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Searching for writer..... - 13

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Charan eagerly waiting for her answer.  But janani was stunned by his surprise proposal.  She never expect this.  

J : cha... Charan,  i know there is no logic in my words because we are already a couple.  But i .....

Charan  ( shouted suddenly  ) : oh god,  its 12 ' o clock....

J : 🙄🙄🙄 

Charan  : Happy birthday,  baby  😀😄🥰😍😘

J : birthday  ? Oh god, i totally forgot about it 😳😅.  Charan  you.....

Charan  : oh c'mon dear,  I'm your husband.  Okay , let's cut the cake 🎂.

There is a small chocolate cake placed on a table.  Janani cut the cake with happiness and also with nervous  ( because she didn't response for his proposal  ) . Charan take one piece of cake and make her eat it.

Charan  : Don't you want your gift?

J : where is my gift  🎁?

Charan hand over a small gift 🎁box to her. She opened it hurriedly. But she was shocked , because Charan gifted a telescope 🔭to her🤣. 

J : what type of gift is this  ? 

Charan  : this is called telescope 🔭. Okay let's take a look with this telescope.  Do you see that more shining and twinkling star right side of the moon  ? 

J : yaa 🙂

Charan  : do you remember your words  ? 


Janani standing at balcony and make conversation with nature.  Enjoy her night with moon and stars. 

Charan  : why are you laughing  ? 

J : nothing.... it's just lovable memories ❤💖. 

Charan  : memories  ? 

J : do you know Charan  ? That's my 8th birthday 🎂.  That day i eagerly waiting for my dad and for my birthday gifts too. But unfortunately it's a hard time for my dad financially 😔.  He can't manage even a family's basic needs. So he try to convince myself  and said  " dear,  can you guess what is your gift 🎁 ?  "  i just reply to him "no "  with excitement . 

Raj : do you see that star ? 

J : which star 🌟 ? 

Raj : Do you see that more shining and twinkling star right side of the moon  ?  That star is always near to moon and brightest star in the sky ✨.  This is your birthday gift 🎁dear,  Even if you go to that corner of this world it will follow you.

Charan  : so you miss your family,  right  ? 

J : yaa, but this star reminds me my athul.  We both always fight with each other for this star 🌟. He always says this star is his own property  🤣.

At present 

J : what do you mean  ? 

Charan  ( with smile  ) : now you can tell to everyone  " this star is mine " .

J : what ?

Charan  : do you know the name of that star  ? That star name is  " J " it means Janani. 

J : 😳😳 really  ?

Charan  : now that star is yours darling,  i just buy it for you 😉. 

J : how crazy,  you are impossible 😑😳. 

Charan show the certificate,  it clearly shows the details about his awesome gift 🎁. 

Its already a mid night so they decides to go back,  on the way Janani was really wondered about her fate. 

Janani  : is this you j ? How your life becomes very easy  ? In this two months you changed a lot.  Is this your second chance  ? Charan  ? You are really lucky to have him in your life ❤.  Second chance  ...... ? 

She opened her eyes,  it's already 8 am. She get ready and have her breakfast specially prepared by rani ma. 

J : rani ma,  where is charan  ?

At the same time charan make a call to Janani. 

J : it's he, hello charan. 

Charan  : Happy morning dear 😘,  are you wake up  ?

J : good morning,  yaa now only i finish my breakfast. 

Charan  : that's good,  shall we go out today  ? 

J : again out ? 

Charan  : 😄 please baby,  don't say no , The driver will pick you up here.

J : okay.   

Janani entered into her room,  there was an gift box placed on her bed.  She opened that box,  and became surprised,  because it was a same blue color saree  ( Charan mentioned this saree last night  ).
There was an note with  " hey dear,  you look really gorgeous in this saree,  so please wear it for my happiness,  i expect my angel's presence with in it  💙💙 " 

Little smile appeared in her face, because of that word " angel  😇 " .

After a simple makeup janani look herself in the mirror 🪞. 

J : wow j,  ( remember his words " i have a good taste 😌that's why I marry you 😝.  " ) okay i agree you have a good taste 😉. 

They reached that place within 1 hour. But Charan was not there 😕. 

J : brother,  are you sure  ? 

Driver  : yes mam, Charan sir told me to drop you here.  

Someone opened the car door,  and welcome Janani .

Someone  : you are Janani,  right  ? 

J don't know who he is,  so she try to avoid him and make a call to Charan.  And try to move from there. 

Someone  : oh c'mon sister,  I'm your last chance,  you can't find Charan here,  because he is not here. 

J : wait,  who are you  ? No one call me sister before even my brother too.

Someone  : what can i do sister  ? Even I also don't want to call you like this.  But I'm so scared about your husband. Oh god I'm totally forgot,  my name is...

J : varun,  right  ? 

Varun  : 😄 thank God,  atleast he says my name to you 😅.

J : nope,  i mean.... rani ma  tell me about you.

Varun  : What did she tell you?

J : about shami, rumi, prachi, mery, and...

Varun  : okay it's enough,  it means my image full damage,  oh Rani ma 😠 you collapse my plan,  how  I impress her now ? 

J : but I'm impressed 🤩.

Varun  : 😅😜🤗🤗🤗 really? That's good. okay let's move. 

They entered into the restaurant, already nusha waiting there for them. 

J : nusha,  What a pleasant surprise dear 😍. 

Nusha  : hello mam,  actually I'm here for you. 

J : for me ? 

Nusha  : i have three gifts for you,  first gift from varun sir, second gift from Charan sir,  and the final gift from me.

J : oh thank you guys 😊. Please give some advice to your friend bro,  today is my birthday,  but he don't have time for me . Always busy.

Nusha laughed loudly 😁.

Nusha  : mam you're wrong,  compared to varun sir Charan sir is much better 😉.  Today he is here for you 😀. But varun sir's day , he wants 12 hours extra to complete his work. 😁 

Varun  : nusha,  will you please stop your nonsense taking 😒. 

Nusha  ( controlled her laugh  ) : sorry sir 😅. 

Varun : okay let's move. 

J : but where  ? Charan  ? 

They don't answer to her question and started leaving.  She don't have any choice but to follow them. 

They entered into the crowded place, everyone looks janani with excitement and also with surprise 😮😄. 

Someone  : i think it's  " she " 

J : anything is wrong with me ? Why others look at me like this  ? 

They received a red carpet welcome, some of them sprinkle the flowers 💐.  People are clapping and shouting with joy. Every cameras focused on them. There is an announcement says  " c'mon everybody this is the time,  let's welcome our chief guest 😀 " 
Charan stay there with big smile on his face 😄.  

Nusha  : it's a time to cut the ribbon 🎀 mam, 

J : me ? 

Charan: oh c'mon dear,  do it...

J : oh guys, what's going on here ? 

Charan  : everything will be clear,  when you cut the ribbon 🎀. 

J was totally confused,  new place,  new people, everyone looks her in different way, that place was surrounded by  many celebrities, but she only received a red carpet welcome,  and the chief guest it's she . Lot and lot of confusion occupied her mind, but she listen Charan's words, and cut the ribbon and opened that large show room. 

After that media members surrounded janani and Charan . Ask questions continuesly. 

Someone  : sir, this place is surrounded by many celebrities and politicians.  But this " J 💫 WHOLE FASHION WORLD  " is opened by a new and unknown girl.  Who is she , sir ? 


Charan take a deep breath and take  a Mike in his hands,  come close to janani put his hand around her shoulder 😉. 

Charan  : oh god,  please give some space,  surely i have a answers to your questions. Okay.... she.... she is really special to me and a most important person in my life 💗.  Let me introduce " J 💫 WHOLE FASHION WORLD'S  CEO , one of the chief designer and my lovely,  gorgeous wife Mrs.  Janani Charan mehta  " 

Some of them become surprise,  and some of them wondered  " he is married 😳🥺 " some of girls become jealous.  But our heroine became freeze because of continuous shock 😲. 

J : CEO , chief designer,  me ? 

Charan  : how is my gift darling  ? 

J : Charan you.... ( varun disturbed their talk ) 

Varun  : sister please help me... It has been 12 hours since we both met.  But your husband has not yet spoken a word to me. I am your brother right ? so please ask your husband to forgive me. Charan please.... i know I'm totally wrong.  But .....

Charan  ( with anger  ) : don't act like innocent...

Varun  : sister  😶😶🥺 

J : what's the problem now  ? Why you are so angry with my bro ?

Charan : oh c'mon dear,  Don't support him, he always introduce himself to others as my best friend but he don't have a time to attend his best friend's marriage.  What a great friend  🙁😠  ? 

Varun  : i already told you the reason,  but you totally collapse my plan and my full effort,  but I'm apologize here,  what a hell....

J : okay brother relax 😌,  surely he will forgive you.  Charan please for my sake. 

Charan  : but baby...., ok enough,  ask thousand sorry then I forgive you .

Varun  : okay 10 thousands time sorry 😞😐. 

Charan  : 😁😁 i can't control myself,  look at your face,  it's really funny varun,  let's end the fight,  give me a hug 💙. 

They hug each other with joy.  Happy tears rolled down from their eyes.  

Charan  : without you I'm just nothing varun 😣. Really miss you.  

Varun  : miss you too,  mine.

J : oh c'mon brother,  where is our wedding gift 🎁 ?

Varun  : gift  ? You can get your gift only in evening.  

Everyone enjoy the party with joy.  But  Janani's face became pale because of sadness 😥.  Charan noticed that,  but he didn't ask to her. 

Varun  : What happen to you j ? Why are you looking sad ? 

J : nothing bro, actually today I feel I'm the luckiest person of the world because of charan.  But i feel  low too. 

Varun  : low ??

Searching for writer........


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