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One Night Stand - 11

Alex takes over sixty percent shares of Skylar Firms. The next event is to organise an auction for Bruke holdings in which century old things to be sold related to technology that can be used to get the information about business development. Prominent business personalities are going to attend this auction. Rumi, you have to make this event a success because you are a creative genius. Olive lauded Rumi. Bring some new ideas because tomorrow we have a meeting with Mr. Alex and he will finalise everything so that we can start the project. Rumi works hard with her team for the project. In the evening, when she comes out, sees Alex in his car waiting for her.

Can I drop you to home? Alex asks. No, thank you! I can manage myself Rumi replies. I know you can manage but I am going on the same road. She sits in the car and when he asks her for dinner, she couldn’t refuse him. They both went to country bar and were enjoying their dinner when she asks that what motivated you to buy company shares and become my boss. He smiles and replies that I always wanted to invest in an event management company as it is a profitable business. Is this the only reason? She looks into his eyes. What is the meaning of your name? Alex changes the topic and says, it means a person who is close to god. Rumi feels proud and blessed. Alex smiles.

Next day, Alex finalises and approves of the idea for auction. Now everything is planned for such a big event. Alex stands close to Rumi and listens to the details of the project. I hope you are happy. You are now a part of such a big organisation, isn’t good? Alex asks Rumi. Yes, my dream has finally come true. What about your dream, sir? It seems an unfulfilled dream. That day, when I came to your house. I remember you told me about your mother’s dream and when you were in bathroom, I looked at the photos when you won lawn tennis cup at college level and on the back side it was written; mother’s dream is going to be true; she says with a smile. Did you look at my personal things? miss Johnson, Alex asks. No, I did not, it was on the table and I think you should fulfil your mother’s dream too. You still have a chance. You have become a successful businessman as your father wished. Now, its turn to fulfil your mother’s dream too. She tries to find an answer in his eyes but he leaves abruptly as called by Olive.

Alex was amazed to hear Rumi’s words. I forgot my mother’s dream. I should think about this. She has touched the soft and painful corner of my heart. She has given light to my obscure and forgotten dream. Alex mother’s face comes in front of his eyes and remembers that she always wanted him to be a sportsman. She loved table tennis. Even he likes the game. After her death he supported his father and forgot about his mother’s dream. Immediately, he calls his coach Mr. Edison and asks him to meet tomorrow.

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