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One Night Stand - 5


Rumi sits silently in Alex’s room. He gets busy on phone. After a while she asks him whether he loves his fiancée or not? He was surprised to hear an unexpected question from her and bluntly refuses. I don’t, I only love my business he says rudely. But his rudeness did not stop Rumi and says further that may be June is in love with you and you are going to break her heart. Rumi tries to look for an answer in Alex’s eyes. I don’t think that she loves me as I know her, she is far away from romanticism. She is a clever and smart business woman and for both of us it is not more than a business deal. That’s it! Even if she loves me, I can’t help it because she is just a business friend and I cannot endure this business deal for the whole life. Alex replies. He lies on the bed. Rumi remains silent and keeps looking around the room, then Alex asks Rumi to change her clothes and wear something luscious for this situation and gave bags of dresses to her.

Rumi feels awkward after listening to what Alex said. After Ten minutes Rumi arrives in a sexy night gown with night jacket. She looks stunning and sensuous that he couldn’t take off his eyes from her. Suddenly, they hear the footsteps of someone coming towards his room. My best friend has done his job, he says excitedly. He asks her to remove her jacket and lay on the bed so that it seems that they were resting. Next minute, there was a knock at the door and Alex goes to open the door leaving his shirt on the bed. He shows surprise when sees June at the door and says that they were supposed to meet tomorrow. June pushes him away and enters the room and sees Rumi on his bed. The room smells of roses seeing this she gets annoyed and asks Alex to come out of the room because she wanted to talk to him. Nyon told me everything that you are with someone spending wonderful night and it is true says she. He takes his shirt and comes out of the room.

Alex, What the hell are you doing? Who is she? You forgot that we are engaged and going to get married soon she says angrily. It was a one-night stand June, and just happened says Alex. What do you mean that it just happened? June pushes him to answer. I met her in a charity ball few days back and suddenly she came today to see me and it happened he explains. Alex pretends that he is sorry but June was so much infuriated that she removes her engagement ring and throws it on his face. She ran out of control when sees that he had already removed his engagement ring and asks him to go to hell. She leaves the house saying that she won’t see his face again. Pig! go to hell? Take your ring and I don’t want to see you. Alex runs after her to stop but she leaves and he smiles.

He comes back relaxed and tells Rumi that June has left forever. He expresses his happiness but realises that she had already slept. Quietly he goes towards her and was attracted to see her beauty while sleeping. Her face was quiet like a calm ocean and her hair covering her face. It seems that she has slept after long tiredness. He remembers that her mother is unwell and she had to look after her. Alex continuously looks at her and with his fingers withdraw her hair from her face and left her with the moist imprint on her face which was the first physical contact between them. He switches off the light and leaves. her to sleep in another room. His phone rings it was his friend Nyon who congratulate His phone rings, a call from his best friend Nyon who congratulated him for getting rid of June forever. Alex thanked him and says that he will talk tomorrow. He keeps the phone down and thinks that how this night has changed his life.