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Searching for writer..... - 18

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Mistakes and misunderstanding those are common in humans lives.  But realizing our mistakes and make apologize is more important.  Otherwise that relationship ends with tragedy. 

Finally our heroine realize that.  

Charan enters office and back to the role of a boss. Nusha informs him about the schedule of the day, he look at his engagement ring for few minutes,  after that he get ready to meeting. 

Nusha enters into the meeting hall hurriedly. 

Nusha  : sorry to disturbing you gentlemen, Varun sir continues this meeting.  

Charan  : what's wrong  ? Nusha  😐. 

Nusha  : sir most important guest is waiting for you in your cabin.  

Charan opened his cabin door,  of course it's janani.  But he never expect her. He don't know how to the conversation. 

Charan  : still are you angry  ? 

His words makes her to cry 😢.  She don't utter a word even But crying .  Her tears affect him badly.  He comfort her in nearby couch  and kneel down in front of her.  

Charan  : i know janani, I'm the one and only reason for your tears but....i

Janani : please Charan,  Don't blame yourself.  It's hurting me more.  Everything is happen because of my foolishness.  But  still you save my image and character in front of others.  

Charan  : Janani,  come on....

Janani  : I'm really sorry 😔😐. I was caught in her trap. The fault is mine I do not trust you. Trust is a basic for every relationship. She was fooling me. I'm sorry for that.  I thought i lost you. I did so not knowing what to do at the time.

Charan laughed loudly.  

J : why are you laughing now ? 🥺🥺

Charan  : it's just a possessive janani. And the most important thing is.....You are beautiful even when you cry. 😘😜. 

J : just shut up.......  Charan I'm serious please forgive me. 

 Charan hold her hands softly.  

Charan  : shall we go out  ? 

She tapped his hand and wiped her tears. 

Janani  : no. Get back to your work. I have to go. 

She did not wait for his permission and moved fast from there. 

Charan : 🙄🙄 Now what did I do wrong ? She is angry again ? Oh god... 


Charan : finally the story finds its end. 

Rohan  : but there is no logic in this story.  I can't accept that heroine is not a angel. 

( janani slowly enters into the room and silently heard their talk ).

Rohan : Janani,  I'm totally confused.  Who is angel  ? 

Janani  : angel... ? Okay... angels are the person who has good heart.  They never hurt others. And never do bad things.  

Rohan  : yes... now tell me Charan uncle,  how that girl became angel  ? She badly hurt him and made him to cry. Then she.... 

Charan  : oh c'mon kutty, she is a angel for me. That's all.

Janani ( in mind  ) : Did he  tell our story? 

Janani lying down next to Rohan.  And continuesly looks Charan.  But he falls in deep thoughts. He did not notice her. In Last few days he just spent his time with Rohan. Sleep in his room and play with him. Rohan skip his classes for Charan.  

J ( clear her throat  ) : kutty it's week end, right  ? Shall we go out tomorrow  ? 

Rohan : yaa Janani,  we can go out and play some games in beach ⛱ and eat ice cream 🍦😋.  Am i correct daddy  ? 

Charan ( with closed eyes  ) : yaa kutty,  but i have a meeting tomorrow so... 

Rohan  : daddy please,  it's week end 😐. Janani.... 

Charan  : okay it's enough......  Why did you call her by name ? 

Rohan : Why did you call her by name ? Nothing is my fault.  I'm just copying you 🤷.  

Charan try to avoid this topic. 

Charan : good night 😴.  


At beach 

Charan  : kutty,  be careful. 

Janani and Rohan started playing with waves.  Charan simply sitting in beach sand and watch them.  

Janani  : hey kutty,  call your uncle to play.  

Rohan  : Charan uncle....... come on uncle it's time to play. 

Charan  : no kutty,  actually.... The pain of the injury also becomes greater when I put more pressure. It hurts badly.  So go and play with her.  And the ice cream is on the way 😋.  

Rohan  : I sit right here with you too.

Charan  : 😄 no need kutty.  I'm alright 🙂.  

Janani  : what  😐? If your injuries hurt you, why do you hurt yourself more Charan  ? 

Charan  : nothing like that.  I'm okay.  

She sits next to Charan. 

Janani  : i have to say something,  over last project get good response in market.  now we receive many business proposals from some famous companies. Of course cooperation is good but i thought we can launch our products in our own website. This way we can give people quality products at low prices. 

Charan  : then do it J. 

Janani  : what  ? What's wrong with you Charan  ? But the profit is low. Please Charan think about it. Don't accept it for my sake. 

Charan  : If customers like our product then that is the best investment for us. We never lose our profits.  

Janani  : I have never heard any negative words from your mouth.

Charan  : no need for negative words.I will always say what is on my mind. 

Janani  : oh really,  let's make  a test. 

Charan  : why not.... ? But one condition. Everything you ask for should be your real thoughts. 

Janani  : fine. Your answers should also be faithful. 

Charan nodded.  

Janani  : still are you angry with me ? 

Charan  : 😄 i never get angry for silly things. 

Janani  : 😠😠 then why did you slap aarohi  ? 

Charan  : she never do silly things.   She do everything with purpose. She doesn’t even deserve my anger. 

Janani  : okay leave it. Actually I thought I should talk to you about this. There is no intention to continue this job.  So i decide to quit. 

 After thinking for a few seconds about what she said,

Charan  : If this is your choice, do as you wish.

Janani  : You do not want to know the reason? 

Charan  : reason ?  You can tell me if you want.

Janani  : i want to quit my job because i want to leave this country.  

Charan  : what do you mean ? 

Janani  : i really mean it . I.......  i want to leave you charan 😐. 

He stunned by her answer. He never expect this answer from her. He don't know how to react for this.  
But janani eagerly waiting for his answer. 

In sudden, a  large smile appeared in charan's face. He tried to hide his pains and tears behind that smile.  

Charan  : so you have planned it already. thanks for your open talk Janani. I never want to talk about it.  But  if you want an answer , my answer to this question is..... 

( after a few seconds he continue   ) 

Charan  : do it Janani. 

Janani  : 🙄🙄 what  ? Are you sure  ? 

Charan  : i know j, You consented to this marriage only for your father. Love is just too weak of a word to express what I feel for you. One life is just not enough to tell you how madly  I'm in love with you. But I guess,  if I love you, i should let you move on. 

Janani looked into his eyes without blinking. He turned away to hide his feelings that was crystal clear in his eyes. 

After a small break he continued.

Charan : If you decide to go, first let me know. I can convince your parents.  Don’t try to forget me, of course you can’t 😄.  At least remember me as a friend. You can call me anytime.  I am always there for you and anytime available for you. I think it's a time to move.  

She nodded. 

Charan  : kutty let's go. 

Charan and Rohan began to move. Janani just follow them quietly.  

Janani  ( in mind  ) : You are really a fool j. You hurt him badly.  You are the reason for his hardships. He is truly genuine. Don't spoil his life j. Just leave him.  And let him to move on in his life. You never be a good fortune for him 😔.  

They reach their home soon. Janani spent her whole night with thoughts. Charan fell into deep sleep because of tablets.  

In morning they started their regular work. Rani ma and Rohan both leave to some where. 

 They returned home one by one in the evening. Rohan continuesly seach for janani but he can't find her. Rani ma thought she was  being  with Charan. Charan also returned home.  

Rohan enquiries to him about her. 

Charan  : Is she not at home?

Rani ma  : Didn't she come with you? Then where did she go  ? 

Charan remember their yesterday conversations.  

Charan  : don't worry.  She is fine.  

Charan went to his room and close the door. 

Charan  : are you sure  ? I need a  conform news.  

His friend  : Already I have checked it twice Charan.  It's a conform news. Anything is wrong  ? 

Charan  : nothing dude. I call you later.  

He hang up the call and comfort himself in couch. Close his eyes for a minute.  And let out a big sigh. He took her photo in his hand. His eyes filled with tears 🥺.

Charan : why did you do like this 😔 janani ? How did you break up with me?  Why did you leave me alone?  How can I live without you ? 

This type of questions occupied his mind.
He closed his eyes that time tears rolled down from his eyes and fell down in that photograph 💔. 

Searching for writer..... 


Someone  : that charan is a big idiot. That's why he let her to go. 

Another one :  no , Charan love her truly.  But she lost her mind. That's why she decided to  leave him. 

Third one : don't blame them yaar, they both are innocent.  But the writer is stone hearted.  

Me : nope,  don't blame me. I never want to separate them.  This is their fate. God decides to separate them. 

God : no...... i made them for each other. But they never cooperate with my plans. They understand each other,  that's why they decides to separate. Oh god save them........ 
OOPS😅..... I'm a god here..... 😅 
Don't worry guys I have plan B..... 😉.  

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