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One Night Stand - 14


Rumi, I know you are an extremely beautiful and clever girl. In a short period of time, you have achieved so much. These words sound bitter to her. Rumi gives a look and says what you want to say olive. Olive understands and asks her to work for another event. Rumi silently goes and does her work. Then Alex calls and tells her that yesterday, he met his coach who told him that he must participate in the competition and if he is selected, then he could qualify for US-Open and then Wimbledon and show must go on. I am happy for you Alex says Rumi silently. What happens my love? Is everything ok? Is your mother fine? Alex anxiously asks too many questions from her.

Yes, everything is ok but I am surprised at the strange behaviour of Olive. Rumi replies in sad tone. Don't worry about him I know how to deal with that asshole. His words soothe her.

Olive has his own plans deep inside in his heart, he loved Rumi very much. And he wanted to settle down with her for life. He calls Ryma to meet because he wants to be sure of Alex and Rumi relationship. In the evening when Alex and Rumi both watch sunset of New York in each other’s arms. On the other side Olive is curious to know and asks Ryma, if she knows that Alexzander and Rumi both are in relationship or is, he trapping Rumi in a fake affair. I don’t think he is flirting with her and moreover she is very happy with him. He already trapped her once so why would he do that again? Ryma suddenly checks her words and changed her topic and ask that day in the bar why you were trying to seduce her? He tried to clarify her that he seriously thinks about her. But that Alex interrupted and punched me hard. An idiot! olive couldn’t avoid his anger.

That day you also really behaved like a jerk Olive. You know that Rumi was really upset because of your attitude. She drinks while talking to olive. Listen to me Ryma, I love her and I want her and I am worried may be that business man play with her feelings and leave her one day. He sounds bossy and demanding and not in a mood to accept his mistake. Olive, if she really loves someone else then don’t do anything stupid and leave her alone. Silky likes you and you know that, so you know better, she picks her bag and leaves the restaurant straight.

Olive is offended by her attitude. He leaves the restaurant to have a meeting with Mr Edward Bruke, Alex’s father to discuss about the new project given to the company. He is sitting in front of Mr. Bruke although he had already handed over the responsibility of the company to his son and doesn’t interfere in the company’s affair. But this event is being personally supervised by him because it was related to 44th anniversary of their company ‘Bruke holding’. Mr Olive, I know the auction event organised by your team was exemplary. I hope you know that Skylar Firms is also a part of our holdings now as my son owns maximum number of shares. Although I trust your capabilities but this event is very important to us. Hope you will make this day unforgettable. Edward admires Olive work and asks about the girl who made the last event a hit, what was her name?? (tries to recall).

Rumi Johnson, sir. She is a hardworking girl and even your son appreciates her work. In fact, they are very close to each other. Olive feels he has played a good shot. what do you mean? Mr Olive. Edward waits for an answer. Sir, I don’t mean anything. Yesterday, I saw Mr. Alex in my street where even Rumi lives and was very surprised to see them together replies Olive. May be has gone there to help her and if there is anything that I should know he would definitely tell me. Edward clarifies his son’s action. But deep inside he really wanted to talk to Alex. Alright sir, next time I will show the blue print of the event. Olive feels over the moon that he has done a great job by talking about Rumi to him and rides high.

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