and johns story everybody claps.
Rohit- well, I think we all have saw this black and horrible thing and I wonder what it is?
Deep- I am sure there is something behind this.
Aman- I hope it is not in reality.
Deep- hope for best.
Sonali so now when are guys gonna go to west side to collect the remaining parts.
John- cant wait any longer. We will leave tomorrow.
Everybody agrees and then they go to sleep to have some rest.

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