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Searching for writer..... - 19

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Charan's tears clearly shows His love for her. But those tears did not last long.

Charan came to reality when he hear Rohan's voice. 

" where did you gone j ? I have been looking for you for a long time. "

Rani ma  : where did you go  dear  ? 
We were so scared.

J : I'm sorry rani ma 😔, actually i... 

Charan run down the stairs. Unknowingly he feels three times better than before. He hugs janani with joy and also with a tension. He has no hope that she will come back. But now it's happen.  

Janani never expect this sudden hug from Charan.  Because of that sudden force she go two steps back then only she can balance. That tight hug clearly shows how he missed her 😭.  Janani raise her hands to hug him back. But control herself. 

Janani  : cha.... Charan 

He comes to sense and steps two feet back. 

Charan  : i.... I'm sorry... 

Janani : sorry  😶 ? 

Charan  : where did you gone j  ? I called but you did not pick up. No response from your side. I'm so scared about you.  And.... 

Janani  : Charan relax,  I'm alright. Actually my mobile is dead so I can't inform you. In the morning I went to the temple and met my school friend there. She forced me to come to her house. I can't avoid. So I went to her house.  I'm really sorry for that. 

Charan  : it's.... it's  okay janani,  take some rest. 

He went to his little library and closed the door with a shout. Settle down himself in the couch.  Cover his face with his hands and closed his eyes and Take a deep breath. 
Unknowingly a great beam smile bloomed in his face. Now he feel too lighter.  he appeared somewhat relieved and satisfied 😌. 

Charan to himself  : oh c'mon charan,  you are an idiot  😁. She is your love.  How can she leave you.... not immediately but one day she definitely realize your love ❤. Love is blind 😁. Oh c'mon charan....., you are an love idiot.  

He covered his face with blush 😉☺.

He took her photo in his hand and kissed that photo with love 💘.  

Charan  : wait Charan,  be serious, she decides to leave you first, but now.... What stopped her ? Is she alright ? Or anything is wrong  ?....  Oh c'mon charan don't think too much. Now she is back  😉🙃🙃. But Charan give some space to her.  

He again stared his dream love life with her. 

Janani take some hot bath and change into normal wear. Settle down herself on bed. Her thoughts opened its wings and started flying in the last 24 hours. 

Janani to herself  : you stupid fellow . What are you doing j ... You and your thoughts are the enemies of your life. Thank God..... and thanks a lot subi.... you save me dear.  

Morning sceneries 

Janani thought she is the one and only reason for Charan's hardships.  So she decide to leave him permanently. She booked the flight tickets too. Now she thinks about her father and his health condition.  When everyone went somewhere, she left the house. Because she don't want to see them. There is no courage to face them. 

She has more time. So she decide to go temple before leaving that country.  There only she meet her friend subi. They both are not much close in school days. But janani can't avoid her.  Thats not her character 😐.  They talk about their school memories.  When Janani asks her about her current life, her face was darkened with tears. 

J : hey subi, are you okay  ?

Subi wiped her tears and spread out a smile on her face. 

Subi  : really not dear.  But I'm alright. One day can change everything.  

Janani  : you changed a lot. I have never seen this kind of bold subi in my school days. 

Subi : you are right.  Now I'm matured. This life teach me a lot. 

Janani  : You can tell if you want to share.  You know right ?  I'm a secret keeper 😉.  

They laughed together. 

Subi : actually j.... it's all about " yash " 

J : yash ? 

Subi : my husband. I meet him in my college life. Unknowingly love starts its game in my life. At the end what matters is,  everyone needs someone or having someone who believes in you constantly, continuously and consistently.  Right  ? 

J : you are right subi. Believe is a basic need for every relationship.  ( subi's words remember's Charan and Janani's misunderstanding again. She feel very sorry for that 😔 ) 

Subi  : he believes me a lot. I try to convince my father for our marriage. Of course he never ready to give her daughter to a middle class man. After a long struggle i convinced him. Finally our marriage was arranged with our parents permission.  My father hand over one of our company to yash. Happy life with my love 💓.  We spent more time together. The every second i spent with him are Beautiful memories and golden days  of my life.  

Subi wiped her tears while speaking. 

J : hey...

Subi  : no j, it's a happy tears 🙂. 

Charan again and again come to her thoughts.  They also spent some happy time together ❤. The way of he speaks, his carrying,  his love, his smiley face, everything.  

Subi : Another good thing that happened in my life was my baby  " Sofia ". She is the one and only reason for my happiness. Everyone face  a bad luck in their life at least once, right  ? But that bad luck ruined my life totally. 

J : what happened 😳? 

Subi : yash is very busy in his work. It makes me feel alone. Sometimes he don't attend my calls. You know what hurts  ? The person who is your love slowly losing interest in you. They don't ask how your day was or how you're doing. They don't show much interest in the conversation. It's like they're slowly backing out of your life.    
One day I received a call from one of my friend.  She told me that she saws yash with another girl. And make me feel bad about him. I feel i lost my love. This matter let's us to fight. We will fight to each other because of this matter. We both are restless 😕.  He try to convince me. But i never believed him.  

J : Is there any affair between them? 

Subi : i really don't know j. I love him a lot.  I feel scared to lose him. I believe that their is nothing beautiful than the love, you hold for others. It just a possessive janani.  But it's become a big tragedy in my life 😔. One day my dad came to know about this. So he decides to separate us. On that day I had no choice but to accept my father’s decision. 

J : Did you split ? 

Subi : hmm. Sometimes he call me, But i never answer his calls. One  day I received a call from one unknown number. Of course it's yash. But i shouted him and cut the call. After that I received a message from yash "  really sorry for every thing I do for you,  i will never disturb you again. And one lost time,  i.... i love you a lot subi ". The next day only  I came to know that everything was my dad’s plan. He do it with purpose.  Yash loves me truly. I feel too guilty for my actions.  So i decide to meet him and apologize for my mistakes. But its too late. later only i came to know that, that was our last fight,  our last call, last message. 

J : what  ?  

Subi said while wipe her tears,  

Subi  : he is no more, everyone thoughts its a suicide but it's a murder and i killed my love. I'm the killer and one and only reason for his death. 

Janani hugged her with concern. 

J : nothing is your mistake dear.  It's just a misunderstanding. Don't blame yourself for this.  This is the fate.

Subi  : no Janani not fate , it's me. 

Janani  : I'm sorry subi.  I....

Subi  : no j. It's ok. Now I'm being alive only for my daughter.  Misunderstanding is a simple thing but it kills my love. Pure love is a rare diamond in nowadays. Everyone need it and  beg for it. Everyone wants to have a pure love. But no one wants to give.  But those who receive true love do not value it. Leave it Janani its my destiny. 

Janani could not find the words to comfort her. Because she also do the same thing. 

Few seconds later, 

Subi : but you are truly lucky dear,  you find your love, right  ? I mean your husband Charan. Actually he is lucky to have you ❤. You both are made for each other. 

J : you are right subi. 


Janani to herself  : 
Nothing is different between you and subi.  
Yash love subi unconditionally , Charan also. He never cheat her , Charan also.  Charan is too nice.  Now i understand the meaning of that tears. 


J : awwch.... iissss

Charan  : what happen 😳 ? J... 

J : nothing Charan its just a small...

Charan  : oh god .. it's bleeding.  

J : apple ...

He don't care about his injuries,  run here and there and find first aid kit,  knees down in front of her and hold her hands softly, 

Charan  : you are truly careless j. See its bleeding.  

J : are you crazy ? Why are you crying  ?

He wiped his tears,  

Charan  : no , it' can't understand. be careful Janani.  

At present 

Janani to herself  :  he cry for you j. Even he don't cry for his knife injuries but he can't tolerance your small wound. 
Today you decide to leave him but the whole day you just think about him. He is right, it's just possessive. 

She look around her room, that photographs say how she is smile,  blues, feel comfortable, etc etc...

J : you shameless fellow...... All your 32 teeth are visible. You can not deny it j, he is the reason for your smile. But you decide to leave your happiness  🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️.  Do not lie to yourself j, 
        " do you  love him  ?  " 

Searching for writer......


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