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One Night Stand - 18


Next day Alex goes to see Rumi at her house and after banging the door number of times her mother opens the door and asks him to leave. He says, “I will not go anywhere Mrs Johnson without meeting her.’’. Alex pushes the door and hurriedly goes inside and looks for Rumi in the house but didn’t find her. I told you that she is not at home and asks him to leave immediately. Emly shouts on Alex. Where is Rumi? He questions Emly. It is none of your business and slams the door on his face. He turns back and moves to his car.

Rumi’s brother Clay runs to him and tells about what Olive did yesterday. He hands over a piece of paper to him. When Alex opens and finds few words written which filled his eyes with tears.

“Alex, I think we cannot share the same destiny. This love has hurt me the most. I want to find my new path without you.””

Good Bye!


Alex asks her best friend Ryma about Rumi but she tells him that she really doesn’t know where she is and her mother didn’t tell her anything. I only got a hint from her mother’s talk that maybe she has left New York. She says that as soon as she gets any clue, she would definitely inform him. Alex kicks out Olive from the company and asks Ray Johnson to appoint another person in his place. He says that we need to appoint two people because Rumi has mailed her resignation too. Alex feels bad and is devasted.

Two weeks passed and still he doesn’t know where is his love ? Sir, Miss June manipulated the project and got the London deal cancelled. Mary informs Alex. It hardly matters to me our company can deal with this loss. Alex replies. Alex June has grabbed such an important project and you didn’t react why? Nyon asks. Alex already aggravated by the situation replies that I don’t want to see her face and if it costs this much then I don’t care. Now you are talking like a lover boy says Nyon. I know you miss her but don’t worry my friend, I know you will never let your love go like this and Nyon hugs Alex.

Even his father Edward sees his son condition and he stays overnight with him in his house and asks servant to tell him each and everything about Alex’s routine. He observes that he is only busy playing lawn tennis and is less interested in company’s venture because of his distraction all the big projects were handled by Mr. Bruke only. The day comes when Alex is ready to play US Open.

Alright son, you will definitely make the country proud in sports too. I never knew that you wanted to shine in the sky of sports specially in tennis. Why didn’t you tell me this before? Edward questions Alex. Dad, in this business world I forgot my dream, in fact my mother’s dream. Rumi made me realise that if I can fulfil my passion of running this empire then I should focus on what I really wanted in my life. But Alas! Now my soul mate is far away from me and I even don't know, where is she? Alex seems depressed from his voice and hurt, I really hurt her. Come on Alex! game is about to begin Nyon interrupts between the father and son.

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