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The Mysterious island - 14

Deep and Aman both are so close to get to their destination yet it seems so far away as they are struggling to fight a cuck of leeches. They dont have a clue how to deal with them yet they move on.
Somehow they reach near the tree but as they reach near it they feel that leeches are going off their bodies deep thinks they are finally going but he is wrong they left so they could merge to form a gigantic one.
Seeing that huge giant john says wish I had never come here. It is getting harder and harder as we are getting closer to our objective.
Deep- we are suffering this all because of our ignorance. We should never have come here for this, now tell me how to go through this big shit.
John- lets try with an arrow.
So john shoots an arrow at that gigantic leech but it dosent put much affect on it, on the contrary to that, leech king sprays sticky gum on them and opens up its mouth to suck both of them.
Now the leech king leans its head to suck them but they dodge and roll over.
Deep- yak, what the hell is this? This ugly thing wants to eat us. It wants to suck us.
John- I know, I know.
Deep- my mind has stopped working bro, do you have any idea to fight this ugly looking leech king.
John begin to think at the same time the leech king is also ready to strike again and before john could say anything the leech king strikes again. This time that huge giant dose not give a chance to escape as it sucks john alive. Deep could not believe what he saw. He keeps on standing awestruck and says to himself, what the hell just happened.
Deep takes his knife out and hit the leech king in its belly, and with that strike it begins to bleed but at the same deep has infuriated it too. Now it looks at deep with a angry look and sets itself to charge another on deep.
So far deep has also understood what to do. Deep is also ready to take the fight against that ugly thing.
Deep- come on you shit looking thing. You ate my friend. You dont deserve to live anymore.
With that being said deep charges an attack at the same time leech king charges too but deep dodges again and hit the belly of it with his knife again but this time the leech king hit deep with its long and thick tail which dispatches deep flying to a little distance away. He collides against a tree and falls down.
The leech king comes closer to him crawling and opens its mouth to eat deep. Deep surrender to it but it is not over yet for john as he comes out through leechs belly by cutting it open.
With the heroic entry of john ends the story of the leech king.
John- aaaahhhhh. What did this shit think hah? Yak it is even uglier from inside.
Deep- can you help me out bro? I am here under this tree.
John- oh sorry bro here grab my hand and come with me. It is all over now danger has gone. Lets do the job now.
Deep- yes now is the time to dig the earth behind the tree.
Now both men go and start digging the earth. After some hours struggle finally they find some remnants of one of HARINIS sons.
Deep- it must be it.
John- yes bro put it in the bag and lets go back to our dwelling place.

To be continued..
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