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You are my life - episode 13

* A new life *

"Madam, milk..." The milk woman called Ramya, it's early morning 6.30, sun started it's journey spreading bright Rays, new day, new hope...

Ramya came out and bought milk in a vessel, "how is your son Radha ma?" She asked the milk woman.

"Doing well Ramya madam, thank you for your timely help, I will return your money soon", she said promptly.

"No need, just look after him carefully, give him some fresh fruits and vegetables, improve his health and immunity", Ramya advised her.

"I will madam, no fever after that, only with the help of your money and timely advise I was able to go to big hospital in nearby town, he Is cured now, I never forget this, I vow you so much", she said dutifully.

"Never mind", she replied to milk woman and walked inside.
"Mom, please come here", Adhira called Ramya from bathroom.

"Why my girl is calling her mother?!" Ramya asked Adhira while reaching there.

"That's because, the water in the bucket is so hot, shall I add some cold water to make it warm?! Adhira asked by rolling her eyes.

"Oh..... sorry, sorry, I forgot to do it, it's the milk lady who called me in between while I was making it ready for you, forgive me", Ramya held both her ears with the hands infront of her 10 year old child Adhira. It's a routine among them, holding ears in order to seek forgiveness if she or her daughter whoever commits any mistakes.

"Ok, no problem, I can do it for myself", Adhira said in her childish voice by lowering her mother's hands down.

"Thank God 'Adhi ma' you didn't touch it, other wise you would been hurt by now", Ramya quivered at the thought, said in a bothered tone.

"No worries, I won' mom has taught me how to be careful enough to check the warmth of the water before taking bath", she said with a smile.

"Such a brilliant girl, my beloved daughter!! Ramya said proudly and planted a kiss on her forehead. Adhira kissed her back on her cheek.

Almost 8 years have passed after Ramya came from Chennai. When she started from there , her daughter is only 2 years old, now she grew well, became a very good company for 'lonely' Ramya. Because of her, all of Ramya's worries gone away, she is leading a happy and peaceful life along with her.

Considering ramya, She was only 20 at that time, now she's 28 years, more matured and more determined than before. Life has changed in much better way. Completed her degree in correspondence course, promoted as middle School teacher at her school. The salary is more than enough for both of them to lead a better life in this village when compared to Chennai. Ramya was saving the extra money for her daughter's future studies, she is planning to put her daughter in a big school in nearby city for high schooling.

"Go and give this to your grandma", Ramya asked Adhira, she handed her a bag which contains 'idlies' and 'chutney' as breakfast in separate vessels. The house owners were two elderly couple, which were helping a lot since Ramya came here. They were the one, who took care of Adhira while Ramya was at work. So in return, on and off Ramya cook for them and taking care of them whenever possible. Adhira used to call them grandma and grandpa, they're also got much attached with her, because of them, she never felt missed her own grandparents.

But she always missed her 'Dad'. The feeling for a father's love was the only thing in her life she is terribly aching for. She knew well, her mom is taking care of her meticulously in such a way, she should not feel for it, so Adhira learnt to hide the feeling in front of her mother in order to keep her mother happy.

Adhira entered inside the house owner's, that is grandma's house and kept the bag on the table. "Hi Grandma good morning, this is for you", she said with a bright smile.

Impressed by her smile, Lakshmi ma welcomed her with a warm counter smile, "she, your mother, never listened to me, why's she taking this much effort to cook for us in a busy morning before going work?!" Said in a bothered tone.

"That's because you both are taking care of me, so my mom is taking care of you", Adhira replied with an action and the same smile, while doing so her two plaits of hair beautifully swung in the air.

"Can't win my girl in speech", old lady said proudly. She gave her a beautiful yellow rose blossommed in her garden saying, "this is for you".

"Thank you, school time, bye grandma", she said and left the house.


"Do you know the government has passed the new legislation?!" While Ramya entering into the staff room they're talking about it.

"They sent the 'GO' ( government order) already to each and every school it seems" someone among them said.

"What are you all talking about?!" Ramya asked her colleague Geeta.

"Don't you know, the government has passed a new bill regarding the qualifications of teachers in order to improve the educational system, according to that teachers must have complete their B.Ed degree before getting their job as teachers, only then schools can appoint them as teaching staffs. Suppose if they only completed 'teacher training' course means then they should attend an qualifying exam to prove themselves and get passed the exam to continue as teachers, otherwise they are disqualified and lose their job, schools must send them home".

Ramya didn't expect this, as she never a B.Ed holder, nor did teacher training course, she was shocked to the core and dropped herself on the chair..."is it true?! Am I going to lose my job?!"......

To be continued........

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