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One Night Stand - 9

Chapter- 9

Rumi is enjoying with her friends Ryma, Olive, Silky and Clare. So, Rumi we are here to celebrate your success. You received your first incentive. I think you should now settle down with some handsome man Clare says while drinking shots. Yes, she will someday find a one like Mr. Alexzander Ryma teases her. Shut up! Ryma nothing like that Rumi scolds her. Hey, look there a man in blue jacket is coming towards us says Silky and they all look at the man. He comes and stands beside the table and says Hi, I am Simen Hudson. Would you like to join us? points to the table where Alex, Nyon were sitting. Silky agrees and walks to dance floor to dance with him. After silky leaves Olive asks Rumi to dance with him and they both go to dance floor.

Alex sees Olive and Rumi dancing holding hands; he turns pale and feels uncomfortable. After a while Simen asks Rumi to dance with him and Nyon dances with silky and Ryma. Only Jessica and Alex were left and see them dancing. Simen is really a pig look how he is flirting with that girl; he easily moves on from one girl to another. Jessica says while drinking. Alex could not stop himself and takes Rumi away holding her hand from Simen. He is surprised to see Alex’s reaction. What are you doing? Rumi asks Alex. I didn’t like you dancing with this flirtatious man. I can take care of myself says Rumi and sits with Olive who was sitting alone. Alex didn’t like her attitude because he always over looked girls though they try to allure him but she was the only one who has ignored him.

Olive drinks excessively that he even did not realise that what he is doing and the hang over pushes him to cross his lines. He hugs Rumi and tries to kiss her. Seeing this, Alex could not control himself and slapped Olive. Everyone was stunned to see this. He holds him from the collar and warns him to stay away from her, Nyon stops him. Olive leaves the bar and Rumi with her friends moves out and their party was over.

Simen and Jessica say goodbye and leave too. Nyon asks Alex to stop the car because I think we need to talk. He stops the car and Nyon shouts on him that what he did at the restaurant will become the headline of tomorrow’s news which can affect the reputation of his company. A new deal has to be signed tomorrow and you know how your dad would react if this deal gets cancelled. Nyon gets calm. I just did what was right, he tried to touch the girl without her permission and I taught him a lesson says Alex in an overbearing manner. Her friends were also there and she said that she can take care of herself then why you got involved in this. Nyon asks. I Don’t know but I thought that she needs me says Alex in confused tone. Nyon breaks into a smile and says, My dear friend! You are in LOVE!!!!!!!

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