When We Met - EP - 40 (I Hate You) books and stories free download online pdf in English

When We Met - EP - 40 (I Hate You)

Mia's Pov:

It was awkward!

So awkward!

Sitting beside Jake while he was driving furiously to god knows where!

He didn't even spare me a glance and the speed with which he was driving, I was sure we would end up reaching Mars in no time.

Gripping my seatbelt tightly, I nearly toppled over my seat when he suddenly roatated the steering wheel and the car turned to some undecided destination..


No response.


Still no response.

"Jake, are you okay!?"

His fists were bleeding and the white cloth he wrapped around his fingers were soaked red now. I was getting worried for him. I knew he was angry with me but did he really need to be that moody now!

Without thinking, I put my hands over his fingers which gripped the steering wheel. He flinched impulsively, his fingers clutching the steering wheel harder now before he stopped the car abruptly and I looked above to see it was red light.

"What the hell is wrong with you, Jake!?"

He didn't respond. Instead he continued to look ahead on road, waiting for red light to go down.

"At least tell me where are we going, you jerk!?'

"To my grandfather's farmhouse!" He told me casually, still not looking at me.


"Because there you'll be more safe! That punk would follow you anywhere as far as I know!"

"Really!? We're going to your grandfathers? Wow! It's been a long time since we last went there in summers! How is he now? Did he talk about me? Is he still that sick!? Is Jacky still there!?"

He frowned but still didn't look at me.

"Don't tell me you're still mad at him?? That's horrible Jake! He is a weak and old person and he only wishes you to live happily and comfortably!"

"But he don't have any right to tell me how many girls should I sleep with or how many girls should I date with, at a time!"

"But still, he is your grandfather and only he would wish best for you! Anynway! I don't know anything! Just wait for me here! I'll come in a minute!"

I opened the car door and ran to the nearby stores to buy some things I wanted to take with me.

After twenty minutes, I returned to see Jake's car parked on the side of a road and a green light was blinking on the traffic board. Oh I took much time than was required to buy all those things.

"Where were you!?"

"Nowwhere! I just thought if I am going to visit your grandfather again, I might as well as should take his favourite sweets and some dog snacks for Jacky and these are some flowers for Venessa, Mira and Kira! It doesn't look much good going with empty hands in someone's house without prior notice!"

Jack sighed loudly. "We aren't going to spend holidays-"

"Extend your hand to me!"


I didn't let him complete and grabbed his hand roughly to put it over my lap, and opened the cloth wrapped around his fist carefully. He squirmed a little in pain but I rubbed his wound gently with antiseptic and wrapped it cleanly with a white bandroll.

"Here! All done!"

I looked at him, expecting him to say something. Anything.

But he didn't say anything.

Not even, "How are you Mia!? I missed you so much!"

Hell, we didn't talk for whole two weeks and he wasn't even looking at me. I missed him so much while he was living his life peacefully and in so much comfort. I wanted to be with him my whole life when he didn't even spare me his beautiful voice.

Gosh Mia! You really need to stop being optimistic. This love which you have for him will be the end of all your happiness sooner or later.

"Are you still mad at me!?"

No response.

But one thing I wanted to ask him really bad!

"Why are you mad at me!?"

I was getting worked up with his fucking nonsense silences.

"Jake, I asked you a damn question!!So answer me, you fucking bastard! Why the hell are you mad at me?!"

His head snapped at me and I saw the raging storm swirling behind his beautiful orbs.

"What should I answer you, Mia?! That I don't know myself why the hell I am mad at you! Or the reason I am mad at you is because I want to remain mad at you!?'

"What is that supposed to-"

"You know what Mia!? I am a fucking egoistic playboy who sleeps with every other girl he finds on pub or in the bars! I don't lack girls wanting to spend their nights with me! I drink whenever I want to and I go to my home whenever I like. I don't give a shit about my parents, grandparents, my fucking property or just anyone!! I never fought for anything or anyone in my life as I got everything at my feet the minute I want it to be mine! Nobody dares to tell me what to do!! But you!"

He pointed his index finger at me, his eyes talking a whole new level of threat and danger.

"But you changed everything for me!"

My heartbeat raced fast in a crazy anticipation.

"I am-"

"You know what happens when I look at you, Mia!?"


"I get fucking crazy!! Suddenly I feel like breaking things and destroying everything around you! I get fucking out of my mind and I just want to drink all night seeing you talking of someone else which is not me! And I want to...I just want to..." he took a deep long breath,"And I can't tolerate my life getting this messed up because of you! It can be anyone else, but just not you!"

My eyes welled up in tears, my crazy anticipation slapping my heart each time he would say something hearbreaking to me.

I sunk low in my seat. "If I am that bad, then why did you come to save me!?" I muttered to myself, wiping the corner of my eyes with his hanky. When I realized I was wiping my tears with his hanky, I threw that cloth at him in anger and frustration. It fell on his head before falling leisurely on his seat. Grabbing his jacket from my lap, I shoved it roughly on his hands, and turned my head towards the window to look outside.

"What the-"

"I hate you! I hate you so much, you fucking jerk!" I yelled, not looking at him.

"Don't worry. The feeling is mutual!"


When we reached the farmhouse, it was already past five in the evening. I hugged his grandfather in happiness and excitement and gave flowers to all the maids of the house. Jacky was still heatlhy as ever and I was glad my depressed day was turning much more good and fantastic with each passing second in the farmhouse.

Jake still wasn't talking to his grandfather and after a short greeting as a grandson, he left us all to ourselves saying he would return soon when he would feel like to.

When I entered the guestroom, I was glad that my old clothes were still there which I might have left by mistake the last time I visited there. But all the clothes were short now and I really wanted to change as I felt like walking alone in evening for some relief of my heart and mind.

Fortunately, grandfather seemed to understand my state of mind as he ordered his maids to provide me a fresh set of clothes. After changing myself cleanly into them, I took my phone and purse to take a little stroll on the city.

It had been a long time since I enjoyed my company, sorting out my feelings and my thoughts but I knew someday I needed to discover the solution of my pain all by myself.

Taking my whole time, I took a long stroll in a nearby park, getting the peace and silence of nature more comforting than the inner battle going on in my mind.

It would be better to leave him alone. He didn't want me in his life. I was nothing but a trouble to him and he ended up dirtying his rich hands all because of me when he never fought for anyone else in his life.

He was right. I was messing up with his life which is a complete injustice to him and his future. He would go much far and successful in his life if only I were to leave him.

My hands shook uncontrollably as I took out my phone to dial the number which I never thought I would need to dial, especially after coming this far in my life.

But the sooner, the better!

The Lesser You See, the Lesser you suffer!

As I was going to click on the call option on my phone for "Visa Company", my phone vibrated with another call and I nearly dropped my phone in surprise to see who it was.

Jake Anderson.

"Yes? What do you want now!?"

"Where the hell are you Mia!? It's already past eleven in the night! All are worried sick for you!!"

What? Past eleven?!

Immediately, I looked at my way watch to see it was really past eleven.

Did I really walked that late? Oh, I must be lost in my thoughts then!

"Mia!? Are you okay? Where are you? Should I come over!?"

"No. No. I am coming. Coming right now-"

Loud thunder broke my line of words and I looked above me to see black clouds lining the dark sky, light rain starting to pour.

"Mia? Come fast! Weather is-" I hung up the phone to run fast into some shady area.

I ran fast and fast as rain started to pour heavily, people ran for warm shelter, all shades of shops closed while I ran straight to the farmhouse.

The time I reached the house, I was already soaked wet, my top clinging like a leech to my body, my hairs disheveled with moisture. My skirt sticked to my thighs, strong wind making my body freeze with cold.

Wrapping my arms around my body to gain some warmth, I opened the door of my room to see Jake standing in front of me, his posture leaning against the adjacent wall and two bottles of alcohol resting on a nearby table.

They both were empty.

"I am sorry I was late!" I told him immediately, not daring to look into his eyes which were boring hotly in my exposed wet skin.

He nodded and muttered something incoherent before throwing a towel to my side which fell straight on my head, covering my face.

He chuckled heartily while I panicked, seeing him laughing like that.

Good god. He was drunk now!

I started to rinse my hair, too busy to get rid of cold which these clothes were offering me.

Walking towards the mirror, I started to comb my hairs gently with my fingers, feeling very well the intensity of his hot stares each time I would do any movement.

"I want to say something to you!" I said, between patting water off my wet clothes.


"I want to thank you very much for saving me from that bastard today!"

"Hmm. And?"

I took my previous clothes from my cupboard, taking some fresh towels and putting them on bed.

"And I am sorry for snapping at you for no reason, earlier in the car!"


"And I want to say that you were the better person today than I had-"

Just then I felt his hot breath embracing my back and before I could turn around to look at him, he gently placed my wet hairs aside to press a soft lingering kiss on my shoulder.

I took a sharp breath to calm my nerves as his smooth fingers glided slowly over my arm towards my neck and with a single flick, strap of my top fell on my arms.

My eyes closed in anticipation when I felt his lips caressing my neck, his hard body pressing himself further against my back.

"Do me a favour, will you!?" He asked huskily.

"Ye... yes. Ask!"

"Kiss me!"

Immediately, I broke our physical contact to turn around, taking large steps away from him. His eyes looked at me with longing and desire but I refused to give in to any temptation he had to offer.

I knew I would just be a simple fling for him. A one night stand as called in common sexual term.

But I didn't want to lower my worth by becoming his whore.

"I don't ....Ja-"

"Kiss me otherwise I'll kiss you!"

He took one step towards me and I took one step back.

"But Jake this is....this is so wrong!"

He took another step towards me, his eyes boring a predator look now.

"Then why does this feel so right?!" he said, taking another step towards me.

I took one more step back. "But..but...but.. You hate me! Yes! You hate me!"

He continued to walk towards me. "And you hate me too!"

I took one step back and stumbled into something wooden before falling on my back, straight into something soft and fluffy.

It was a bed.

Before I could even blink, he was towering over me, his tall lean body crushing my soft feminine parts, his mouth inches away from mine.

I raised my hand to stop him but he was fast enough to catch my wrist tightly and firmly. His strong grip was painful, his fingers digging into my flesh.

"You're hurting me, Jake!" I told him, trying to wiggle out of his grip.

"Believe me, Mia! Hurting you is the last thing I would ever do in my life!"

"What is mmm-"

Loosening his grip on my wrists, he pressed his lips gently over mine. Loud thunder broke the ambient, heavy rain splattering against the bedroom window as my head fell gently on a soft pillow just as his hands grabbed both my wrists to press them tightly against the bedsheet.

His mouth opened to devour my lips, a throaty moan escaped my lips tasting his minty breath mixed with alcohol. He tilted his head to deepen the kiss, his tongue sweeping over my lips, urging me to open my mouth.

When I didn't, he broke the kiss to press his lips firmly at the corner of my mouth, his tongue licking my lips again to make me kiss him back.

His mouth descended to my neck, sucking on my throat before opening his mouth to bite hardly on my sensitive spot, making me open my mouth to moan loudly. "Ja...ke!!'

Taking this opportunity, his tongue glided smoothly into my mouth, touching mine. He was making me go crazy doing all this to me, and I felt like dancing in heaven just as he interwined his fingers with mine.

Giving in to his temptation, I finally wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him closer. He smiled between the kiss, his hands going down to roam around my thighs before he removed my heels swiftly from my feet, which fell on the floor with a soft thud.

In between his kisses and passionate touches, my top was slipped out of my body followed by my skirt. Next gone was his shirt and my undergarments. His hands roamed up and down my body shamlessly, kissing and worshipping each and every corner of my body.

Loud moans, groans and pants filled the room, as all coldness of my body turned into quick hotness, his mouth, lips, tongue, teeth doing wonders to my body, bringing dancing stars in my eyes.

That day I didn't have any control left in my body as every shred of my innocence was taken away so hotly and passionately by none other than the person I wanted to despise so much.

But also the very same person whom I loved with every fibre of my being.

And would continue to love him forever!

Hoping one day he would love me back!


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